Monday, April 23, 2012

Kurt Ehrlich

I was hired by "celebrity" chef Kurt Ehrlich to serve at an Oscar suite and was mistreated for 7 1/2 hours and not given a SINGLE break. No lunch break, no break of any kind.
Never had I ever been mistreated the way I was, either.
After being hired February 15th, Kurt told me several times "don't be late", which I find insulting in the first place.
The way I see it, you either trust someone will show up, or not.
Either way, telling them they need to be on time is not some magical protection against a "flake", it's just insulting to someone like me who is a professional that's been showing up to work on-time for a dozen years.
That should have been my proverbial "red flag" right there, and I wish I would have said "thanks, but no thanks" to the employment offer.
Instead, I agreed to work for him the 20th through 24th for the Oscar gifting suite he was catering.

I showed up nearly thirty minutes early and instead of saying "Good Morning" of saying thanks for me being on time, Kurt looked me up and down like there was already something he didn't like.

His assistant, Christina Veloz, was even worse than he was.
She started off my telling me to "triple time it" because I was not moving fast enough to suit her, even though this "glamorous" Oscar suite was so tiny and packed with people there was hardly room to move, making it impossible to hurry anywhere, especially after already having been instructed to let the guests go first, and not push my way though the crowd.
You can't have it both ways!

She scolded me for not remembering everything on the tables and I told her I have bad memory, she said "I don't want excuses".
I really DO have trouble with my memory, so how can she insult someone for what is a disability?
I told her I have P.T.S.D., and hardly before I had that out of my mouth she said "so do I"
I don't even believe that!
I thought things like that were illegal, abusing someone when they have a mental or physical disability, but it never works for me!
At the end of the night, Kurt told me to help her carry her things to her car, like I was her personal assistant, and then she even got after me for walking too fast!

I told my husband what happened and we went straight to Kurt's restaurant in Burbank.
My husband informed Kurt I would not be working the nest day and asked when and how I was going to be paid for my work 2/20/12. Kurt Ehrlich never said how or if he intended to, and told my husband to "get the f**k out of his restaurant". I have yet to receive payment or any contact.
I also made a complaint to the labor department, and have yet to hear from them, either.


Several weeks ago I was in the audience of The Talk.
We were given several give-aways, including a $50.00 gift cards to QVC!
Audience members seemed pretty happy about that one.
I ordered a watch for my husband, and a bracelet for myself and soon after I noticed I could not log into my QVC account.
Still, I wondered when the items were going to arrive, until finally today, I called the QVC customer hotline.
I was informed that my order had been canceled!
I was never notified of this.
Something was mentioned about my address, and also my phone number not working.
I asked if I could re-order but was told my account was closed, so I would have to write to some address in PA!
 I can't believe they treat customers this way, and I suppose the whole reason we were given gift cards was to get us to be lifelong customers!
Now, I would never do business with them!
I feel like they are treating me like I did something wrong, and it makes no sense!
Oh, and I was also told the gift card number I gave when I called had already been used, so I guess they just took it back for an order I never received!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Corona, AT&T and networking

Last week, I got a notice from Hollywood Extras that they were looking for background for a Corona commercial!
That was one of the best job I have been offered so far from Hollywood Extras, so I jumped at the chance.
Bad thing was, the shoot was going to start at 6pm the 19th and go into at least 4am the next morning...
I hate overnight shoots!
I knew it would be killer, but I wanted the money and credit.
I convinced Vaughan to take me because I knew I would NOT feeling like driving myself all the way back from the shoot location in Long Beach, to Hollywood the next morning.
To make matters worse, I accepted audience work on We The People for that morning, so I ended up staying awake for at least 24 hours!
For Corona, we ended up filming in an ally, and inside a grocery store!
It was an interesting shoot, with a hundred or so people sitting, standing, laying in the aisles of a closed grocery store,  waiting to be filmed.
By the next morning, I was SO tired!
 We finally wrapped by 6:30am, and Vaughan and I rushed back to Glendale for an interview he had at an employment office!
No rest for the weary!

There, I learned that networking it one of the most important ways to get a job, so I guess I'm screwed...
I have never been good at that, but it explains a lot.
After I got the reel, the credits, the talents, the website, etc, and work was still not coming in like I thought/think it should, I wondered what was missing.
That explains it.
I am not winning the popularity contest, and it's discouraging to find out that's what it boils down to.
Still, I intend to work on that area, because I guess I have nothing to lose.

Yesterday, I was booked for an AT&T spec commercial filming in downtown Los Angeles.
We got the address for the parking lot and there were a ton of other trucks and trailers there.
I was thinking the base camp looked to large for what was supposed to be a spec commercial, but that was the only place it could be.
I met up with a few others hanging outside the gates and none of us knew what was going on.
It turns out the lot was also being used for parking for a Star Trek film!
Only in L.A. would there be so much going on!
One of our group was finally able to get someone on the phone the the spec, and we walked a few blocks the filming location.
I had asked a few days before if they would be interested in Vaughan as one of the extras and they said he could come, so he ended up working, too.
The commercial involved up running around a lot, so people on the street must have thought we looked crazy!
It was silly, but also a lot of fun to shoot.
The shoot lasted only 4 hours and we were paid in cash, afterwards, which I always really appreciate!
Me, looking tired in set with no eyeliner, and a really weird outfit...

Later yesterday, I went to a mixer for women in the entertainment business.
One of the other models from The Doctors shoot last week told me about the group, and she attended also.
There, I met other ladies and exchanged business cards and we worked on our networking skills.
I am not used to doing things like that at all, so it was new and a little scary for me.
That needs to change, and hopefully I will be going to more and more events like that in the future!

Finally, today, Sunday, is a blessed day off!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My makeover

I was asked to be a part of a makeover segment for The Doctors TV show.
We filmed it this morning in Manhattan Beach, at the beautiful Shade Hotel.
Myself, along with two other women received swimsuit makeovers from celebrity stylist Jeannie Mai!
She was so sweet and bubbly in person, just like on TV.
I used to watch her all the time, back when I still watched TV, so it was so cool to see her in person!

Arrival time was 8 am, a little early for me, but not too bad.
We were wrapped by noon, after filming our before and after shoots in our new looks Jeannie chose for us!

It was a lot of fun and I am happy I had the opportunity to be a part of the shoot!
I've never gotten a makeover before!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Liberty's last day

Yesterday, my husband and I were on set of a student film.
It was something he applied for and it turned out there was no pay, but I felt obligated to go since we'd already accepted.
It was a long day, and I ended up not even being used on camera.
My allergies were killing me, too.
The highlight of the day was the Chinese food we had for lunch.

Just before we wrapped, I received a text asking if I was available to work one last time as Lady Liberty!.
I had assumed I'd put up the robe for the last time weeks ago, but here was another opportunity to portray Lady Liberty for Liberty Tax Service again!

Later, I was kicking myself for saying I would do it, because we'd had such a long day and I felt pretty bad.

This morning, I really didn't feel like dealing with finding a place to park my car, so I got my husband to drive me to work  knowing I'd have to walk the seven miles back home.

It's crazy, but that's how much I hate driving and finding a place to park my car in the city.
Vaughan wasn't able to come pick me up because right when I was going to be off work, he was going on, as Liberty, too!
It was both our last day as Lady Liberty!

Today was a nice day to be the last, the weather was great, and people on the street seemed to be in a good mood, too.
A boy and his sister, I assume, rode past me several times on their scooters, they stopped to say hello, and the boy offered me a piece of candy, saying "You're gonna need it".
Later, when I was at a different intersection, a young man drove by in a truck and held a Pepsi over his passenger seat and asked if I'd like a soda.
I said "No, thank you!" but then I wished I'd taken it!
It was pretty hot out there under the sun, and no shade to be seen.

That was pretty nice though, people wanting to help Liberty.
Thank you to all the kind, friendly people that made a sometimes hard job a little easier!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

From the emergency room to Beverly HIlls

I was chosen out of over 300 applicants to be one on the featured belly dancers in a commercial for Chakra Indian Cuisine in Beverly Hills.
Belly dance stars Neena and Veena were the hosts of the commercial and this was a great production to be a part of.
Last night, I washed my face before going to bed and afterwards it felt like I had sand in the corner of my right eye.
I rubbed it a lot and the discomfort continued throughout the night.
When I woke this morning and saw that it was still red and watering, I decided it was best I go to the doctor to have it checked out and hoped there would be something they could do to help the redness since I was going to be filmed and photographed in just few hours!
I went to a rapid care office and was seen by a physician assistant.
I told him about also having a swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck, and a few sore places in my mouth.
I thought this could be related since last late summer, I became very ill and I had the same symptoms.
He mentioned something about Shingles and Herpes and told me I needed to go to an emergency room, ASAP!
I told him I had a job at 11 am that should be over at 2pm, so would it be okay to just wait until it was done.
I expected him to say "yeah, sure, just when you get the chance".
But no, he basically told me I needed to go ASAP!
I was pretty upset and thought my eyeball was going to rot out in a matter of hours if it was that much of an emergency.
I told my husband what was going on and we rushed to find the hospital.
We were upset on the way there and I was thinking of how if I had Herpes I must have gotten it from the man that sexually assaulted me in 2007.
The idea that I could loose my eyesight because of what he did to me made it all the more traumatic.

We went to the emergency room and I was seen pretty fast.
There, I was seen by an opthamologist who told me it was NOT Shingles or Herpes, but a case of pink eye.
I felt by the way she spoke to me she thought I was an idiot for coming to the E.R. for something to so minor, but I was just doing as I was told by a health care professional!
I don't know about you, but when someone like that tells me to go to the E.R. ASAP, I go!
I had no idea how serious it was.
All that, unfortunately, for something that I guess could have waited a few more hours.
I still think I do have something more serious wrong with me, unfortunately.
It just doesn't seem right that I would have these things all go wrong at once, and I need to get to the bottom of it, but I need a doctor that is going to care and that the time to listen.
Last year, were were worried it was something like Lupus, M.S., etc.
I had my blood tested for 14 different conditions and nothing came back!
I was told by the doctor that sometime things just get out of whack.
Now, I have noticed I have a lot of the symptoms of Celiac Disease, but I don't know if this is one of the things I was tested for, so it looks like I am going to have to start the fun process of going to the doctor all over again until I get an answer as to what's going on.

But, back to the present...I was given eye drops and sent on my way, but, it was about ten minutes to show-time and I was in Glendale when I needed to be in Beverly Hills!

I called the director and told him the unfortunate news, and he was totally understanding and nice about it!
 I ended up being thirty minutes late to the shoot!
But, luckily, they had not started filming yet to it all worked out!
I was so thankful!

I made it in time, belly danced in a commercial starring Neena and Veena, and met some wonderful people!

Later this evening, I also had an interview for a belly dance instructor position.
This was also held in Beverly Hills.
There, I met with a nice, young lady and demonstrated my belly dance skills.
I'll be notified later if I got the position.

Now, I am home preparing for another shoot tomorrow!

Yes, this is just another crazy day in my life.
Oh, and I almost forgot, I was told for what I think must be the 12th time now that I look like Britney Spears!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Texas Border Patrol

I received a rude awakening in early 2010 when my husband and I moved to Brownsville, Texas for several months.

I had traveled in the southwest years before as a child with my parents, and I didn't remember there being so much border patrol.
On a trip back to San Antonio one day, my mother and I passed through a check point.
My mother was driving, and I was in the passenger seat.
Here's a photo of my mother, Frances Green and me:
Well, the border patrol agent looked right past my mother and started asking me questions, like, what I was doing in Texas, was I a student, how old I was, and my name, etc.
I answered his questions but was annoyed.
They let us go on our way.
The most annoying thing is that as soon as anyone hears me speak, it should be very obvious I am from the United States of America!
I have only a bit of a southern accent, if any.
I consider myself a southern, country girl and I think any fool can see I am not fresh from Mexico!

Then, several weeks or so later, this time it was my father driving, with me in the passenger seat, and my mother in the back drivers side.
A shot of me and my father, James Green:
This time, the border patrol agent asked my father the usual questions about where we were heading, etc.
Then, he looked past him and asked ME for MY I.D.!
I was not even driving the vehicle!
How are you going to look past a driver of a vehicle and ask the PASSENGER for their I.D.?

I'd had enough, and asked the "federal agent" "Do I have to show you my I.D.?
I told him I didn't want to be profiled, and how I didn't appreciate it.
I kept asking "Do I have to?" and never really got a straight answer.
He finally on, I guess because he knew what he was doing was wrong and how obvious it was that he was racially profiling me.

But...the damage was done.
I was shaking and very upset.
Now, to this day, I don't want to go within 100 miles of the Mexican border because of the way I was unfairly treated.
It's amazing because I was "spoiled" growing up in Virginia where I have never personally been treated in such an obviously racist way.
It gave me a whole new sympathy for those that are mistreated by public servants who are supposed to be there to SERVE, not abuse the public.
At least I can say I stood up for myself to a "federal agent" when I knew what they were doing was wrong.

Oh, and no, I am NOT Mexican and have no Mexican heritage!
But, even if I did, there's no excuse to treat me the way I was treated in those incidents.
I'd be, and am happy and proud of what I am, whatever that happens to be!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gardena Police Department

I was harassed several times by officers from the Gardena police department while I was staying at the Executive Inn in Gardena, California in early 2011.
Once, on a bright and sunny Saturday morning, one the them pulled up in his patrol car while I was locking my car door and getting ready to head inside the hotel. He said something like "Come here" and waved me over to his car. When I approached, he asked me where I was from in Virginia. Once I knew he had nothing better to ask me, I told him it was none of his business. My husband was also there, and the officer kept asking both of us how old I was. It was very creepy and I felt like it was harassment since we'd done nothing wrong and he was not asking anything important. It's wrong for the police to treat people like they are criminals and question them when they have no cause.
And once again, I feel my husband and I were "profiled" because of our age difference.
God knows, I MUST be a prostitute because there's no way a younger woman could be in a legitimate relationship with an older man... (rolls eyes).
After that experience I honestly wonder who causes trouble in the first place in these so-called "ghetto" areas.
Maybe there's more crime because people are living up to expectations of the police.
Who would want to live somewhere where the police stop and question you every day as you go about your business?
That would drive me crazy after a while!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My husband was hit by a van...

And lived to tell about it.

I'd received a call that morning for a photo shoot and I needed pieces for an east Indian costume I didn't have.
My husband had to work and I didn't feel like going out and shopping without him so I waited until he returned home so we could go out together.
It was already dark and getting pretty late by the time I found the shop I wanted to go to in Hollywood.
I hate shopping in tiny stores because I don't like dealing with overly attentive owners/clerks.
I left my husband to do the shopping and went back to our car which was parallel parked on a street off of Hollywood Blvd.
I was cautious as I punched in the code to open the drivers door to my car, I always look to make sure I have time to jump out of the way in case a car comes by too close to where I am standing.
I made it, and opened all the doors so I could get in the passenger side.
I got in, locked the doors, and waited for my husband, Vaughan, to return.

A few minutes later, I saw him walking on the sidewalk so I pushed the button that unlocks the doors so it would be ready for him to jump in.
He walked in front of the car over the the drivers thing I heard was a small thump sound, and I looked over to see Vaughan slumped against the drivers window, holding his right shoulder with his left hand, and grimace on his face.
I saw a van continue past and stop about 50 feet ahead.
At first, my thought was that he was seriously injured.
I jumped from the car but soon I could see his was walking and talking like normal.
For some reason I was thinking his hand had been hurt, so I kept asking if that was okay.
He told me it was his right shoulder that had been hit by the van's passenger-side mirror.

My husband walked down the street and spoke with the drivers of the PrimeTime Shuttle van that has hit him.
He told the man he was fine, and apologized for breaking his mirror!!!
I asked my husband if he'd been hit in the head because it seemed crazy to me to apologize to someone for them hitting YOU with THEIR van!

The driver didn't seem sorry or concerned at all, and asked why my husband was in the street and told him to stay out of the street.
Vaughan was simply getting into his car which was legally parked on the street.
We ended up not calling the police because my husband said he just wanted to come home and kept apologizing for that mirror!

It was not until several days later I convinced hit calling the police was the best and right thing to do because someone could have been/could be killed by that driver.

Now we're waiting to hear back from the police about what they find out, since we didn't get the driver's name or information down that night.

We now know, if you are the victim of a crime, DO NOT wait, call the police.
Get help if you can.
It's not just yourself you should be worried about, others can be hurt, too, and it's our duty as citizens to protect our neighbors.
I was honestly in shock, or I would have and should have insisted on calling the police that very night.
I think Vaughan was in a bit of shock, too, having just been hit by a van!

And to ad insult to injury, I was supposed to received the address for the photo shoot location that day, and never ended up hearing from the photographer until the next day a few minutes before the shoot was supposed to take place.

I had guess they'd flaked on me, and had not even gotten dressed that morning!
I didn't want to work for someone that unprofessional, so I didn't bother jumping at the last minute to get there.

My husband could have died for a shoot that didn't even take place!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bye, bye to Facebook

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to deactivate my Facebook accounts. I had both a personal and a fan page.
I mentioned to my husband that we should make the leap together and he agreed to delete his as well.
After hearing in the news how employers were starting to ask for passwords of employee accounts, it started to creep me out more and more until I decided the best thing to do is not have a Facebook profile at all.
I found that I spent too much time on Facebook anyway, and realized that it had caused trouble with people.
People such as my husbands "friends" and former classmates, who implied, or outright called me a whore because of our age difference (over 20 years).
He ended up losing "friends" over something that most likely would not have happened otherwise.
Facebook started to become the cause of more grief than good, and I decided it must go.
And also, the whole "contacts" thing never seemed to work for me, as far as making friends in the business that would lead to work, etc.
And, if I have any true friends, and they are that interested in how I am doing, they can (gasp!) email me!

The idea of sharing our every thought and feeling is a bit creepy, too.
Do we really need to know that much about each other?
I think it leads to an unhealthy "closeness" when we give too much of ourselves, leading to major cases of "TMI".

I admit, sometimes I miss it.
I'll take some photos, etc, and am thinking "oh, I can't wait to post these to...oh, that's right..."
But, I don't want to be a sheep, and do what everyone else does, I never wanted to be like that.
So, I am marching to the beat of my own drum, doing my own thing, and saying NO, to Facebook!

Will you join me?

Monday, April 9, 2012

The John Kerwin Show

Last Wednesday, I went to see The John Kerwin Show , live.
I had the opportunity to see the show taped in spring of 2009, when I first came to Los Angeles with my parents.
We all had a great time that night, we had the pleasure of seeing Gloria Gaynor perform "I Will Survive" live!
It was fantastic!

Saturday, I finally had the opportunity to see the film 2012 Zombie Apocalypse! 
I show up as once of the zombies with crazy hair!
It was great to finally see the film, since it came out last October.
Thursday was the beginning of a long Easter weekend, spent with family.
Now it's back-to-work in Hollywood!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

McDonald's, The Talk, and Angels & Airwaves: part 2

Sunday, I got up at 3:30 a.m to make it to the Honda Center in Anaheim by 5:30 a.m for a McDonald's promo at the Ronald McDonald House walk.
It was a little painful getting up that early, but the event itself was fun, and I worked as a "barista" for the first time!