Sunday, June 13, 2021

Femme Luxe Fashion Haul

I'm back again today with another Femme Luxe fashion haul*, this time we have another bit of a mix of items, from casual wear, and sexy. Last time, I shared some great casual pieces, like a grey loungewear set.
The weather is really starting to heat up here in Virginia, and for this post I have a couple of items that I Think are going to be great for that weather, as well as a few for cooler days.
Femme Luxe has lots of new items to take a look at, so be sure to stop by their website and take a look around.

First off, we have this orange lace bodysuit in a size UK 8, and the fit is perfect.  The straps on the shoulder are adjustable and the cups work perfectly for me, and I'm about a B cup that is perhaps on the smaller side. 
The lace is very smooth and soft, and not scratchy at all. 
The bodysuit has snaps at the crotch, so it's easy to get on and off.  I don't know about you, but that's a must for me when I'm wearing anything like a bodysuit. 
It's always great to be able to have the option for easy bathroom access too, lol. 
The fabric itself also has plenty of stretch.  The bright orange color is so perfect for summer.  
The cups in this bodysuit are completely see through, so I ended up wearing a silicon sticky bra, but you can decide what option is best for you.  
The nice thing about this is it can be worn as lingerie or bodysuit, so you do have some options.

Next up, we have this brown and white striped jogger set,  also in a size UK 8.  The top is a little bit cropped, and the pants have an elastic waistband and the fabric of both items is plenty stretchy and comfortable. 

The jogger bottoms do not have any pockets and neither does the top.  The fabric of this set is not too thick or thin, making it perfect to wear pretty much all year around.  
I am still such a fan of neutrals.  I love color but I am also a big fan of neutrals because they're such a classic and seem to make any outfit look just a little bit more sophisticated, even if it's something like a casual set such as this one.  
I have a very nice collection of stylish and fun and comfortable jogger sets and loungewear from Femme Luxe, now.  
These days there's definitely no reason to wear something boring just because it's casual.
Femme Luxe has some of the cutest co ord sets like this one!

In this pleated faux leather skirt is a really cool and stylish addition for my wardrobe and I think this is going to be very cool to wear straight into the fall and winter season, as well. 

It is in the size 8 UK, and the fit is perfect.  This faux leather has a little bit of stretch and the skirt also has a zipper up the side. 
Black leather is such a classic so you really can't go wrong with this type of item in your wardrobe and I think pleats are something that is a another classic that will always be in style. 
The great thing about the skirt in that it could be dressed up or down.  You can wear it with a blouse tucked in and aa blazer and it also looks equally great with a cropped top such as the black wrap one in this post, a a summer ready milkmaid top.

Another thing that I am very happy with with this about skirt is that it is higher waisted, which I love for wearing with blouses that I want to tuck in or even with crop tops so not as much of my midriff shows.

And last, but not least we have this little black slinky knit cropped top that wraps around the waist. 
The fabric is so soft and comfortable and this is another item that's going to go with a lot of different things in my wardrobe and be especially great for really hot summer days.   
These items could definitely be mixed and matched together, for instance in this top could go fine with the skirt or the jogger bottoms, or even overtop of something like a bodycon midi dress

I particularly like this type of fabric because it always looks good and really does not need steaming or ironing, which makes it great for the girls that are on the go and also for taking with you on vacation, et cetera.

*items were gifted

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

SHEIN Summer Fashion Haul: Shorts Sets and Skirt

For tonight's post, I have four different shorts and top sets and a skirt*, all from SHEIN. These are all very cute stylish comfortable and perfect for spring and summer!
I am wearing all of these sets in a size small, for reference.

SHEIN drops 1,000+ new styles on their site every day! Find all your summer essentials, like tie-dye, tropical prints, matching sets, graphic tees, and loungewear!
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This first set is so versatile because it has the cute animal print top, and the black shorts that will go with so many different things in my wardrobe. 
Neither item has any stretch, but the top is loose enough to get on over my head and it ties into a cute bow at the side of my neck. The shorts have a zipper up the back, and the buttons down the front are decorative.
Search ID 2404196

This next navy blue tropical print short set is made from very lightweight and comfortable fabric. 
The shorts have an elastic waistband and the top is elastic under the bust, as well and it ties behind the back of the neck. 
The top is a little bit large in the bust area for me, so I think this would work even better on someone with a larger bust.  The fabric of this set does not have any stretch.
Search ID 524025

I really love this bold, orange tropical print short set.  This set is also in a size small. 
The top ties behind the back and the shorts have an elastic waist.  This set also comes in one other color option, but I thought orange was just so perfect for summer! 
The fabric is very lightweight and comfortable and this set also does not have any stretch to the fabric. The top does tend to slip off my shoulders, so keep that in mind when ordering, but I do love that you can wear these peace is together or a separate as well.
Search ID 724624

This brown cotton short and top set is another great spring and summer basic because it is so lightweight and comfortable. 
The fabric is not have any stretch but the shorts do have an elastic waistband, with a little tie at the front that is just for decoration. 
The top has one button at the back of the neck. 
The set comes into other colors but I went with this beautiful neutral brown shade because I thought it would be so versatile and something I could perhaps wear even into the warmer days of early fall.
Search ID 2115009

This beautiful white cotton ruffle skirt is from the SHEIN MOTF premium collection. I'm wearing a size extra small and the fit is perfect for me.
They skirt is lined and the fabric is nice and thick enough that nothing shows through.
There is no stretch to the fabric, but the skirt does zip up the right side hip. 
The quality of the skirt is great, and it is one I intend to keep in my wardrobe for as long as it fits.  
This particular item is more expensive than some of the other SHEIN items you may be used to, but I think it is well worth it. 
I love asymmetrical ruffle and the broderie anglais detail make this just a very beautiful piece for most any wardrobe!
Search ID 2206117

*gifted items

Sunday, May 30, 2021

SHEIN Summer Dresses

For today's post, I have two beautiful, very fitted and figure flattering dresses* from SHEIN.  Both of these dresses are going to be perfect for summer!

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SHEIN offers FREE shipping on orders over $49 and FREE returns (within 45 days of placing your order)!

First off, we have this neon green cut-out dress that is made with a nice, thick fabric and is not see through as it is double layered. 
I'm wearing it in a size of small, and the fit fantastic... it fits me like a glove. 
This dress also comes in several other colors but I went with a neon green; it's just so fun and perfect for spring and summer.  
The fabric is stretchy, so there's no need for a button, zippers or anything like that, you can just pull it on from the bottom or over your head.
Search ID 2069028 

Next up, we have this cut out dress in this beautiful natural brown color, though it comes in a few other color options, as well. 
This is not like anything else I already had my wardrobe. I think this one is very figure flattering and another one that is going to be beautiful for spring, summer and maybe even into the warmer days of fall because of the nice, fall tone color.  
I am wearing this dress in a size small, and the fit is excellent. The fabric is so soft stretchy and very comfortable!

Let me know in the comments, what's your favorite summer outfit?
Search ID 2364498

*items were gifted

Friday, May 28, 2021

SHEIN Summer Bikinis

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, so soon we will have the opportunity to go to the beach, pool or the lake.  So, for todays post I have a five very cute and sexy swimsuits*, all from SHEIN.
SHEIN drops 1,000+ new styles on their site every day! Find all your summer essentials, like tie-dye, tropical prints, matching sets, graphic tees, and loungewear!
For reference, all of these swimsuits are in a size small.

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First off, we have this leopard print bikini that wraps around the back and to the front. 
I love that this one is fully adjustable because it ties around the waist, back of the neck and the bikini  bottoms tie on each hip. The quality of this bikini is great and I'm really happy with it.
Search ID 1599901

Next up, we have this retro blue floral print bandeau bikini. This is not something that I would usually go for but I'm really happy I did the flower pattern reminds me of something for the sixties or seventies and I think it's really cute the colors are also very bright and cheery making this perfect for summer.
Search ID 2186187 

Here we have another interesting print bandeau bikini.  This one ties with two separate ties around the back and also has a loop tie at the front so you can cinch it and make it tighter, if needed. 
I also wore it tied around the back of my neck, so that is an option, though I do not show it here in today's post. 
Search ID 1265258

Here we have this very pretty red dragon print bikini set that comes with the matching little cover up. 
This is just a simple string and triangle style bikini, which is my very favorite because it allows for such fit customization, and I have found them to be very comfortable and flattering as well. 
What's really great about this that as it comes in a whole bunch of other colors if the red is not your favorite.
Search ID 1915107

And last and perhaps least is this pink color block bikini.  This one has adjustable straps at the shoulders, but not around the chest and the bikini bottoms are also not adjustable.  I found the bands to be a little on the tighter side, so I'm not sure if sizing up would have helped or not, but this one was also in a size small, of course. 
This one also comes in several their color block options. I went with this pink because it is the most appealing to me for summer since I adore pink!
Search ID 2329139

Happy shopping, and remember, SHEIN offers FREE shipping on orders over $49 and FREE returns (within 45 days of placing your order)!

*gifted items

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Romwe Graphic Tee Shirts

For today's post, I have four different, very cute graphic tees*, all from Romwe. 
Use coupon code: greenA2
Use this code could get an extra 15% off! (use on the US website)
( Valid from now to 30th, June 2021)

First off, we have this really cool graphic tee shirt that has California on it, and it has kind of a retro feel to the graphics.  I love the palm trees and the surf and the sun is just so much fun. 
The quality of the fabric feels great and it's really comfortable hopefully this is one that I'm going to get a lot of use out of his well.
Search ID 557506

Next up, we have this is really pretty baby blue cropped tee shirt that says New Jersey.
I was really happy to find this one because I went to New Jersey for my last vacation in 2019 for my birthday, so now I have a souvenir, after the fact. 
This one is in a size small in the fit is really nice and loose and comfortable and this also comes into other colors if  blue is not your thing.
Search ID 1232365

Next, I have this really cute graphic tee shirt in this beautiful beige shade that is in a size extra small. This was also a little bit cropped, but not as much as the blue New Jersey tee shirt. This one has Florida 1958 on the front.  The fabric is so nice the stretchy and comfortable, as well.
Search ID 1172197

Last, but not least, we have this beautiful melon color tee shirt with the cactus on the front.
I like this one because it reminds me my travels to the American Southwest. 
This one is in a size extra small and the fit it is very comfortable.  The fabric of this one feels nice and thick, so I think this is going to be sturdy and durable, as well.  This shirt also comes in several other colors.
Search ID 1191556

*gifted items