Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Shewin Wholesale Women's Clothing Floral Print Hoodie

I'm back with my fourth and final hoodie from Shewin for tonight's post.

I love this yellow floral print hoodie because it's different then your usual, basic hoody. 

The floral print makes it unique, and I also think it's a beautiful color for fall. 
I'm wearing this in a size small, the same as the other three hoodies there are from Shewin that I have reviewed.

This hoodie has a nice high neck with a zipper that goes half way down the front,  and that also has pockets across the front. 

The prices of these hoodies and other clothing from Shewin are just incredible. 
I feel like I am set for cardigans and hoodies for the fall and winter season with just these four pieces. Shewin has lots of other really cute items, and as I've said, all these seemed to be really well made, so be sure to check them out!

*item was gifted.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Shewin Wholesale Women's Clothing Leopard Colorblock Hoodie

This leopard gray and pink color block hoodie from Shewin is another comfortable and cute choice for this fall. 

Like all of the other Shewin hoodies that I am reviewing, this one is also in a size small and the fit is great. 
This one does have the pockets on the front and the drawstring hood with a leopard print drawstrings, which I think is a cute touch. 
I already had some dark charcoal gray leggings that matched the gray strip in this hoodie very well. I think this is a really cute hoodie to add to my collection, and I do like that it has several different colors in it so that ensures it will go with even more of the bottoms that I have already on hand.

It's always nice to have cute and fashionable loungewear and casual wear because when things get cold, that is what I mostly live in around our house. 

It's just hard to beat being comfortable in a nice sweater or hoodie and a really stretchy and comfortable pair of leggings!

Shewin Wholesale Women's Clothing Leopard Colorblock Hoodie

*item was gifted

Friday, September 18, 2020

JustFashionNow Dark Floral Turtleneck

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week so far. 
Vaughan and I went out on a grocery run and did a Walmart pick up today. I Bought a unicorn cake for my birthday which is this Sunday. Is so pretty and I hope it taste as good as it looks!

The colors of this dark floral print turtleneck from JustFashionNow are perfect for fall! 
 I am wearing a size small, and the fit is perfect. The fabric is soft, stretchy and comfortable.
I love wearing a turtle neck when the weather is very cold, but this was also great to wear to day when was about 75゚ and I did not find it to be too hot to wear, it felt great! 
The sleeves are nice and long, but you could also very easily push them up because they're fitted well and have a lot of stretch.
This turtle neck is $27.10 and comes and five other colors it also comes in sizes US6 US size 20.

The turtle neck is nice and long making, it great to tuck into skirts like this green suede one that I thrift did many years ago.

16% off on orders over US$1 Code: JFNSNS

*item was gifted

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Shewin Wholesale Women's Clothing Tie Dye Hoodie

I love the pastel colors of this tie dye hoodie from Shewin.
This is a hoodie that I can see wearing in spring, summer and fall.  It is light weight, but not too light weight, and the quality feels great.

This hoodie does not have any pockets.  The fit is very nice, relaxed and comfortable, and I'm wearing a size small.

At only $8.28,  I think this is a great deal.

The hoodie also comes in several other colors and print variations.
 I love how soft and comfortable the fabric is. You can also make this warmer by wearing another long sleeve shirt underneath, but today I just wore it with a plain white V neck T-shirt under and a pair of white leggings.
The hoodie also comes in sizes small to extra large.

Shewin Wholesale Women's Clothing Tie Dye Hoodie

*item was gifted

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Shewin Wholesale Women's Clothing Colorblock Hoodie

For tonight's post, I am wearing this color block pullover sweatshirt from Shewin.

This sweatshirt also comes in orange and gray sleeves, but I chose the pink.

This sweatshirt is great price at only $9.58!  I'm wearing the size small and the fit is perfect for me.
The quality of this sweatshirt feels great, and the fabric is really thick and everything feels well made. The hoodie does not have any pockets and the cuffs also do not have any stretch, in fact, over all, the fabric does not have a lot of stretch, but it is plenty loose get on and off, just make sure that you size up if in doubt.  That being said, the sizing does seem to be true to size.

I like the color block look and I think this is going to go with a lot of different things, and that I'm goning get a lot of use out of it in the upcoming fall season.

Shewin Wholesale Women's Clothing Colorblock Hoodie

*post includes gifted item

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Noracora White Tropical Print Dress

I love these simple style of this white floral print dress from Noracora.
It's such an easy dress to wear.  The fabric of this dress is stretchy and there's no zipper or any other closures, so you just simply put it on over your head.

The fabric is on the thicker side, so I'm hoping that this holds up well. The print is a very fun and refreshing summer print on a white background. I like the combination of leopard print with the tropical plant print.

This would be especially great for a beach vacation dress. The dress is white but luckily it is not see-through, because the fabric is very thick and sturdy. I'm wearing a size small in this dress and the fit is really good .

I love the simple style of this dress because it reminds me of the sheath dresses my mother and I used sew many years ago. 
Product ID:   9207450

20% off on orders over US$1 Code: NCINS20

Noracora White Tropical Print Dress

*post includes gifted items

Monday, September 7, 2020

Femme Luxe Dresses

For today's post, I have another Femme Luxe dress haul.
Even if dresses are not something you want in your wardrobe right now, Femme Luxe has lots of other really great items including, lounge wear, casual wear, etc.   Personally, I've been shopping for dresses and some lounge wear lately because I do still love wearing dresses, even around the house. I think it's such fun to fix up even when there's nowhere to go.

Femme Luxe has free UK delivery on all orders over 25 pounds and right now you can also get an extra 25% off applied at checkout. Femme Luxe also has over 500 items that are under 5 pounds.

Femme Luxe also has accessories, including face masks, and even jewelry to complete your luck. There's also handbags scarves and belts, making Femme Luxe a great one stop shop. Femme Luxe also has heels,  boots and other shoes.

First off, there is this a purple ruched mini dress.

I'm wearing it in a size UK10 and the fit is perfect for me.
The fabric does have stretch to it and the dress does have a zipper up the back.

This is such a pretty dress for a date night and for upcoming holiday parties.
The shoulders of the sleeves have elastic in them, so they tend to stay up in fit well.

This dress has wire in the bust V neck area to give it extra shape and support. At under 15 pounds, I think this dress is such a great deal, as are all of these other dresses in today's post.

I am always very happy with the quality and feel of everything that I've gotten from Femme Luxe.
At first I was a little nervous about this dress because I was not sure if it was going to fit me, so I was very happy when I discovered that it does have stretch in the fabric.
This dress, like a lot of others at Femme Luxe also comes in several other colors, including silver and pink.

Femme Luxe Dresses

This beige one shoulder midi dress is going to be perfect for the fall season.
I am wearing this also in UK size 10.  The fit is great and very comfortable.  The fabric is very stretchy and the dress is just slipped on over your head as there is no zipper, and not really a need for one.
The dress does have two fabric strips that make up a built,  they are attached at the sides so you can tie them into a bow or let them hang loose and tied in the front,  whichever you prefer.
I just love the color of this dress!  This is another one that I would definitely take with me on a vacation because there's just so many ways to dress it up or down.

Here is the same style of ruched midi dress, but in a wine color that I think is especially great for the fall season. This one is also the UK size 10, so the fit is the same.

I was happy to discover that the dress does not slip down on the side where there is no sleeve. As always, I find the fabric of these dresses to be so comfortable and silky.
I think this style of dress is especially classy and sophisticated, so I can see wearing it for a lot of different things.
This dress is under 19 pounds, and I think it is such a great deal.
Now really is a great time of year to be wearing dresses like these,  because it's not too cold or hot, at least here in Virginia.

You may recognize this style of mini dress from my previous blog posts of dresses from Femme Luxe, in the same style in and orange and in green, as well.

The fabric of these dresses does stretch.  I'm wearing this one and a size UK8, and the fit is great and the dress has heavy zipper up the back if needed.

You really can't go wrong with this dress, especially in the color.  I think this could be the perfect little black dress for your wardrobe.
The fabric of this dress has plenty of stretch so it really is a great one to pick if you're looking for the perfect fit.

*post includes gifted items