Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Lovelywholesale Colorful Animal Print Set

I love how fun and colorful this pant and top set by Lovelywholesale is.  I was happy to discover that the fabric is not see through and is very comfortable.  I'm wearing a size large and it ended up being too big for me. I wish I paid closer attention to the measurements but I wanted the large to play it safe.  

Since the pants have an attached belt it was easy to cinch in the waist to get the correct fit in spite of the set being a size or so to large.  The legs on the other hand are too long for me as I am only 5' 2.  Even with heels it's still too long but that's not a problem for me as I can just take a little bit off the ends when I hem the pants.  I'm really happy with the quality of this sets!  If you're looking for a fun outfit I think this is a really good choice.  At only $13.49, I can say this is a really good deal.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Pink Tie-Dye Dress

I decided to wear one of my burgundy turbans with this tie dye dress. I thought the turban match to very well with the colors in the dress.  I added a pin to my turban for extra flair.  That is something I like to do most of the time when I do wear a turban.
I have not been wearing my turbans a lot this summer but I think I will again once it gets colder.  I have several really beautiful velvet ones that I like to wear.

Dresses like this are comfortable to wear during the summer time unfortunately this one is just a little bit too long for me.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tropical Print Pants

I found these pants several weeks ago at good will and I decided to pair them with this top that I bought this year.  I thought they matched the kind of pink purple color of the top very well.  The funny thing is I was wearing these pants when I went back to goodwill a few weeks later and I saw the belt hanging up for sale.  When I went to the counter to purchase the belt the cashier it to me for free.

 Fun things like that are why I love going to thrift stores.  Like, what are the chances I would've been wearing the pants the same day that I discovered the missing belt?

 Vaughan pointed out that I could wear the belt as a scarf or a top and I tried it as a top and it works fabulously.   That alone makes this such a versatile to piece to take on a vacation.


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cchui White Slip

This slip from Cchui is so super soft, and comfortable.  It comes in five other colors, as well.  I went with white because I already had black, and nude slips.  This slip is versatile because it can be used as a nightgown, as well.  I have not felt a much softer fabric.  It is made from 100% modal, which I only recently heard of.

 I'm wearing this slip in a size medium and the fit is relaxed but comfortable, and pretty much perfect.  The straps are adjustable, so I was able to get the perfect fit for me.

 I have several sheer dresses that I know I can wear this with.  This would be the perfect slip dress to travel with because you can wear it is a night gown you can wear it underneath sheer dresses you could wear it as a cover up at the beach.  And that only $13.99 I think this is a really good deal does include a matching thong.  

Cchui White Slip

Cchui White Slip

Cchui White Slip

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Popjulia Red Handbag

This red bag (Product ID: 416102) from PopJulia is very different than any other bags I have in my collection already.  The bag comes with a shoulder strap that is removable and that also has the tassel on the handle and a zipper pocket inside the bag.  

When the bag arrived it was kind of crushed and wrinkled at the corner but luckily I was able to look up how to remove wrinkles out of a full leather. I just use a hair dryer on hot and was able to remove the wrinkles very well, I don't even think you can see them in these photos. Keep that in mind if you ever have anything that needs the wrinkles removed that is a fake leather such as this purse. 

For being a synthetic leather I must say this person looks a very much like the real thing. I believe this is my 6th bag from pop Julia and I I'm very happy with all of them. 

Popjulia has lots of other bags options, as well as cute clothing! Use 38%off Code : PJSNS38 
when you order!

*post includes gifted item