Saturday, January 16, 2021

Blanket Hoodies: 5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your man

 I just discovered something new, and I am already in love with it!  Blanket hoodies!  I had never heard of them before, but I am so glad I know about them now!  Newchic has a lot of different blanket hoodies to choose from, but I want to start off with this beautiful, cozy, pink one here.  It comes in several other colors, as well, but I, of course, love the pink most of all! The other colors are navy, red, gray and black. 

This would be so perfect to wear in my house, because it is always a little cold, in the fall and winter, except when it's freezing!

This item is only available in "one size", but you can check out the item measurements in the description box.

The price is $29.59


Next up, we have this gorgeous, tie-dye, teddy hoodie. This is another item that looks super soft, warm, and comfy.

I like the red option, but it is also available in blue, and in sizes small to two extra large. I like that this has the big pockets on the front, and the hoodie.  There are plenty of other teddy hoodies to check out, as well!

The price is $26.99


In case you are looking for long coat men, Newchic also has those.  This one is available in both black and gray, and looks so sophisticated!  This is just the style I love!  This coat also comes in sizes Small to Double Extra Large, and the price is $78.99.


If you are looking for a mens long cardigan, I really like this classic style of this one, in gray.  But, if gray is not your thing, it also comes in blue and black.  This sweater is available in sizes Medium to Trile Extra Large. The price is $38.99.


Newchic has lots of mens silk pajamas cheap, so I picked one of my favorite sets to includes in today's post.  This red print set is also a sophisticated, classic in design.  The sizes available are Medium to Double Extra Large, and the price is $26.39.


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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

SHEIN California Tee Shirt and Plaid Mini Skirt

This white California tee shirt from SHEIN is so soft and comfortable.  I am wearing a size small and the fit is great. 
I decided to stick with my actual size because I wanted a more fitted look for this item.  
I wanted this shirt because I lived in California for several years, and I think it will be a cute, casual piece in my wardrobe.  I have such a cute collection of graphic tees of from and SHEIN and this is a really cute new addition.
Search ID 1188369

SHEIN Coupon code: Q3libertad
Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase

I thought the California tee shirt would go very well with this little, blue plaid miniskirt
The skirt does not have any stretch to the fabric, but it does have a zipper of the back. 
This is especially going to be a cute skirt wear and the spring and summer.  This is definitely unlike any other plaid skirt I had already because I don't usually go for blue.  
This is very similar to the pink one I wore in a recent post, but not exactly the same.
Search ID 1123025

I completed the look with a pair of sheer beige tights that are also from SHEIN. I like these tights because they are very silky, which means if I wear a sweater type of fabric it will not cling to it.  
I love wearing tights in the fall and winter for a different look to my basic leggings.  Sometimes it's nice to wear a skirt, even in the dead of Winter.
Search ID 625593

*post includes gifted items

Monday, January 11, 2021

SHEIN Lingerie

For today's post I have a lingerie and sleepwear haul of all SHEIN items.

This green slip from SHEIN is very beautiful, and the fabric feels really nice. The fabric feels like silk or satin and the fabric even has a little bit of stretch to it.  It also has adjustable straps. 
This one is a really comfortable piece that you can wear as a slip or a nightgown, it definitely seems very well made and great quality.  I am wearing a size small and the fit is perfect. At only $14 this is a really good deal.
Search ID 1234360

SHEIN Coupon code: Q3libertad
Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase

I love the print of the black and cream print robe, it is very beautiful.  I'm wearing the robe in a size small. The robe comes with a matching belt, and does not have pockets.
The print and colors of this robe are sophisticated and go really well with my black lingerie, especially. The silky feel of the fabric is very comfortable and makes this a great light weight robe.
Search ID 1051994

This black lace body suit could be worn as lingerie or as a top worn under a skirt or pants. 
This piece also has adjustable straps and snaps at the bottom.
I'm also wearing this item in a size small and the fit is fine. If I'm going to wear a bodysuit, I especially want the snaps on the bottom and that makes it so much more wearable and comfortable for me.
Search ID 1089706

This white slip / nightgown has adjustable straps that crisscross across back. The fit is a little large at the bust, so I think this would fit someone with a larger bust even better.
I am wearing the item in the size small.  I like that the white is a very crisp, true white shade, making this different then a lot of the lingerie that I already have in my collection.
Search ID 1078915

*post includes gifted items

Sunday, January 10, 2021

SHEIN Lavender Plaid Jacket

This lavender plaid shirt jacket* is such a pretty print and color. 
I went with a size large because I wanted this to be more like an oversized coat jacket. 
This jacket feels so well made and sturdy, so I am hoping it holds up for a long time. This jacket also has really big pockets on the front so you can keep so much stuff in them. 
This can be worn very casually of course, but for this look I decided to dress it up with a sequin mini skirt and a sweater.  SHEIN really does have so many a cute plaid jackets! 
I had seen this one months ago, so I was really glad when I had the opportunity to review it.  

I think this is going to be great to wear all the way through spring because of the beautiful pastel color.  Vaughan was even a really big fan of this jacket and he wants warm himself!
Search ID 1086391

SHEIN Coupon code: Q3libertad
Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase

*gifted item

Saturday, January 9, 2021

SHEIN Pink Plaid Mini Skirt and Pearl Belt

This pink plaid mini skirt* is so cute and perfect for spring, though it definitely works for all year around. I'm wearing it in a size small in the fit is great.  
The fabric is not too thick or thin and it seems pretty well made, especially considering the price point. 
The skirt does not have any stretch to the fabric, but it does have a zipper up back and two slits, one on either thigh.  SHEIN has lots of really cute plaid mini skirts, and in so many other colors, as well. 
Search ID 1135738

I have this white pearl circle belt* in black, as well. It is also sold in brown, the the price is only $4.50!
I'm really looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it in spring and summer as well because of the light color. 
The belt has a lot of different holes, so it fits a lot of different sizes. I ended up using the tightest setting today.  I like that it's adjustable so you can always add or subtract as needed. 
These SHEIN belts are so affordable and super cute!  I think they're really good deal.

SHEIN Coupon code: Q3libertad
Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase

*gifted items

Friday, January 8, 2021

SHEIN Lilac Motorcycle Jacket and Sunglasses

This faux leather lilac motorcycle jacket comes in several other colors at SHEIN, as well. 
It's a pretty shade and it reminds me of taffy. 
I am wearing a size small, the same as in several other motorcycle jackets I've received from SHEIN, the fit is perfect. 
I would suggest sizing up if you do want to add more layers underneath.  I wore this over top of a white turtleneck and it was very comfortable. 
I decided to pair it with a silver skirt I already had my wardrobe to match the silver hardware of the jacket. The jacket is fully lined and has two zipper pockets, the chest pocket is just for looks, and it  also has zips at the sleeves so that you can expand the cuff area. 
Search ID 1229461*

I like the gradient colors of these metal frame sunglasses from SHEIN. They are so lightweight and comfortable and beautiful for all year around, though because of the colors I think they would especially be pretty in spring and summer. 
This pair (like all the others I have received from SHEIN) came in a nice sturdy black case.  
The glasses are very reasonably priced as are most the others on the SHEIN website.
Search ID 782229* 

SHEIN Coupon code: Q3libertad
Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase

*items were gifted

Thursday, January 7, 2021

SHEIN Checkered Print Dress and Black Tights

This black-and-white checkered print dress* from SHEIN is very stretchy and comfortable. I would suggest sizing up because I'm wearing a size large in this dress and I would normally wear a size small. 
In this case, I could have perhaps gone with a medium but I think that the large was the best to fit and more comfortable. 
The dress also comes in the brown and white version, but I decided to go with the classic black-and-white. I also decided to wear a turtleneck underneath because it is very cold lately, but that shows that this could be worn all year around. 
I like the way the dress is cut at the bust line. 
Search ID 1130325

I also decided to pair this dress with a pair of black tights* that are also from SHEIN. They fit me very well and feel sturdy and comfortable,  so I am hoping they going to hold up for a while. 
You just cannot go wrong with a basic pair of black tights for the winter season. 
I thought that would be a good look to complete this outfit with the dress. 
These tights have a little bit of a control top feel to them, if that is what you're interested in, and they are high waisted. SHEIN has all kinds of adorable tights at great prices!
Search ID 625584 

SHEIN Coupon code: Q3libertad
Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase

*items were gifted