Thursday, July 18, 2019

LovelyWholesale Red and Black Floral Maxi Dress

For today's post, I am wearing this red and black floral maxi dress from Lovelywholesale.
I am wearing a size medium.  The fit is perfect, other than the length.  I am 5'2", and I took about 5 or 6 inches off the bottom of this dress and hemmed it.  I am also still wearing it with heels, so keep that in mind if you are my height or any shorter.

The fabric is stretchy, and you just pull the dress on, from top or bottom.  The sleeves have elastic, and that could be a little looser for comfort.  

I decided to add red accessories to complete the look for this outfit. I think the dress looks great on it's own, as well.  I think adding a black or red belt would also be a nice touch.  I love dresses like this.  They are so easy to wear and look nice, with little effort. 
At only $15.49, this dress is a great deal! It also comes in a sunflower print, which is just as pretty as this print!

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LovelyWholesale Red and Black Floral Maxi Dress

LovelyWholesale Red and Black Floral Maxi Dress

LovelyWholesale Red and Black Floral Maxi Dress
* post includes gifted item.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Pink Tropical Print Blouse

I love the lace skirt I am wearing because it goes with so much in my wardrobe.  I have not worn it as much lately, though, because I think it is especially perfect for spring.  Lately, it's been so hot that pretty much anything I put on feels sticky, and miserable.

It is going to feel like 111 degrees this Friday here in Virginia, but things will be cooling down next week.  I am very much looking forward to that!

My implant is still bothering me.  I keep biting my cheek, so I finally called to make an appointment to see if something can be done to fix it.  It is going to be a while until I get seen, though.  
I just hope I ever get this tooth thing over with!
Pink Tropical Print Blouse

Pink Tropical Print Blouse

Monday, July 15, 2019

Green Nautical Print Dress

I like these nautical print dresses.  This is one of about 6 or 7 print dresses I bought, they were all the same halter type that I purchased from Falles while still living in California.  I think they were all only about $2.99 each.  

 I like shopping at Falles but unfortunately all of their stores in Virginia closed this year. 

I thought the background of this photo is so pretty with all of the flowers.  It's always fun to take a photo in a place like this when given the opportunity.

AW Bridal Review

Today I'm doing an AW bridal review. You may remember that I reviewed one of their dresses before. I was really happy with the quality, the fit, and the fabric. 

AW bridal really does its best to make their site a one-stop shop for everything bridal. Their new arrival section has dresses starting at $49.99.  You can choose by color; you can choose by style; they also have so many options for bridesmaids dresses, as well as wedding dresses! Then the accessories with everything - sashes, petticoats, tiaras, wedding gloves... Pretty much anything you can think of - even ties for the grooms!  Then there are personalized gifts; everything from cake servers and bottle openers, to robes and lingerie.  

This beautiful robe here is perfect for any occasion, but I can especially see wearing this for a beautiful spring or summer wedding.  If you love the romantic color and girly look of beautiful florals, this robe is definitely a wonderful choice. It also comes in a navy blue and a light blue, but the pink is definitely, by far, my favorite.   The sizes also come in sizes Extra Small to Extra Extra Large.

There are so many lovely choices at AW Bridal® UK that you could spend hours looking at everything.  And I almost forgot to mention they also have a d├ęcor section with everything from tablecloths to napkin rings and cake toppers. You name it; AW bridal most likely has it.  

Be sure to check out Allure Bridals® to get all kinds of fabulous wedding inspiration. Their photos are stunning, and, even though I'm not planning my wedding, I still enjoyed looking at this site.

I also spent quite a while looking at Etsy dresses.   Yet another great site to find all kinds of dress inspiration.   I prefer the classic look of lace and ruffles.  If it looks like something evocative of romantic, Victorian times, then it is most likely a dress for me.

Also, be sure to check out AW jackets for bridal.   This first faux fur cloak is so amazing!   I can't believe the price, only $40.  If you're going to have a winter wedding, I cannot imagine a prettier thing to wear.  This really does make me think of a beautiful "Winter Wonderland" snow princess.   I have always had a thing for cloaks, capes, and opera capes.

Next up, we have the Serena Applique Lace Jacket.  I love the detail at the bottom of the sleeves.  If you know me, you know that I am such a fan of lace that this would actually be a great choice for me. I like things that are reminiscent of Spain as well.  And this totally reminds me of a flamenco dancer.  At $20, I think the price is really amazing, too.
Last but not leas, we have the Calliope Photo Fur Wrap.  This one is a classic for sure! It comes in sizes Small through Large, and it's at an unbelievable price - only $12!  This is a really great option to just keep a little bit of the winter chill away, but not ruin the look of your beautiful gown.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dresswel Floral Midi Dress

I love the print of this floral midi dress from Dresswel.  It reminds me of birds of paradise!  I am wearing a size small, and the fit is pretty much perfect.  The shoulder straps are adjustable, and the dress buttons  down the front.  There is also elastic at the back for ensure the perfect fit.  I wore this dress today when it was very hot and humid, and I found it to be very light and comfortable.

  I was happy to discover that the fabric was not see-through, as is often the case with lighter color fabrics.

 Dresswel has lots of other really cute options to if you're in the market for cute summer dresses at really great prices.  This dress is only $16.99 and comes in sizes small through extra large.

Dresswel Floral Midi Dress

Dresswel Floral Midi Dress

Dresswel Floral Midi Dress
*post includes gifted item