Tuesday, January 21, 2020

SHEIN Cream Sweater

Wow, it's been so cold here in Virginia the past few days! It is definitely sweater weather, and actually probably even more than just a sweater, it's so cold.

I love all of the extra details on this cream sweater. It is an interesting take on what could be a basic sweater.
The weave of this SHEIN sweater is a looser style, so I wore mine with a thermal underneath for extra warmth.

The fabric itself is very soft and comfortable. I'm wearing a "one size" and it is a perfect over-sized fit for me.  I love all of it extra details on the sweater.  One of them was very loose and so I ended up sewing it back on, I noticed some of the other details are loosely sewn so keep that in mind when purchasing the sweater. For me, it was no big deal because I do know how to sew, and perhaps not all of the sweaters will be the same.

This is going to be something I keep in my wardrobe as a basic with a little something extra.  The color is great because it will go with so many different things. If you're looking for something in a basic color like this, I think this is a good recommendation to go with. 
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SHEIN Cream Sweater

SHEIN Cream Sweater

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Callabuy Fashion

For today's post,  I'm going to be picking out a few of my favorite items from a website I have recently discovered, called Callabuy. Callabuy has lots of beautiful clothing, including cheap long dresses.

V-Neck Printed Velvet Maxi Dress

This first dress is a velvet fabric, and you guys know I am such a fan of velvet fabrics! This dress comes in several colors, as well. It comes in sizes Medium to Extra Large, which I think is wonderful. This dress is simple, yet elegant, and it looks like it would be comfortable to wear without sacrificing style. The fabric, long sleeves, and skirt length make this wonderful to wear in cold weather, so you can look stunning and not have to just wear leggings and sweaters all the time.

V-Neck Plain Bodycon Dress

Here is another beautiful dress that comes in five different colors. This dress comes in sizes Medium to Triple Extra Large. This dress is also a really good value for the price. Dresses in this style are something that I know I get lots of use out of in the cold weather seasons.

Round Neck Floral Velvet Maxi Dress

This next dress is yet another velvet one. It comes in several colors, but I think the red one is particularly stunning! This comes in sizes Small to Triple Extra Large. It's another one that looks like it will be very warm, but still dressy and beautiful for all of your winter events.

V-Neck Patch Pocket Printed Maxi Dress

This dress comes in sizes Medium to Triple Extra Large, and lots of different prints and patterns; my favorite is the blue. This dress looks like it would be great for the springtime, and is finally something other than my favorite velvet.

Autumn And Winter High Elastic Ruffled Tight bodycon Dress

Next up, we have this gorgeous dress which comes in sizes Small to Triple Extra Large, and in the colors pink and red, both of which are equally stunning, in my opinion. I love dresses like this; they have a bit of a retro flair, but are also timeless and classic. I think they're a great wardrobe staple, because they can take you to so many different events, and you're always going to look stylish and ladylike.

Round Neck Ruched Plain Maxi Dress

I think this dress in pink is the cutest, but it comes in several other colors. This is yet another dress that I think is classic and timeless, and can be worn to many different things. That's what I look for when I'm shopping, but then, I also like to get things that are unique, different, outlandish, and unexpected, sometimes; it just depends on my mood. And, even though I like to take risks with fashion, I also like to have things in my wardrobe that are tried and true, and very easy to just grab and add some beautiful accessories to, when I want something that I know is going to be safe but stunning. I think this is one of those dresses that falls into the category of "safe to wear pretty much anywhere," but which is also going to be fabulous.

Callabuy is a great place to shop for cheap clothes for women, so be sure to check them out, because even if you're not intrigued by any of my choices today, they have a huge variety of other things, and something will be sure to be to your liking.

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Monday, January 20, 2020

SHEIN Red Velvet Puffer Jacket

I was very happy to have this red velvet puffer jacket add to my collection,  it is such a gorgeous shade of red.

I am so excited That SHEIN is carrying these jackets in these luxurious fabrics like velvet and in these gorgeous jewel colors. It makes wearing casual Coats and jackets like this all the more fun.

This jacket has snaps of the front and pockets and is slightly cropped, it snaps up very high under your chin to keep you very warm and is fully lined with a beautiful red, satiny fabric. This would be so beautiful during the holiday season and also during Valentine's if you wanted to wear something casual but keep with the red tradition.

I wore this jacket today when the temperature was in the thirties and it kept me very warm.

I'm wearing a size small and the jacket is roomy enough to wear a couple layers underneath or perhaps a chunky sweater.
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Sunday, January 19, 2020

SHEIN Beige Velvet Coat

This beige velvet puffer jacket from SHEIN is one of the fanciest puffer jackets I think I've ever seen. The beautiful neutral color I believe makes this more sophisticated.  The quality of this jacket is great, too.

I guess it is more of a coat and jacket hybrid, actually. I wore this today when it was only in the forties and it kept me so nice and warm because it's basically like wearing a comforter.
The hood is huge and it has a drawstring. The jacket zips all the way up to the top and has nice pockets to keep your hands warm and toasty. This jacket is beautifully lined and also has a bit of a bell sleeve that has a elastic at the wrist. Because of the neutral color this is going to go with so many different casual outfits that I have, it's definitely one of my new favorite coats.
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Friday, January 17, 2020

SHEIN Skirt Set and Jacket

The quality of this red plaid jacket is very nice.  I'm very happy with it.  The jacket has pockets that I found to be a little high, but I'm still glad to at least have some pockets.

The SHEIN jacket has beautiful gold buttons, and I love the cut and style. I am wearing a size small and the fit is very good.  You probably can't wear a big sweater underneath this, but definitely something thinner and probably just one layer will work fine . The red plaid is beautiful and I think I could get lots of use out of this for years to come, I especially love red plaid for the holiday seasons.
I think it would also be a beautiful jacket to wear for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

The jacket is fully lined and also has working buttons at the sleeve,. It's made with a raw edge hem, which I am fine with this definitely has a designer look and feel to it. 
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SHEIN Coupon code: Q3libertad
Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase
Valid until: Mar.31, 2020

SHEIN Skirt Set and Jacket

SHEIN Skirt Set and Jacket

I love a good two piece clothing set. I was excited to see this black velvet skirt and top set from SHEIN. The top is a deep V-neck top that is very stretchy a comfortable, and easy to wear. It's a good basic top but I think the star of the show is the velvet skirt,  it's pleated and definitely catches the light in a beautiful way when you move. The fabric is stretchy and the skirt has a zipper up the side. I'm wearing a size small and the fit is perfect, I wanted to make sure it was not too tight, so I'm glad I went with the size I did. With a basic black skirt like this, I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of it.  It will go with just so many different things.
The skirt arrived without any wrinkles on it, so I'm thinking it's good at resisting them, which is an important feature of clothing for me.
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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Romwe Dress and Skirts

Today's post, I'm going to be sharing a few items from Romwe.  I found the quality of these items to be very good, and I am very happy with them. Romwe has lots of beautiful clothing options and I had lots of fun picking out these items.

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This gray velvet dress from Romwe is such a romantic style, it reminds me of something from the early part of the 20th century. I'm wearing a size small and the fit is perfect for me. The fabric is stretchy the sleeves are sheer and they have elastic at the wrists. There is a zipper up the back of the dress and unfortunately add a very hard time getting it past the waistband so that's the only thing I can think of that is not perfect about this dress hopefully not all of them have that same issue. If you follow my blog you know I adore pearl so I was happy to see the little pearl buckle detail on this dress I'm also a huge fan of velvet I don't have a lot of things in Gray so this was a great addition to my wardrobe.

Romwe Dress and Skirts

I love all of the ruffles on this long black skirt from Romwe. The great thing about this skirt is that you can wear it with a nice top and it instantly becomes an evening dress. The net in the skirt is very soft and comfortable, unlike in some other fabrics in other items I have owned . As you can tell from the photos, the waistband is black elastic making this very easy to get on and off. I'm wearing a size medium and the fit is perfect for me, not too tight or loose.

I love skirts like that perhaps because they are so versatile.
I believe this is a great piece to add to my wardrobe and I'm hoping to wear it with lots of different things for many years to come.

This little pleated plaid skirt is such a cute wardrobe basic for the fall and winter seasons. I'm wearing a size medium and the fit is really good, it could have been just a tad looser, but I did not want to size up and have it be to loose, either.
I think plaid skirts like this are so cute to wear with boots, tights and cute sweaters and jackets.
They fabric of this skirt does not stretch at all but there is a zipper up the back. For today's outfit I decided to just pair this with a white sweater and a red blazer that was already in my wardrobe.

*post includes gifted items