Saturday, May 8, 2021

BTFBM Spring Dresses and Loungewear

For today's post I have three different items all from BTFBM*.

First off we have this really cute yellow polka dot dress.  The cut and style kind of reminds me of something in the 1940's style.  The fabric is really flowing and light weight, making this good for hot summer days. 
I'm wearing it in a size small the fit is great.  The dress has buttons down the front to the waist,  and a little bit of elastic in the waistband. This dress also comes in a few other color options.

Next up, we have this long sleeve dress in this pretty darker red color which I think is good for all your round but I could also see wearing this during the fall season. This is also in a size small, And the fit is very good the dress has elastic the waistband and ties. At the neck.
If the Stark shade of red is not something you like there it are also several other color.

Last, but not least we have this really adorable shorts and long sleeved top pajama/ floral loungewear set, also in a size small. 
This comes in several colors and prints, including a leopard print.  I decided to go with this really pretty spring floral print.  The fabric is so soft and cozy!  The fabric has a lot of stretch, and is comfortable.

*items were gifted

Friday, May 7, 2021

JustFashionNow Jeans

For today's post I have two pairs of jeans*, both from JustFashionNow.
First off, we have this really cool pair of embroidered jeans.  I love all of the bright colors and the fact that these are actually embroidered and not all just patches, and the quality is really good. 
I'm wearing a size 8, and the fit is perfect.  I'm only 5' 2 and these jeans were as if they were made for me, they're not too long.  If you are much taller at all, you might find these to be way too short for you, so keep that in mind. 
The denim has a little bit of stretch to it, so that makes these very comfortable as well.
Item ID 3624069

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Next up, we have this really basic plain pair of lighter wash jeans, in a size medium. The fit is really good. 
This pair does not have any stretch, but I do find them as comfortable as a pair of non stretch denim pants can be. 
These are also very cropped so they're perfectly sized for me, but if you're tall they're going to be more like a cropped length and not full length. 
The denim fabric of these jeans feels nice and tough, so I am hoping they last for a long time.  
These jeans are a little bit higher in the waist, which I like.  It makes it really easy to tuck in different shirts.
Item ID 444481

*items were gifted

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sheerm Necklaces and Jewelry

For today's, post I have three different pretty necklace* pieces from the Sheerm Jewelry.
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First off,  we have this pearl and gold chain necklace set.  The set is comprised of two different necklaces. The tiny necklace has a little heart. I love gold and pearl jewelry because it goes with so many different things.  I wear this style a lot with my outfits these days.

Next up, we have this adorable little rhinestone and gold teddy bear necklace
This is so cute and whimsical!  I like how it is small and understated.  I do love a good statement necklace, but I also like a tiny necklace for certain things sometimes, as well.  I love the delicate look of this piece.  This would be a sweet gift for anyone that has a fondness for teddy bears!

Last, but not least we have this beautiful silver and green stone necklace that is another one that is simple and understated, but elegant.  
I don't often wear silver jewelry so it was nice to get this piece for a change.  The stone is very beautiful, and a color that will work in every season.

*items were gifted

Saturday, May 1, 2021

SHEIN Festival Wear Haul + SHEIN Togetherfest 2021

I have another SHEIN clothing haul*, but this time everything is festival wear inspired in honor of the 2nd annual SHEIN TogetherFest virtual music festival, which is tomorrow Sunday May 2nd at 2pm PST.
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First off,  I have this really cute beige crochet top.  This is adorable, and the color is great because it goes well with so many different things.  This is in a size small the fit is great, it even has a tiny bit of stretch to the fabric so it's easy to get on and off over my head.  The shoulder straps are not adjustable and you do need to wear something underneath it because otherwise it's going to be somewhat transparent.
Search ID 2261033

Next up, we have this black mesh shorts and top set also in a size small.  This one as a little bit wild, but you can wear it over top of something with a  little more coverage than what I am wearing it with. The waistband of the shorts is very elastic, so these have a nice fit and are pretty comfortable.  
I decided to go with basic black underneath for this look.  The cool thing about this is that you can change it up with different colors underneath, as well.
Search ID 2204554

Here we have this super fun and Colorful crochet halter top with all of the colorful tasseled details. 
This is another one that's definitely a lot of fun for spring and especially summer. 
I decided to go all out with color and wore the halter top with this skirt that is also from SHEIN.
Search ID 2232265 

This top is so super soft and comfortable, it is definitely one of my favorites out of the entire collection today, and it's this adorable crochet watermelon halter top
I decided to pair it with some basic white denim shorts and a red belt for this look, but you could wear it with blue jeans, shorts, green or red and maybe even black, so there are a lot of different ways to style this adorable top. 
The halter ties behind the neck and back so it's easy to adjust for the right fit.
Search ID 2181393

This is another look I really love, and it is this black crochet halter top with the super long fringe.  It's such a statement!  This top ties at the back of the neck, and has two ties behind the back, as well. 
The crochet fabric of this top is very soft and not scratchy at all, and this is also in a size small.
Search ID 2181395

And here we have yet another neon green crochet halter top and this one is definitely super fun with all of the really bright, neon bold colors. 
I decided to pair it with some red pants and a pair of pompom earrings that I made myself. 
The thing I love about this top is it has so many different colors that this is another one you can wear with lot of different things. 
This top is also in a size small and also made from some very soft and stretchy, comfortable crochet.
Search ID 2121802 

For this outfit, I'm wearing a black halter top in a size small it's just a little bit loose in the bust on me and has the two silver rings down the front that I think are very interesting.  The fabric has a little bit of stretch and it's soft and comfortable, kind of like a T-shirt material.
The great thing about this is it will also go with lots of other things.
Search ID 2282606

And for the bottoms, I'm wearing these faux black leather shorts that are high waisted and in a size small and they also come with this really cool, long fringe belt. 

I love it because you can wear these pieces separately or together. 
With the super long fringe. this belt really does make a statement. 
The shorts do not have any pockets but they do have belt loops, though I think the belt loops are a little small to put the belt that comes with it through them. 
Search ID 2310322

Last, but not least, we have this are really glamorous rhinestone chain bra and belt set with the beautiful iridescent rhinestones throughout. 
I decided to go with the the swimsuit  look but this is something you could wear overtop of a dress or a halter top to really make a glamorous statement.
Search ID 2239211 

*items were gifted

Friday, April 30, 2021

Cuccoo Shoe Haul

For today's post I have three different pairs of shoes*, all from the brand Cuccoo available at SHEIN.

I chose a size EU 41 in all of these shoes, and they all fit me perfectly, which I think is amazing. I chose a size I'm usually very wary about buying shoes online because I'm afraid they are not going to fit, well so I was so happy this was not the case with these shoes.
Use code SC418 to receive 15% off!

I'm going start off with my favorite, which are these pointed toe flats, and they are a nice buttery yellow color, which I think goes really well with so many things in my wardrobe for the spring and summer seasons, especially. What's so great about this fabric is it's breathable and water repellent and stain resistant, and they can also easily washed off. This pair fits very well and does not slip up-and-down when I walk, which is very lucky.
Search ID 2145041

Next up, we have this little twist knot sandal pair of shoes.  I was worried that these were going to be too big, as well, but they fit me fine. They're in a pretty melon pink shade that is also beautiful for spring.  These are very simple, but cute.
Search ID 2144998

Last, but not least, we have this pair of criss cross mules.  They stay on my foot very well, and have a little bit elastic cross the top that keeps the shoe in place and some padding along the soles of the shoes.  These are a beautiful neutral shade that goes with almost anything.
Search ID 2145033

All of these shoes comes and several other color varieties and they're all very reasonably priced at $20 or under.

*items were gifted