Sunday, February 21, 2021

Femme Luxe Loungewear Sets

For tonight's post I have a Femme Luxe ladies loungewear set haul. Femme Luxe has so many cute loungewear options available. 
You probably are used to seeing me post their clubwear and really cute dresses, so I decided to mix it up in today's post. 
All of these sets are affordable and very comfortable.  
We have had some crazy weather here the past week or so, so I  Have definitely been living in super comfortable, loungewear sets like these.  
If you are in the market for some really cool and stylish loungewear, I would definitely suggest checking out the Femme Luxe website.
It was a lot of fun to try out some of their casual items for a change!  I usually go for glam dresses, but I do enjoy casual dress, as well.

First off we have this super soft and stretchy gray tracksuit loungewear set. I am wearing this set in a  size UK 10, and the fit is great. 
The pants have pockets and an elastic waistband, but no draw string.  The little tie on the front is just for show. 
The sleeves and pants both have cuffs at the bottom. This is such a comfortable set and I'm very happy with it. 
This is the one that I have been wearing all day, today and yesterday, as a matter of fact. 

Next up, we have this black oversized joggers loungewear set.  This one is also in a size UK 10. 
I love how roomy this set is and it's really going to be a winter and cold weather staple for me.  
The top has a nice, thick hood with a draw string and a single large pocket across the front. 
The pants have pockets and little elastic waist and drawstring, as well.  The fabric of this set is so thick and sturdy; the quality is really amazing. 
The set definitely kept me nice and warm during what was very cold weather. 
The top is large enough that you can very easily wear another top underneath if you really need some extra layering.  
Sets similar to this also is available at Femme Luxe in the color gray.  
This black set is definitely a great option if you're starting to build a loungewear set wardrobe. 
You just can't go wrong with basic black. That being said, there's definitely some really fun and different color options at Femme Luxe if black is not your thing.

I love the pretty shade of pink in this next pink joggers set. This one is interesting because the top is cropped and has a drawstring at the waist to make it shorter if you want. 
I was happy to see that even though the top is cropped, it's not so cropped that my waist is cold or anything because the pants are high waisted enough that there's not really much, if any of a gap on me, at least.   
The pants have a real draw string waist and long, deep pockets that set lower on the thighs. 
The quality of the fabric of this set feels very thick, sturdy and nice and I'm hoping that means it's going to hold up with a lot of use and wear over the years. 
I'm wearing a size 10 UK in this set, and I will say that it is a little bit more snug in the legs, so I think it would have been a little bit more comfortable even, if I had gone with a size 12, perhaps. 
I am about 35" in the hips if that helps with determining the size you need.  
I like the seam detail down the front because it definitely adds even more interest to what could be a casual loungewear set. 

Next up,  I'm wearing the exact same size and style of pink loungwear set above, but in this really beautiful camel color. I think this is one of the more sophisticated tracksuit sets I've seen, mostly in part because of the color. 
I believe this set comes and a few other colors, as well.  I am totally into the neutral colors right now, so I was really excited about this one, especially. I love how you can mix and match all of these sets, as well. I just know I'm going to get a lot of use out of all of these items! You really can't go wring with classic neutral color!

*post includes gifted items

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Warning Signs You Need a New Pair of Glasses


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Many people globally may struggle with vision impairment but may not know if they need glasses or not. Research shows that approximately 60% of individuals worldwide need vision correction. 

Fortunately, most of these issues are avoidable. All you need to do is understand the common symptoms and find the necessary help according to your needs. Here are warning signs you may need new glasses.

Frequent Headaches

Several vision issues can lead to headaches. For example, an expired prescription and undiagnosed shortsightedness are common problems that can cause headaches. However, new eyeglasses can fix this.

Sometimes headaches may occur due to your frames. Are they comfortable? These are issues your optician can solve, but in some cases, adjustments may be impossible. That’s when you may need to purchase a new pair. Buying eyeglasses doesn’t have to be hectic. You can take advantage of affordable and durable glasses from reputable online retailers like

Inconsistence Eye Examination Results

Your vision may change as you grow older or as your prescription gets outdated. You can monitor these changes through an annual eye examination and ensure your current prescription serves your needs. 

These evaluations can spot warning signs that can impair your vision, but your optician can solve these problems before they become severe. A complete eye examination can determine several things and help you make an informed decision on the right glasses you can purchase. 

The tests may include:

  • Depth perception

  • Ocular motility

  • Color vision

  • Color blindness

  • Visual acuity

Damaged Frames or Lenses

Scratched lenses or failure to ensure proper care can cause eye strain leading to visual difficulties. For example, improper cleaning of the lenses like using hot water can damage the essential coating and make clear vision difficult.

You can avoid damaging your lenses by following your optician’s guidance for cleaning them. This is vital, especially for photochromic or lenses with an anti-reflective coating. 

Apart from wear and tear, frame damage can occur due to other factors like long-term stretching. If they become too loose, it can be challenging adjusting them to fit well. Sometimes the damage can be beyond repair forcing you to find a new pair.

Blurry Vision

If you can’t see things clearly, either at a distance or close up, this could be a vision problem. You may correct it with a new pair of eyeglasses. That means you may need your optician to correct myopia or hyperopia by updating your prescription. It can eliminate blurry vision.

Your care provider may recommend progressive lenses, which can help you see things regardless of the distance. If you find it difficult to read, reading glasses could be your perfect solution. 

While a new pair of eyeglasses may be the answer to your blurry vision, it’s essential to consult with your optician for the right prescription.

Squinting at Screens

If you spend too much screen time with your phone, computer, or tablet, it can strain your eyes. It can also lead to several problems such as headaches, tired eyes, and interrupted sleep. However, you don’t need to reduce your productivity by cutting down your screen time.

All you may need is blue light or computer glasses to overcome such problems. These are affordable, and you may not need a prescription to purchase. They function by blocking eye-straining and harmful blue light. 

Computer glasses can be as effective as prescription eyewear. For example, they can lead to a clearer vision while using your screens.

Double Vision

Seeing the same object’s separate images is called diplopia. While this can occur due to fatigue, it can also be a sign of severe health issues. A new pair of eyeglasses may help, but you need to consult your optician for the right recommendations.

If your care provider discovers you have strabismus (crossed eyes), you may need glasses that can correct alignment problems and reduce diplopia. Advanced contact lenses can also be excellent for the treatment of double vision. 

Other options that can help include surgery and vision therapy.

Not Happy with Your Current Frames

Did you find trendy eyeglasses and want to try them out with your new loungewear set? Perhaps, you do not want to wait for your current glasses to breakdown to make a new purchase. Having several pairs of eyeglasses can enhance your flexibility.

For example, some frames can match with specific fashions.

If your prescription is outdated, but you have old glasses that you don’t want to replace, talk to your optician only for lens replacement. This can be cheaper than a new purchase.

Eye pressure

Experiencing pressure behind your eye can be a symptom of glaucoma. But you don’t need to worry because the condition is treatable. Glaucoma can cause optic nerve damage, compromising image transmission to your brain. 

While eye pressure may not necessarily mean you have glaucoma, it’s essential to consult your optician.

Seeing Halos

Ocular changes as you get older and cataracts can affect your retina, preventing it from focusing light at a central point. That’s why you may see light sources having bright circles. Purchasing new eyeglasses may solve this problem. 

Talk to your doctor for an updated prescription.

If Changing Your Career

Upgrading your eyewear can make you stand out in your new job. New eyeglasses can also enhance your workplace performance because you can see without vision difficulties and do more. 

If your work involves using a computer for an extended time, you need the right glasses to prevent eye strain. In a job which involves a lot of outdoor activities, having the recommended eyeglasses can prevent direct eye contact with harmful ultraviolet rays.

For work that requires physical labor, find eyeglasses with a protective coating to prevent possible scratches. You may also accidentally drop them on a hard floor, so ensure the glasses you purchase are durable to withstand a harsh environment.

Having one or multiple of these signs may not necessarily guarantee vision impairment. However, they can act as precautions to help you seek the assistance you may need. It’s vital to consult your optician to know why you may have some vision changes. Prescriptions keep changing, and upgrading your glasses to fit your needs doesn’t seem like a challenging task. Purchasing new eyeglasses also comes with many advantages to the buyer.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Liberex FC2660 OLED Screen Cordless Water Flosser Review

For today's post I'm going to be reviewing the *Liberex FC2660 OLED Screen Cordless Water Flosser
I love that this is small and portable and takes up so much less space than a traditional water flosser, and that is also at a very good price at only $34.99.
The space saving aspect of this portable flosser is a major selling point for me.
If you have a tiny vanity, which I do in my small bathroom, than this is absolutely perfect!  It is also perfect for travel.

The flosser comes with USB rechargeable cord, so it has a rechargeable battery inside. 
It is a 300 ml water tank and a 2 minutes timer, which is great because I love to do the ADA recommendation and brush my teeth for 2 minutes.  I even use a little sand timer to make sure I do that. 

It was really easy to open the tank and fill it with water.  I went with soft but it also has medium, strong and pulse settings. 

The kit comes with 5 different heads, and a cool carrying pouch, as well. 
At under $40, I think this is a great value and I'm hoping it holds up a very long time.
Liberex also has other home hygiene products available, so be sure to check them out!

*item was gifted

Monday, February 15, 2021

Noracora Tops

For tonight's post, I have three different tops*, all from Noracora and all in the same theme of woods and landscape scenes.

20% off on orders over US$1 Code: NCINS20

I love all of the landscape scenery in this first print pullover top. I'm wearing it in a size small and the fit is very relaxed and comfortable. The scene really makes me think of my travels and somewhere remote and peaceful.
Product ID: 9918351

Next up we have another landscape print top with these beautiful trees and the beautiful shade of green.  This top is very soft, stretchy and comfortable and I am wearing it in a size small, as well. The  scene reminds me of forests in the Pacific North West.
Product ID: 10046419

Last, but not least, we have this mountain print hoodie. It is very soft lined and super snuggly and comfortable, though it doesn't have a ton of stretch.  It was oversized enough on me that it fit okay.  I'm wearing this one in a size small, as well. The hood actually seems to be a little short itself, so I prefer it was longer, but I usually don't actually wear the hoods up my my hoodies, anyway.
Product ID: 10008233

*post includes gifted items

Monday, February 8, 2021

Avidlove Valentine's Day Lingerie Ideas

For tonight's post,  I have six different beautiful lingerie items, all of them are available on Amazon and they're all from the same brand, Avidlove. 

I think they're still time to order and receive these things in time for Valentine's Day if you're in the market for a special new piece or a gift. 
All of these items that I am wearing are in a size small, and they seem to fit true to size and I was very happy with the fit. 
The thing I love about Avidlove is that the lace and fabrics are always very comfortable and nothing is ever scratchy. 
The prices and the quality are always great, too!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

LookBookStore Denim Shirt

This purple-ish pink teddy vest is just like the brown when I reviewed a the few posts ago, except this one is a different color and has a burgundy/purple trim. 
These vests are just super soft and cozy; I really love them. 
I think they are very cute while being practical and casual. 
I like that they have pockets and that it's a vest so you can keep your arms free while being active, but stylish at the same time. 
This one is the same size as the last one, which is a small, and the fit is perfect on these. You can definitely fit a few layers and sweaters underneath.

This is such a great basic blue denim shirt.  I'm wearing a size small and the fit is perfect for me.  
I'm glad this shirt does not have a lot of distressing, it is just a little bit faded on the front, but I'm very happy with the look. 
I'm going to definitely keep this in my wardrobe for when I want that certain denim shirt style.  This is a button-up shirt, and the pockets on the front actually, work which is great. 
For this look I decided to keep it simple with denim pants in a pretty, brown neutral color.

*items were gifted