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4 Online Security Mistakes You Shouldn't Be Making


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How often do you think about your online safety and security? For most people, unless they have directly experienced someone hacking their accounts or stealing their identity, they'll likely not give it much thought. But being able to stay safe online, regardless of whether you are operating a business, running a blog, or using social media, should be something you are actively working towards to help you avoid falling victim to common scams.

So, with this in mind, how do you stay safe and secure your online activities so no one can take advantage of you? For starters, there are four mistakes you need to avoid making.

Don't Use The Same Password

If you've been using the same password since your very first venture online and you use this password for all of your accounts, then stop. Everyone knows the importance of using strong passwords that are unique to every single site that you use, but be honest, do you pay attention and do it? A survey by the Security Magazine found that 33% of people use the same password for multiple accounts.

If this is you, then you need to stop right now and use a password manager. This will help you find and apply hard-to-guess random passwords unique to each site you use that requires your password.

Not Clearing Your Browsing History

But saving the information makes it easier to find what you need and log into your account, right? After all, being already logged in, having your popular searches saved, and so on just makes life easier. It does, however, also make life easier for anyone who gains access to your devices too. If you are hacked or your phone, laptop, etc, is stolen, not only will they have access to your online activities but also your accounts if you are staying logged in constantly.

You need to be clearing your search history and cookies on a regular basis so your activities are wiped just in case you are compromised. Click here to see how to clear your google search history so that should someone find themselves in control of your accounts; you aren't giving them everything they want on a plate!

Not Turning On MFA

MFA or multi-factor authentication basically adds extra steps or methods of logging into accounts using this service. Let's use Paypal. When logging into your account, not only do you need to enter your password, but you also need to complete an additional step, which is either having them call you, send text or send a WhatsApp message. Sure, this might take a bit longer to access your account, but if it was someone triggering this step, a) you get alerted to someone trying to log in, and b) they don't get into your account because you need to enter the code generated and sent to you.

If you have skipped this rep because it's too much hassle, then you're making a big mistake because a hacker could be in your accounts before you even realise anything is wrong. 

Other options for MFA include using biometrics, i.e. your facial recognition or fingerprint; when you use your phone, it can be entering a passcode on top of a password, answering a memorable question or selecting digits from a code or word, i.e. you need to put in the first, fifth and eighth letter of your memorable word. Whatever it is, activate it and give yourself added peace of mind.

Clicking All The Links

Phishing scams are becoming more sophisticated, no longer the standard "we have money in your name. Please click here to find out more" emails working. Scammers are using companies to trick people into handing over their information. In the UK, the most common phishing scams are ones pretending to be from delivery companies, HMRC for a tax refund or banks telling you you have been hacked (although these are more commonly via phone calls).

If you're the kind of person who clicks the links and panics when they get these types of emails, stop. 9 times out of 10, they are scams. You can identify these types of emails in a few ways.

Click the senders details to see the email the communication came from. If it's fake, it won't match the company they are pretending to be from. If it resembles a legitimate email, close it, head to the site via your usual methods, and double-check the emails they use. Look for spelling or grammatical mistakes, as this too is a dead giveaway it's not real or simply trust your gut. If you don't have any packages to be delivered, why pay attention to a notice telling you that you need to pay additional postage or import fees? If it doesn't make sense, it's likely fake.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Elevate Your Style in 5 Easy Ways

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Are you wanting to elevate your look and style? The easiest and most effective way to do this is to look at what you wear and how you wear it. While some people simply seem to exude effortless style in fashion choices, it is likely the combination of luck and effort to find what works for them and pull it together to result in what you see them in each and every day.

But if you don't know where to start when it comes to elevating your style, these tips can help.

Define your Style

You cannot elevate your look if you don't know the style you want to create or feel good in what you wear in the first instance. It can be a good idea to play around with some styles to get a feel for what looks good on you, what you feel comfortable in, and what pieces you want to add to your wardrobe. Experiment somewhat to really find what you enjoy wearing, and then you can build your style around this.

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will dictate your style to a certain degree. If you are willing to work in a prep professional setting and do a lot of networking, your style needs to be more professional to account for this. But if you spend your day at the local coffee shop working with a brew in hand, then you can go for a more casual look. How you live your life and your day-to-day activities need to form part of your style so you can dress appropriately.

Quality Basics

Never scrimp on buying quality products for the items you consider to be essential. Be it t-shirts, shirts, jeans, or a three-piece suit. If it is a staple and something you will be relying on healthily, then the least you can do is buy the best quality you can afford to ensure it looks good, regardless of how often you wear it.

Accessorise Wisely

The right accessories can make or break an outfit, so you need to be careful about how you style your outfit. If the outfit itself is understated, you can add some detail with bets, scarves, or jewelry, while a corduroy 6-panel cap can help you to pull off an ore portal ook if casual and effortless is what you are going for. Try not to wear too many accessories at once, as this will have the opposite effect on your outfit.

Know Your Colours

There will be specific colors and shades that work better for you and your skin tone and eye color. Pay attention to how different colors look on you; getting the right combination can subtly elevate your style and give your look a lift. If you want to feel better in what you wear without overcomplicating it, then the colors you wear are the way to do just that.

Elevating your style means you need to find the balance between simple and effortless to help you avoid being lost in your outfit or simply not making enough of an impact, From good tailoring to the right colors, high-quality pieces, and wearing clothes appropriate to your lifestyle there are many small things you can do to make sure how you dress hits all the right notes.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

4 Beauty Myths That Everyone Needs to Stop Believing


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Needless to say, the world of beauty is constantly evolving; there are now devices that you can use at home that are only available for dermatologists or other professionals. How crazy is that? You can basically create your own little at-home medspa and have almost all the exact same products that these facilities own. There are thousands, if not millions, of skincare and beauty products out there in the world and it’s incredible! 

But with that said, even in this day and age, there are still so many cosmetic and generic beauty myths that are floating around. We live in the age of information, but some of these myths seem like they’re as old as time. Even when it comes to professional beauty procedures, a lot of myths pop up with that, too. It's time to debunk these beauty myths and empower ourselves to make informed choices. So, here are some common (and uncommon) beauty myths that seriously need to stop being spread around right now!

Makeup Accelerates Aging

This is hands down totally false and usually said to young girls to deter them away from makeup. Actually, contrary to the belief that makeup speeds up the aging process, when used correctly, it can actually have the potential to enhance your features and contribute to a youthful appearance. The key is in choosing quality products, staying hydrated, and ensuring thorough makeup removal at the end of the day.

Surgery Will Make Things Worse

Alright, so to a small degree, there might be some truth to this, but it’s really going to depend. If you’re opting for a bad plastic surgeon or doctor, or even going to a sketchy clinic in another country, then yes, there might be a larger risk of a tummy tuck gone wrong or basically any other procedure going wrong, too. It’s far from ideal, especially if you want to make changes but lack the funds to get these done in your home country. 

But with that said, this doesn’t mean that surgery or any procedure is going to be bad news. If you use a reputable surgeon, doctor, and clinic, you can absolutely count on getting nothing but the best results. 

Expensive Products are Better

When it comes to anything, really, anything, there’s this perception that high-end brands are better. But is that really true, though? For the most part, no, it’s not. In general, price doesn’t always equate to quality in the world of beauty products. Many affordable brands offer effective formulations, and expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. 

Just because Dior sells a fancy face cream doesn’t mean it’s better than the generic face cream at your local drugstore. You need to focus on understanding your skin's needs and ingredients rather than solely relying on price tags.

Wearing Makeup Everyday is Bad for Your Skin

While it’s not a good idea to go to bed wearing makeup, it doesn’t mean that wearing it daily is wrong. Wearing makeup regularly, when done with proper hygiene and removal practices, is not inherently harmful. It's essential to allow your skin to breathe by practicing good skincare, removing makeup before bedtime, and incorporating makeup-free days into your routine.

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Love The Skin You're In: Four Steps To Self-Confidence

 It's natural for our confidence levels to fluctuate at different times in our lives. 

After all, confidence is based upon a range of external and internal factors, often making it difficult to maintain. Despite this, there are certain steps you can take to enhance your confidence and self-esteem so that you’re able to love the skin you’re in! 

Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

Here are some great examples that you can follow to boost your self-confidence!

1. Dress for yourself, not others.

The clothes we wear often have a significant impact on our confidence levels. For example, wearing a power suit to a job interview can help ensure you enter with your head held high.

For this reason, it's important that you dress for yourself - not for others. This means that you should wear clothes, colors, and patterns you love as opposed to those that are on trend. You may also want to learn about dressing for your shape so that you’re able to pick out clothes that will flatter your figure or accentuate your curves. This way, you’ll naturally begin to carry yourself with a greater level of confidence.

2. Developing a skincare routine.

Developing a skincare routine can help you achieve glowing skin all year round, which, in turn, will elevate your confidence quite considerably. For example, it could help you fight off the signs of aging or mean that you do not feel as though you have to wear makeup each time you leave the house.

3. Consider cosmetic procedures. 

Its normal for our appearances to change as we age, and while there’s nothing wrong with embracing this, many people find that cosmetic procedures can help to keep your confidence levels as high as possible. 

For example, if you’re worried about the appearance of your cheeks or have noticed that they are no longer as full as they once were, you could look into 

surgery to remove drooping cheeks

However, as with any kind of medical/surgical procedure, be sure to research your chosen treatment ahead of time. This way, you understand what you are getting yourself in for in terms of surgery and recovery. You should also make sure that you find an experienced surgeon. 

4. Reject societal standards.

Feeling as though we are obligated to conform to societal beauty standards is one of the biggest confidence killers we face in the modern world. After all, it means that we try to fit ourselves into a very specific mold, even though we’re all beautiful in our own way.

As a result, you can help raise your confidence levels quite considerably by teaching yourself to reject these standards where possible. You don’t have to look like the women in magazines or fashion adverts to feel beautiful, as you are already beautiful. 

There are many ways in which you can begin to challenge societal standards or at least your adherence to them. For example, you could practice positive affirmations or unfollow pages on social media that leave you feeling bad about your appearance.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

3 Precautions To Take Before A Beauty Procedure

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People turn to various beauty procedures to enhance their appearance and boost confidence. While nothing is wrong with that, the issue is the failure to take certain precautions. With over 5.5 million procedures recorded in 2020, there is no doubt that people are doing whatever they can to look good. You will likely overlook some things if it’s a simple facial treatment, but even that may cause problems. This discussion sheds light on essential precautions, no matter the beauty procedure you’re due for.

  1. Understand procedure risks and potential complications

Every beauty procedure has a risk element, but certain precautions may help reduce them. No matter how minor the procedure may seem, that slim margin of error can mar the outcome of what should have been a harmless procedure. Your beauty provider must inform you about these risks before the appointment day. Remember that certain beauty procedures require pre-appointments before actual treatment begins. In skincare, this is done to assess or evaluate your potential risks. For example, the specialist may check your skin to determine your risks of hypertrophic scars or keloid formation. These checks are vital to ensure a safe and satisfactory outcome. However, do not expect the beauty therapist or specialist to do all the explanations. You have a responsibility to ask questions or express any concerns you have to assuage your fears. It’s important to note that people react differently to the same beauty procedures. Therefore, do not expect the same outcomes or healing process as others who underwent the same procedure. Swelling, scar formation, and fading may differ even among twins who opt for botox injections or dermal fillers.

  1. Research the procedure and provider

Failing to research the procedure and the provider can be one of the worst mistakes in your beauty journey. First, why do you need a specific beauty procedure? What do you hope to achieve after the procedure? These two questions should compel you to research your needs and the common procedures associated with them. It is in your interest to read about the potential risks, outcomes, and the processes involved. Sometimes, these beauty procedures are completed in sessions spread across a few days or weeks. For example, laser treatment to remove unwanted facial hair requires more than one session at the beauty studio or clinic. Do not expect instant results after one round of laser treatment in affected parts. 

Moreover, you must know that the treatment may cause redness and some inflammation until the skin heals. This background knowledge helps you set realistic expectations. Perhaps you’re considering permanent makeup specialists to enhance your natural facial features. The right step will be to read about the provider and their success rates. Fortunately, internet reviews simplify this process as you make informed decisions. Pay extra attention to experience and hygiene standards to reduce your infection risk.

  1.  Prepare your mind and body

Did you know that certain medications you’re on can mar the outcome of a specific cosmetic procedure? For example, Aspirin and Celecoxib are blood thinners and must be avoided at least 3 weeks before rhinoplasty. Failing to do so can result in excessive bleeding because these medications may impair your blood’s clotting abilities. It is equally crucial to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption in the weeks or days leading to a procedure. Sometimes, your specialist or therapist may advise against your favorite cup of coffee on the day of the procedure. The truth is that many beauty procedures can be emotionally taxing, so the beauty specialist will do everything to reduce your anxiety buildup. However, it will be best to psych yourself up and have a strong support system after the procedure. Your mental readiness is a crucial precaution to guard against any undesirable outcomes.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Amazon Prime Day Favorites

This is certainly my favorite item of the month of September!  

All items are of course, from Amazon. As an Amazon Influencer, I earn from qualifying purchases

This amazing vanity set that makes me feel like I am shopping in a retail store each time I use it!  I love the RGB lights, and the glass top that allows me to see my favorite jewelry and accessory items.

My next item is this gorgeous hot pink toothbrush.  This is so beautiful for taking on my summer vacations!
I love how small it is, and that is uses USB type C cords, so I can easily just use the ones I already have to charge it when needed.

And next up, we have this beautiful, and comfortable dress.  I bought this for our summer trip to Utah.  It was just the type of dress I have in mind.  Soft, comfortable, and also pretty and nice enough to wear most anymore.

I bought this pink fanny pack for my birthday beach vacation.  It hold a lot, and I like that the belt is the same color as the body of the bag.
The price is also great!

Last, but not least, my favorite new summer slides are now on sale for nearly half off!  I was gifted my first pair, but loved them so much I decided to buy them in four more colors.  I ended up wearing the beige pair for my trip to Utah this summer and they were so comfortable!  The were literally the only pair of shoes I bought for the whole trip!

Monday, September 18, 2023

Fall 2023 Accessories for Your New Wardrobe

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Fall 2023 Accessories for Your New Wardrobe

As you revamp your wardrobe for Fall 2023, consider the transformative impact of breast augmentation. It's not just about adding new pieces to your closet; it's about how those pieces fit and make you feel. Dr. Sean Doherty, an expert in aesthetic enhancements, believes that breast augmentation can be a key accessory in defining your style and boosting your confidence. By visiting Dr. Sean Doherty, you can explore how this procedure aligns with your personal aesthetic goals, creating a harmonious balance between your body's contours and the latest fashion trends.

Fall 2023 accessories will help round out that new wardrobe you are working so hard on this season. Fashion changes all the time yet appears to remain the same, so it’s not too hard to stay on top of things. From shawls and wraps to handle handbags there are some exciting trends this year. If you aren’t sure about what to try, here are some of the popular ideas.

Statement Pieces, Of Course

Nothing allows you to state your style more than the statement pieces you adorn yourself with. Earrings, bracelets, and even hairbands can help you complete your look from specialist designers like David Yurman. Further than this, though, accessorizing helps you highlight your best features, add some personality to an ensemble, and add more detail to a look. Some trending statement pieces for 2023 include bows, metal heels, and latte nail manicures.

Warming Shawls and Wraps

Off-the-shoulder and shoulder-enhancing statements are making waves this fall over at Saint Laurent. This has led the way in the autumn statements followed by other fashion houses as they adorn their models with scarves and pashminas. Maybe it is an old Hollywood throwback, or perhaps it is never going out of style. Depending on how you look at it, fall is the most sensible season for fashionable shawls. Icons like Stevie Nicks rock the shawl at any time.

Fashionable High Heels

Heels have long been associated with femininity and have either faded away or become fashionable again, depending on the movements and attitudes of the time. Today, heels and sharp-pointed toes are making something of a comeback as a symbol of female power and confidence. Expect to see a lot of these around the office, parties, and even a shopping trip with friends this fall. Just remember to take something more sensible for when the weather says no.

Handy Hanging Handbags

Handbags are a statement that ensures practicality, too. Fashionable and glamorous, the handbag industry is worth a staggering $50 billion globally and grows around 6% per year. The reasons are clear. Nothing ties an ensemble together like a well-paired handbag, and the various styles are almost never-ending. This fall’s trending style rests squarely on handled handbags, with the point being they complement your outfit almost like a practical bracelet.

Boots Not Made for Walking

Who doesn’t love a great pair of boots? They look great, feel glamorous, and can make you look unbelievably sexy, which isn’t a bad thing. This season’s boot trends include over-the-knee boots, which are a great pairing with shorter skirts in early fall. They also look great with fall dresses and open jackets, supporting the overall thinner look on top. Taking it a little further, a slouched top can add a little more flair to your boots, which accentuates your walk as well.


Statement pieces like custom jewelry are must-have fall 2023 accessories. Yet walk-wear is dominating the trends this year. Fashionable high heels coming back as women look to assert their female power. And knee-high boots have the ability to really tie together a fall ensemble.