Thursday, August 6, 2020

Black Dress and Leopard Top

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Here,  we have been having a lot of rain and storms in Virginia, with the tropical storm of course.
But at least it has cooled down just a little bit since yesterday, making things just a tad more pleasant.

I found this a leopard print hop at its restore many years ago and I decided to pair it with this deep V neck black women dresses that I bought online a couple years ago.

I especially liked the animal print top because it is in a really unique different color than you usually see. I think it's a beautiful color of prove summer and fall season.

I love a basic black dress like this because so easy to add different accessories and colors and really mix up the look. The great thing about a basic black dress like this is like the dress up or down it is such a classic a wardrobe staple. 

I loved how the earrings matched the color of this top so well!  That is the great thing about having so many different almost always have something that will match whatever outfit you are wearing!

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SHEIN Pajama Sets

For tonight's post, I'm going to be reviewing these two different pajama sets, both from SHEIN.

First off, we have this really beautiful pink striped pajama set it really reminds me of a certain famous brand and their use of stripes. I've always wanted one of the sets with that color, so I was really happy when I had the chance to get this one.
 I'm wearing a size small and the fit is pretty good, though I think perhaps it would have been even a little more relaxed and comfortable if I had gone for a size medium.

What I love about these sets is that this one also comes with the pajama shorts and tank top for the summertime or cooler days, which ever you prefer.
This is going to be the perfect set to wear around my pink room!  I just think it is so pretty and girly!
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SHEIN Pajama Sets

This gray pajama set is in a gorgeous shade of purple/gray, and this one also comes with a little pouch to put things in and a matching eye mask and hair scrunchy.

I went for a size medium in this set and the fit is fabulous, I couldn't be happier with it.
What I love about both of these sets is that they're not too long for me, I'm only 5' 2, so if you're a lot taller you may find these to be too short for you, but in my case they are perfect.

It's so nice to be able to have a pair of pants or pajama bottoms that do not need to be hemmed for a change.
This set also comes with the matching tank top and shorts. It just looks so luxurious and beautiful with this gorgeous print, I'm so happy with both of these pajama sets!
Search ID 1002613

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

SHEIN Skirts

For tonight's post, I have two super cute skirts from SHEIN!

This cow print skirt is so adorable!  When I saw it I knew I wanted it because it reminds me of a cow print robe that Vaughan bought me many years ago.
It was a favorite of mine for a long time and I wore at tons.

This skirt is made from a nice, thick synthetic fabric and it is not see through.
I'm wearing a size large, so I would say you probably need to size up from your normal size.

This skirt would look cute with a lot of different colors, I think especially red. I decided to keep it simple and went with this black blouse that I thrifted last year.
This such a comfortable basic skirt and the price at only $5 is really incredible!

This would be fun to wear dressed up as a cowgirl look to for the summertime!
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This next skirt is very on trend because it is the most beautiful tie dye print!
I'm wearing this colorful tie dye skirt in a size extra large, so it is definitely something you need to size up in because I think I would normally wear something more like a medium.

The skirt is lined in white and it has a mesh printed overlay.
The waist has an elastic band so you just slip it up and the fabric is very nice stretchy and comfortable.

This skirt is going to be it very cute to wear for the rest of the summer.  I love that the print has so many different colors, and that you can wear it with so many different things, like a paired it with this shirt that I already had in my wardrobe in a super bright pink.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

SHEIN Toile Top and White Shorts

When I saw this blue toile print top, I knew it is something I wanted to add to my collection.
You may already know from previous posts that I am a big fan of toile print. 
I have several items in this same print already in my wardrobe that are all from SHEIN, as well.

I'm wearing this top in a size large and the fit is really good, though the sleeves do tend to fall off my shoulders throughout the day. The fabric is stretchy enough that you just pull this top on over your head and it doesn't have any zippers or any other type of closure. 
 Search ID 1172058

Next up, we have this pair of white shorts that are also in a size large. 
The fit is great for me, and they are very comfortable. They are a tad see-through, at least where the pockets are concerned you can see the outline of them, but they are thicker than a lot of fabrics so I'm fairly happy with how opaque they are. 

The fabric is stretchy and they also have a stretchy elastic waist and a matching belt. The pockets are nice and deep with plenty of space. The scalloped edge is unhemmed. 
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Monday, August 3, 2020

SHEIN Red Satin Dress

I really love the Spanish and maybe 1940's style of this red satin dress from SHEIN.

I'm wearing it in a size small and fit is perfect . It's a very beautiful shade of red, and I do love how it shines.

The only thing that I would change of this dress is to remove the little black snap that keeps it together closer at the V neck.  It looks better undone, except for then the little black snap shows.
I  think it looks better with the deeper, V anyway. When the snap is undone it is still a modest V and does not show too much.

The dress does not really have any stretch to the fabric, but it is a zipper all the way up the back and it comes with a matching removable cloth belt.

I already had several red dresses in my wardrobe, but nothing quite like this.
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SHEIN Red Satin Dress

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Saturday, August 1, 2020


For today's post,  I'm going to be sharing a few different items from HexinFashion. I just recently discovered this company. I had a look at their website, and was really amazed at how affordable everything that they have, is. They have all different kinds of clothing items available, but I just picked that three of my favorites for today's post.
Hexin fashion as a great place to look for cheap bodysuits like this really pretty, pink one. I love the ruching, the mesh, and the teeny, tiny polka dots on this one; the price is amazing, at only $9.99. This bodysuit comes in sizes Small to Extra Large, and also in the colors white and black.   Depending on the color that you choose, and what you pair it with, I think this could be a really great bodysuit to wear all year around.
They also have the best cheap lingerie, such as this beautiful, yellow gold nightgown. I can't believe the price; it only costs $5.76. It also comes in a beautiful shade of pink! This nightgown comes in sizes Small to Extra Large. I still can't get over the price; you really can't beat this one. If you are trying to grow your lingerie and/or sleepwear wardrobe, I think this would be a great place to start adding to your collection without busting your budget.

Next up, I tried to find the best full body shaper, and I thought this one was a good choice. This one only costs $18.49, and it comes in sizes Small to Triple Extra Large. It also comes in black. I thought this full body shaper looked like it would be the most comfortable.  I know I have several things this would work well under, such as some of my longer, slinkier, form-fitting gowns, but this is just the one I happened to choose; they have a lot of other types of shapes that are available on their website, as well. I think that all of their prices are very reasonable, too.

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Friday, July 31, 2020

SHEIN Summer Graphic T Shirt

I went for a super casual, and comfortable style for today's outfit post.

I though this was an adorable graphic T-shirt for summer. I think it's perfect for summer because of the cute little drink picture that's on the front of the shirt. The shirt comes in several other colors, but I really liked this I avocado green color. I'm wearing a size small and the fit is perfect for me. I love the fabric of this T-shirt it is because it is so soft and comfortable. The graphic imagery seems a little bit like plastic on the front, so I hope it holds up well in the wash. I thought the top went very well with the colors in these tropical prints shorts I already owned.

SHEIN has so many cute t shirts for summer. My collection is always growing!
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Valid until: September 30, 2020

SHEIN Summer Graphic T Shirt
SHEIN Summer Graphic T Shirt
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