Saturday, July 10, 2021

Friday, July 9, 2021

Noracora Denim Shorts and Sneakers

Wearing my white sneaker and denim shorts, both gifted from @shop.noracora

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

SHEIN Pants and Jeans

For tonight's post, I have three pants/sets* from SHEIN.

The discount code is: Q3libertad

(Enjoy an extra 15% off any purchase on SHEIN)

The star patch pants are just so adorable!

I love the beautiful creamy beige color and the brown stars are so cute. I'm wearing these stretch denim pants on a size small. The legs are a little tighter in the lower thigh area, but the fabric has a lot of stretch so they are comfortable anyway, and I think they fit great really everywhere else so I would not have wanted to size up.  The waist is on the higher side which I also like.  The legs are too long for me since I am 5'2", so I will probably hem these shorter.

Search ID 2325483 

These cow print jeans are in a size small the fit is great.  They're a little bit loose all over which I found very comfortable. The denim is not too thick or thin making this a good weight of them to wear even in the summer time. 

They're a little bit long on me so I had to wear them with some very tall sandals but I may end up hemming them a little bit shorter. These are just so cute and I think there really a great trend piece to get now since Western wear is going to be popular this year!

Search ID 1870715

This pink velour track suit set comes in a whole host of other colors. I went with the dusty pink because it is one of my favorites.  I love adding a glamorous touch to casual and workout wear with sets like these.  I am wearing it in a size small, and the fit is great.  The top is cropped, which I would prefer longer, but that is okay.  The pants have no pockets, and neither does the top.  The fabric is very stretchy and comfortable!

Search ID 1810345

*items were gifted

You Can Achieve a Glowing Skin. Here’s How

 Like every other person, the chances are high you crave to have glowing skin. For most people, having radiant skin symbolizes good health, and for others, it is for cosmetic reasons.  

Whatever your reasons to have radiant skin are, there are various ways to achieve it, including lifestyle and dietary changes.

Additionally, a variety of skincare and beauty products are available nowadays that boost the appearance of your skin. If you are not sure what skincare products to use, head over to to sample various skincare products. 

Woman in Wrapped in White Towel Lying on Bed with Eyes Closed

Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Keep reading to learn how you can achieve a younger-looking and brighter skin easily!

5 Effective Tips to Achieve Glowing Skin 

  1. Cleanse Regularly

Every skin needs regular cleansing. Cleansers assist in the removal of excess oil, makeup, and dirt from your skin.

The best cleanser should have a balanced pH and be gentle to your body. Additionally, avoid cleansers with harsh soaps or chemicals. 

Besides having a cleanser, you need to follow an ultimate cleansing routine. For maximum results, cleanse your skin once you wake up, in the evening and after sweating.  

  1. Moisturize the Skin Often

Did you know that water is a significant aspect needed for your skin to remain healthy and glow? Moisturising adds a fair amount of water to the skin. 

After you have cleansed the skin, your next step should be to moisturize it. Once done immediately after cleansing, this process traps moisture in the skin.

If you have ab oily skin, it is advisable to go for oil-free moisturizers. But if your skin is dry, choose a heavier product – one that has butters or oils.    

  1. Protect the Skin from the Sun

You love basking in the sun, but do you know that the UV light from the sunlight is harmful to your skin?

UV rays burn the skin, lead to sun damage, and the development of aging signs. You can protect your skin from sun damage by applying a sunscreen moisturizer with at least SPF 30. 

The ideal sunscreen product should have a broad spectrum and match your specific skin type. Ensure that you apply enough sunscreen on all the exposed skin areas when going out in the sun. 

  1. Improve Your Diet

The health of your skin is highly dependent on your everyday diet. Perhaps, you have maintained a good skincare routine but your skin is not healthy. The chances are high you a poor diet.

Start your dietary changes by reducing the intake of foods high in salt, saturated fat, and sugar. The most recommendable food options include lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, fresh vegetables, and fruits 

Also, your skin needs various nutrients to remain healthy. For instance, vitamin A enhances skin cells growth; vitamin B2 maintains optimal collagen levels, whereas vitamin B6 keeps the skin smooth and devoid of any rashes and cracks. 

  1. Change Your Lifestyle

Simple lifestyle changes can help you maintain healthy skin. For instance, if you are a smoker, you may have noticed that your skin is more susceptible to infections and any wounds take a long time to heal. 

If you stop smoking, you will notice a significant positive change in your skin infections, how fast wounds heal, and the appearance of wrinkles.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – a list of simple things you can implement to achieve glowing and healthy skin. Of course, it is advisable to maintain a consistent skincare routine. 

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Monday, July 5, 2021

SHEIN Dresses

For today's post, I have several beautiful dresses that were all gifted from SHEIN!
The discount code is: Q3libertad
(Enjoy an extra 15% off any purchase on SHEIN)

I am such a fan of blue velvet so I was really happy when I saw this blue velvet dress, it's not only a stunning shade of blue and velvet but also ruched, which is another of my favorite design detail of mine.

I'm wearing this dress in a size small in the fit is great. It fits very snug and it's also comfortable because it has a lot of stretch. 
I like the dress having long sleeves because that means it is going to be really great to wear in the fall and Winter season. Another great thing as that even though the shoulders are very far apart they do not slip off the shoulders because the elastic.  It works out just perfectly for me, so I'm so happy about that because usually when things are designed like this the shoulders keep slipping off which can be annoying eventually.
Search ID 1887578

This white broderie anglaise dress is another one that is going to be a spring and summer staple.
I love this because you can dress it up or down. You cannot really go wrong with a basic white dress for the warm seasons. A great feature about this dress is that is is lined in the bust, so you don't have to worry about wearing a nude bra, even. 
The dress has a few little buttons up the front and then the waist is a draw string.  The fabric does not have any stretch, so you just pull the dress on over your head and then cinch at the waist.
Search ID 2448459 

This black satin slip dress is very comfortable. The dress has a zipper under the left arm and it also has adjustable straps.
I went with a size small and the fit is very good, I think it may fit someone that is bigger in the bust even better for reference I am 32B cup in the bust. 
I like little covered button detail that runs down the left side of the dress.  That detail adds a bit of interest on what could have been a plain slip dress.
Search ID 2448366 

The green midi dress is a lovely shade of green, and the length is also very nice.  The dress has a zipper up the back and a fabric is nice and flowing.  I went with a size small the fit is very good, though just a little bit loose in the bust area. 

The dress has little straps than you can tie at the shoulder so it is totally adjustable in that way. The fabric of the stress does not really have any stretch but there's a back panel that does so that definitely helps with the fit.
Search ID 1172571

This pink dress is such a beautiful shade of pink, but it also comes at a whole host of other colors. 
I love that there is so many ways to adjust this dress. It ties behind the back, at the back of the neck and then also at the waist, so it is easy to cinch it in to get the perfect fit. 
This is the perfect trust to take with you on a beach or tropical vacation. I could just see dancing in the sand and wearing this one, it is so full and flouncy and pretty and girly!
I'm wearing the dress in a size small, and of course it fits great.
Search ID 2247515

This black and gold sequined evening gown is just stunning! I really love the look of it and that the fabric is soft and stretchy so it's actually very comfortable to wear.  This dress zips up the back, so it is very easy to get on and off.  I am just 5'2", and even with heels, this dress is very long on me.  I love the fishtail bottom of the dress.  I have always been a fan of that style.
Search ID 2079793 

I'm wearing this black cut out dress in a size small.  It's a little bit loose on me, but still fits pretty well and is very comfortable.  
The fabric is not see through, which is great.  It has these really big, amazing cut outs down the side of the left hip. I am not sure exactly where I'd wear this but probably somewhere very warm and tropical. The fabric feels kind of like a T-shirt and has plenty of stretch.
Search ID 2545913 

Next, this blue and red print cut out dress is somewhat similar to the black one, though this fabric of this one is thinner.  The fabric is very stretchy, and the the dress is very easy to get on and off.  I like the bold blue and red color combination.  It is not a combination I see very often in prints like this.
Search ID 2424918

Last, but not least is this bright orange cut out dress.  I am wearing it in a size small.  This dress is very thin, stretchy and see though.  I wore it with silicone breast covers, and nude underwear.  I could see wearing this on vacation to somewhere hot, and where it would be okay to wear something so skimpy.
Search ID 2001142