I am 5'2, 119 pounds.  My measurements are:  32B/26/38.  My inseam is 28 inches.

I am a professional actress with approximately 100 film
and television credits. I am one of the few women who have
starred as Queen Jezebel in a live action, feature length film (Blast and
Whisper, available at BarnesandNoble.com, Walmart.com,
Amazon.com, etc.)  I starred as Karen Harden, in an
episode of "Psychic Witness," on "TLC" (The Learning Channel),
and co-starred as Jack McGarey's girl friend in an episode
of "Conviction," on MSNBC (MicroSoft/National Broadcasting
Company) - both documentaries.

A prize-winning, professional dancer, I one of the most viewed
"Hawaiian hula dance" performers on Google and
YouTube.  I perform belly, flamenco, samba, and contemporary,
as well as hula dances, and have experience performing for
various occasions, from large events, onboard a Carnival Cruise
ship, to private parties, music videos, and on live television.
I placed First in the HipMix.Net International Belly Dance
Diva 2011 contest, First in two of The Vaughanster's Ultimate
Belly Dance Video Challenges ($1,650, total prize money), and
Fourth in the 2011 Brazilian Summer Beauty Pageant.

I am a model with credits that include Popular
Photography and Seventeen magazines.

I am also a fencer. I placed Second in the
Raleigh, North Carolina Fencers Unrated Foil Tournament,
and appear as the fencing, female star, in the popular
Australian band, Cut Copy's "Need You Now" music video.

I live in Virginia with my husband, William Mortensen Vaughan, the Webmaster of A U.S. Christmas Carol; and my parents, James and Frances Green.

Libertad Green is my real name.


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