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4 Beauty Myths That Everyone Needs to Stop Believing


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Needless to say, the world of beauty is constantly evolving; there are now devices that you can use at home that are only available for dermatologists or other professionals. How crazy is that? You can basically create your own little at-home medspa and have almost all the exact same products that these facilities own. There are thousands, if not millions, of skincare and beauty products out there in the world and it’s incredible! 

But with that said, even in this day and age, there are still so many cosmetic and generic beauty myths that are floating around. We live in the age of information, but some of these myths seem like they’re as old as time. Even when it comes to professional beauty procedures, a lot of myths pop up with that, too. It's time to debunk these beauty myths and empower ourselves to make informed choices. So, here are some common (and uncommon) beauty myths that seriously need to stop being spread around right now!

Makeup Accelerates Aging

This is hands down totally false and usually said to young girls to deter them away from makeup. Actually, contrary to the belief that makeup speeds up the aging process, when used correctly, it can actually have the potential to enhance your features and contribute to a youthful appearance. The key is in choosing quality products, staying hydrated, and ensuring thorough makeup removal at the end of the day.

Surgery Will Make Things Worse

Alright, so to a small degree, there might be some truth to this, but it’s really going to depend. If you’re opting for a bad plastic surgeon or doctor, or even going to a sketchy clinic in another country, then yes, there might be a larger risk of a tummy tuck gone wrong or basically any other procedure going wrong, too. It’s far from ideal, especially if you want to make changes but lack the funds to get these done in your home country. 

But with that said, this doesn’t mean that surgery or any procedure is going to be bad news. If you use a reputable surgeon, doctor, and clinic, you can absolutely count on getting nothing but the best results. 

Expensive Products are Better

When it comes to anything, really, anything, there’s this perception that high-end brands are better. But is that really true, though? For the most part, no, it’s not. In general, price doesn’t always equate to quality in the world of beauty products. Many affordable brands offer effective formulations, and expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. 

Just because Dior sells a fancy face cream doesn’t mean it’s better than the generic face cream at your local drugstore. You need to focus on understanding your skin's needs and ingredients rather than solely relying on price tags.

Wearing Makeup Everyday is Bad for Your Skin

While it’s not a good idea to go to bed wearing makeup, it doesn’t mean that wearing it daily is wrong. Wearing makeup regularly, when done with proper hygiene and removal practices, is not inherently harmful. It's essential to allow your skin to breathe by practicing good skincare, removing makeup before bedtime, and incorporating makeup-free days into your routine.

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