Monday, April 16, 2012

Liberty's last day

Yesterday, my husband and I were on set of a student film.
It was something he applied for and it turned out there was no pay, but I felt obligated to go since we'd already accepted.
It was a long day, and I ended up not even being used on camera.
My allergies were killing me, too.
The highlight of the day was the Chinese food we had for lunch.

Just before we wrapped, I received a text asking if I was available to work one last time as Lady Liberty!.
I had assumed I'd put up the robe for the last time weeks ago, but here was another opportunity to portray Lady Liberty for Liberty Tax Service again!

Later, I was kicking myself for saying I would do it, because we'd had such a long day and I felt pretty bad.

This morning, I really didn't feel like dealing with finding a place to park my car, so I got my husband to drive me to work  knowing I'd have to walk the seven miles back home.

It's crazy, but that's how much I hate driving and finding a place to park my car in the city.
Vaughan wasn't able to come pick me up because right when I was going to be off work, he was going on, as Liberty, too!
It was both our last day as Lady Liberty!

Today was a nice day to be the last, the weather was great, and people on the street seemed to be in a good mood, too.
A boy and his sister, I assume, rode past me several times on their scooters, they stopped to say hello, and the boy offered me a piece of candy, saying "You're gonna need it".
Later, when I was at a different intersection, a young man drove by in a truck and held a Pepsi over his passenger seat and asked if I'd like a soda.
I said "No, thank you!" but then I wished I'd taken it!
It was pretty hot out there under the sun, and no shade to be seen.

That was pretty nice though, people wanting to help Liberty.
Thank you to all the kind, friendly people that made a sometimes hard job a little easier!

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