Sunday, April 22, 2012

Corona, AT&T and networking

Last week, I got a notice from Hollywood Extras that they were looking for background for a Corona commercial!
That was one of the best job I have been offered so far from Hollywood Extras, so I jumped at the chance.
Bad thing was, the shoot was going to start at 6pm the 19th and go into at least 4am the next morning...
I hate overnight shoots!
I knew it would be killer, but I wanted the money and credit.
I convinced Vaughan to take me because I knew I would NOT feeling like driving myself all the way back from the shoot location in Long Beach, to Hollywood the next morning.
To make matters worse, I accepted audience work on We The People for that morning, so I ended up staying awake for at least 24 hours!
For Corona, we ended up filming in an ally, and inside a grocery store!
It was an interesting shoot, with a hundred or so people sitting, standing, laying in the aisles of a closed grocery store,  waiting to be filmed.
By the next morning, I was SO tired!
 We finally wrapped by 6:30am, and Vaughan and I rushed back to Glendale for an interview he had at an employment office!
No rest for the weary!

There, I learned that networking it one of the most important ways to get a job, so I guess I'm screwed...
I have never been good at that, but it explains a lot.
After I got the reel, the credits, the talents, the website, etc, and work was still not coming in like I thought/think it should, I wondered what was missing.
That explains it.
I am not winning the popularity contest, and it's discouraging to find out that's what it boils down to.
Still, I intend to work on that area, because I guess I have nothing to lose.

Yesterday, I was booked for an AT&T spec commercial filming in downtown Los Angeles.
We got the address for the parking lot and there were a ton of other trucks and trailers there.
I was thinking the base camp looked to large for what was supposed to be a spec commercial, but that was the only place it could be.
I met up with a few others hanging outside the gates and none of us knew what was going on.
It turns out the lot was also being used for parking for a Star Trek film!
Only in L.A. would there be so much going on!
One of our group was finally able to get someone on the phone the the spec, and we walked a few blocks the filming location.
I had asked a few days before if they would be interested in Vaughan as one of the extras and they said he could come, so he ended up working, too.
The commercial involved up running around a lot, so people on the street must have thought we looked crazy!
It was silly, but also a lot of fun to shoot.
The shoot lasted only 4 hours and we were paid in cash, afterwards, which I always really appreciate!
Me, looking tired in set with no eyeliner, and a really weird outfit...

Later yesterday, I went to a mixer for women in the entertainment business.
One of the other models from The Doctors shoot last week told me about the group, and she attended also.
There, I met other ladies and exchanged business cards and we worked on our networking skills.
I am not used to doing things like that at all, so it was new and a little scary for me.
That needs to change, and hopefully I will be going to more and more events like that in the future!

Finally, today, Sunday, is a blessed day off!

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