Monday, April 23, 2012


Several weeks ago I was in the audience of The Talk.
We were given several give-aways, including a $50.00 gift cards to QVC!
Audience members seemed pretty happy about that one.
I ordered a watch for my husband, and a bracelet for myself and soon after I noticed I could not log into my QVC account.
Still, I wondered when the items were going to arrive, until finally today, I called the QVC customer hotline.
I was informed that my order had been canceled!
I was never notified of this.
Something was mentioned about my address, and also my phone number not working.
I asked if I could re-order but was told my account was closed, so I would have to write to some address in PA!
 I can't believe they treat customers this way, and I suppose the whole reason we were given gift cards was to get us to be lifelong customers!
Now, I would never do business with them!
I feel like they are treating me like I did something wrong, and it makes no sense!
Oh, and I was also told the gift card number I gave when I called had already been used, so I guess they just took it back for an order I never received!

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