Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My husband was hit by a van...

And lived to tell about it.

I'd received a call that morning for a photo shoot and I needed pieces for an east Indian costume I didn't have.
My husband had to work and I didn't feel like going out and shopping without him so I waited until he returned home so we could go out together.
It was already dark and getting pretty late by the time I found the shop I wanted to go to in Hollywood.
I hate shopping in tiny stores because I don't like dealing with overly attentive owners/clerks.
I left my husband to do the shopping and went back to our car which was parallel parked on a street off of Hollywood Blvd.
I was cautious as I punched in the code to open the drivers door to my car, I always look to make sure I have time to jump out of the way in case a car comes by too close to where I am standing.
I made it, and opened all the doors so I could get in the passenger side.
I got in, locked the doors, and waited for my husband, Vaughan, to return.

A few minutes later, I saw him walking on the sidewalk so I pushed the button that unlocks the doors so it would be ready for him to jump in.
He walked in front of the car over the the drivers thing I heard was a small thump sound, and I looked over to see Vaughan slumped against the drivers window, holding his right shoulder with his left hand, and grimace on his face.
I saw a van continue past and stop about 50 feet ahead.
At first, my thought was that he was seriously injured.
I jumped from the car but soon I could see his was walking and talking like normal.
For some reason I was thinking his hand had been hurt, so I kept asking if that was okay.
He told me it was his right shoulder that had been hit by the van's passenger-side mirror.

My husband walked down the street and spoke with the drivers of the PrimeTime Shuttle van that has hit him.
He told the man he was fine, and apologized for breaking his mirror!!!
I asked my husband if he'd been hit in the head because it seemed crazy to me to apologize to someone for them hitting YOU with THEIR van!

The driver didn't seem sorry or concerned at all, and asked why my husband was in the street and told him to stay out of the street.
Vaughan was simply getting into his car which was legally parked on the street.
We ended up not calling the police because my husband said he just wanted to come home and kept apologizing for that mirror!

It was not until several days later I convinced hit calling the police was the best and right thing to do because someone could have been/could be killed by that driver.

Now we're waiting to hear back from the police about what they find out, since we didn't get the driver's name or information down that night.

We now know, if you are the victim of a crime, DO NOT wait, call the police.
Get help if you can.
It's not just yourself you should be worried about, others can be hurt, too, and it's our duty as citizens to protect our neighbors.
I was honestly in shock, or I would have and should have insisted on calling the police that very night.
I think Vaughan was in a bit of shock, too, having just been hit by a van!

And to ad insult to injury, I was supposed to received the address for the photo shoot location that day, and never ended up hearing from the photographer until the next day a few minutes before the shoot was supposed to take place.

I had guess they'd flaked on me, and had not even gotten dressed that morning!
I didn't want to work for someone that unprofessional, so I didn't bother jumping at the last minute to get there.

My husband could have died for a shoot that didn't even take place!

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