Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gardena Police Department

I was harassed several times by officers from the Gardena police department while I was staying at the Executive Inn in Gardena, California in early 2011.
Once, on a bright and sunny Saturday morning, one the them pulled up in his patrol car while I was locking my car door and getting ready to head inside the hotel. He said something like "Come here" and waved me over to his car. When I approached, he asked me where I was from in Virginia. Once I knew he had nothing better to ask me, I told him it was none of his business. My husband was also there, and the officer kept asking both of us how old I was. It was very creepy and I felt like it was harassment since we'd done nothing wrong and he was not asking anything important. It's wrong for the police to treat people like they are criminals and question them when they have no cause.
And once again, I feel my husband and I were "profiled" because of our age difference.
God knows, I MUST be a prostitute because there's no way a younger woman could be in a legitimate relationship with an older man... (rolls eyes).
After that experience I honestly wonder who causes trouble in the first place in these so-called "ghetto" areas.
Maybe there's more crime because people are living up to expectations of the police.
Who would want to live somewhere where the police stop and question you every day as you go about your business?
That would drive me crazy after a while!

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