Monday, July 5, 2021

SHEIN Dresses

For today's post, I have several beautiful dresses that were all gifted from SHEIN!
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I am such a fan of blue velvet so I was really happy when I saw this blue velvet dress, it's not only a stunning shade of blue and velvet but also ruched, which is another of my favorite design detail of mine.

I'm wearing this dress in a size small in the fit is great. It fits very snug and it's also comfortable because it has a lot of stretch. 
I like the dress having long sleeves because that means it is going to be really great to wear in the fall and Winter season. Another great thing as that even though the shoulders are very far apart they do not slip off the shoulders because the elastic.  It works out just perfectly for me, so I'm so happy about that because usually when things are designed like this the shoulders keep slipping off which can be annoying eventually.
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This white broderie anglaise dress is another one that is going to be a spring and summer staple.
I love this because you can dress it up or down. You cannot really go wrong with a basic white dress for the warm seasons. A great feature about this dress is that is is lined in the bust, so you don't have to worry about wearing a nude bra, even. 
The dress has a few little buttons up the front and then the waist is a draw string.  The fabric does not have any stretch, so you just pull the dress on over your head and then cinch at the waist.
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This black satin slip dress is very comfortable. The dress has a zipper under the left arm and it also has adjustable straps.
I went with a size small and the fit is very good, I think it may fit someone that is bigger in the bust even better for reference I am 32B cup in the bust. 
I like little covered button detail that runs down the left side of the dress.  That detail adds a bit of interest on what could have been a plain slip dress.
Search ID 2448366 

The green midi dress is a lovely shade of green, and the length is also very nice.  The dress has a zipper up the back and a fabric is nice and flowing.  I went with a size small the fit is very good, though just a little bit loose in the bust area. 

The dress has little straps than you can tie at the shoulder so it is totally adjustable in that way. The fabric of the stress does not really have any stretch but there's a back panel that does so that definitely helps with the fit.
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This pink dress is such a beautiful shade of pink, but it also comes at a whole host of other colors. 
I love that there is so many ways to adjust this dress. It ties behind the back, at the back of the neck and then also at the waist, so it is easy to cinch it in to get the perfect fit. 
This is the perfect trust to take with you on a beach or tropical vacation. I could just see dancing in the sand and wearing this one, it is so full and flouncy and pretty and girly!
I'm wearing the dress in a size small, and of course it fits great.
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This black and gold sequined evening gown is just stunning! I really love the look of it and that the fabric is soft and stretchy so it's actually very comfortable to wear.  This dress zips up the back, so it is very easy to get on and off.  I am just 5'2", and even with heels, this dress is very long on me.  I love the fishtail bottom of the dress.  I have always been a fan of that style.
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I'm wearing this black cut out dress in a size small.  It's a little bit loose on me, but still fits pretty well and is very comfortable.  
The fabric is not see through, which is great.  It has these really big, amazing cut outs down the side of the left hip. I am not sure exactly where I'd wear this but probably somewhere very warm and tropical. The fabric feels kind of like a T-shirt and has plenty of stretch.
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Next, this blue and red print cut out dress is somewhat similar to the black one, though this fabric of this one is thinner.  The fabric is very stretchy, and the the dress is very easy to get on and off.  I like the bold blue and red color combination.  It is not a combination I see very often in prints like this.
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Last, but not least is this bright orange cut out dress.  I am wearing it in a size small.  This dress is very thin, stretchy and see though.  I wore it with silicone breast covers, and nude underwear.  I could see wearing this on vacation to somewhere hot, and where it would be okay to wear something so skimpy.
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