Sunday, September 6, 2020

Noracora Yellow Floral Maxi Dress

 My favorite thing about this yellow and green floral print maxi dress from Noracora is just how flowing and comfortable it is!

The yellow and green color combinations, along with the print reminds me of 1970's style.  This dress is just so comfortable, because it is loose.  I am wearing a small, and the dress is a perfect fit for the style.  The dress does have a zipper, but I did not feel in necessary to use in order to get the dress on.  I was glad to discover that the dress was not too long for me, even though it is a maxi length.  It is always nice when I don't feel the need to hem something, or wear it with super tall heels. Because of the more subdued colors, this is another piece that could be worn in spring, summer and straight into fall.

The fabric does not have any stretch, but I find it to feel very comfortable.  The fabric also feels on the thicker side, so I think it is going to wear and hold up to use, well.

Product ID:  9236868

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