Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Femme Luxe Jumpsuit and Dresses

For today's post, I have a Femme Luxe glam fashion haul*.  I've been showing a lot of casual things lately, so all of these beautiful pieces were nice for a change from that style. 
As I've mentioned in previous posts, Femme Luxe has all kinds of beautiful things from club dresses to hoodies and loungewear.

Three of the items in today's post have ruching.  I have been a fan of ruching for many, many years so when I find an item with that, especially a dress and in some different and unique colors, I'm always very happy to try it out.
I think there's just something very flattering about the ruching detail.
The weather is starting to turn a little bit cooler here in Southern Virginia, but I hope to try wearing more dresses and skirts this year and the ones included in today's post are definitely some gorgeous options.

First off, we have what is probably my favorite piece and it is this bright pink ruched dress in a size 8 UK. The fabric of the dress is very stretchy and it's that kind of slinky knit that I really love and seems to resist wrinkles, as well.
This pink is such a gorgeous, bright shade, it's definitely an attention getter and I happen to have some pink heels already in my wardrobe that matched perfectly with this dress, as well. 
I love this type of fabric because I think it's something that works all year around, and in the fall and winter it will be very easy to just add a sweater or jacket.   
This is a dress that I definitely had a lot of fun wearing because it's not a color you typically see being worn in the fall and as much as I love fall colors sometimes it's nice to have something very bright and bold like this future pink.

Here we have this pumpkin orange jumpsuit/bodysuit in the size 6 UK.  The fabric has some stretch, and the fit is really great on me other than the legs of the jumpsuit are very long as I am only 5' 2" tall.
I decided to just add a simple beret with this look and that I think it is so cute for fall.  
The color really is perfect perfect.  This jumpsuit does not have any zipper or buttons you just pull it on from the bottom up because the fabric is stretchy enough for that. 
The jumpsuit comes with a matching fabric belt which can easily be removed so you could add one of different colors if you like to change up the look.  
I was very happy with the way this jumpsuit fit a lot of times are a little bit long and waste on me and this one was just perfect.
This jumpsuit is in the same style of a red one that I wore recently that is also from Femme Luxe.

This one shoulder ruched slinky knit black dress is something that would be perfect for date night. 
You can change up the look with different accessories the fabric is so soft stretchy and comfortable and the cut will make you look fabulous.  
This is the type of dress that I've mentioned I would take with me on vacation previously because it's something that I believe can be dressed up or down.  
I'm wearing this dress and a size UK 6 and the fit is pretty much perfect for me.  If I could change one thing I'd be to make the sleeve just a tiny bit shorter, is all. 

This long sleeved ruched white dress fits me like a glove.  I'm wearing it in a size 6 UK.  
The fabric has a decent amount of stretch and this is a dress that you just pull on over your head, so there are no zippers or buttons or anything like that. 
I like that this dress is definitely a blank canvas for wearing different colors and accessories with it, but for this particular look I decided to just keep it fairly simple.  
Sometimes it's really nice to have a dress with long sleeves so you can look glamorous and stylish but still have a little bit of extra warmth so you don't need to bring long a jacket or sweater just to be comfortable.

*items were gifted

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