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Becoming A More Sustainable Fashionista

Fashion trends come and go, and for many purchasing the latest in fashion items can mean that you have a constant influx of things that get worn a few times and updated as newer styles and changes in the industry come through.

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While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the latest styles, constantly buying new pieces, specifically lower cost items, can perpetuate the cycle of fast fashion. When these items are purchased, they don't get worn as much as they need to be sustainable. Aside from the harmful chemicals and manufacturing processes involved in fast fashion, many companies don't pay their workers a fair living wage in sweatshops. This, in turn, is becoming a massive problem in the fashion industry and is detrimental to the world around us.

As a fashionista, being conscious of what you buy, what you are wearing and how you care for your clothing purchases can help you make better choices. But where do you start when it comes to sustainable fashion, and can you be sustainable and fashionable at the same time?

Will You Wear It 30 Times?

When you want to purchase a new clothing item, ask yourself how often you plan on wearing it. If the answer is less than 30 times, then your purchase might not be as sustainable as you would want it to be. Some items aren't designed to be born that many times and they become damaged and unwearable before the 30 wear point; others can end up discarded due to the owner not wanting to wear them. Both can cause issues. So be honest and ask yourself how often you will realistically wear an item before purchasing.


A well-known way to be sustainable is to clear out your wardrobe before buying newer updated items and seeing what you can donate or repurpose. Take unwanted items to a charity shop to be sold on, visit a recycling centre that accepts clothing or look on local selling sites for people who need new things or upcycle clothing.

Alternatively, head to preloved websites such as eBay or Vinted to make some money to update your wardrobe while still giving your old clothing a new lease of life with new owners.

Purchase High Quality

When you are looking at buying new clothes, pay close attention to the material each item is made from and the cut of the clothing too. Check the seams are stitched tightly, as this means they will last you longer and are made better.

Extend this thinking to your accessories too. Organic cotton and bamboo are sustainable materials for clothing and wear and wash exceptionally well. Forgo buying copious amounts of costume jewelry and invest in 22k gold jewelry, which will not only last you well but add something special to your outfits without going out of style.

Care for Your Wardrobe

Another way you can get the most from your wardrobe is by paying attention to how you care for your clothing. Washing and storing each item correctly will extend the lifespan of each piece, and not only will this h avoid excessive damage, but it can h to maintain the correct shape and comfort level.

Pay close attention to the washing instructions on the label, and always avoid leaving clothing piled up. Hang as much as you can in a cool, airy space. Try not to overfill wardrobes as this too can damage clothing. Restrict the usage of harsh chemicals and use the correct laundry products where applicable, i.e. wool detergent and non-bio washing liquid for washing machines, as this helps to get a more thorough clean, especially in hard water areas.

Shop Vintage

Vintage garments are treasures from the past, and they are environmentally friendly due to the fact that they can be worn over and over again for generations. Additionally, in addition to giving new life to a piece of clothing, many times the prices are extremely attractive – and, unlike when you shop for "throw-away" fashion at high-street stores, you can be confident that you are the only one who has that particular dress, shirt, or jacket. Look through your local charity stores or head to vintage shops and markets

There are many different ways you can become a more conscious fashionista. But the most crucial part is that you pay attention to your current shopping habits and identify changes you can make. Start small to build better habits and remember, the more you wear your current clothing, the more sustainable they become over time as you get more wear from them.

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