Saturday, July 3, 2021

SHEIN Summer Shorts

For today's post I have three different summer shorts*, all from SHEIN all in denim.
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This pair of cow print shorts are just so cute!  I'm usually not one that goes for the raw edge hem, but in this case it's fine and I still like them a lot. That is indeed the only destressing on these shorts, and I like that, as well. 
I'm wearing these shorts and a size small and I think the fit is really good there's a little bit of room to spare, which I like especially for when I'm wearing denim because there's no stretch. Westernwear is going to be trending this year, so I think these are going to be really fun to wear all summer long and maybe even into the fall.
Search ID 1960924 

Next up, we have this pair of basic white denim shorts these are another great summer wardrobe staple, if you like denim. 
I like the white because it's going to go with the so many different things and colors. Another thing that I really like about this is the length, they're not too short or long and I think they come in a very flattering length on me. I am only 5'2", and I do carry more of my height in my torso, so hopefully that will help you with deciding whether to buy and which size.
Search ID 2336715

And here we have another pair of shorts these are pretty much exactly like the ones but these are in a beautiful creamy off white color denim
I like the off white for certain outfits, as well and I think that they definitely have a bit more of sophistication than just your pair of basic blue jean shorts.
Search ID 2078139

*items were gifted

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