Sunday, July 26, 2020

Femme Luxe Dress Haul

For today's post I have a another five beautiful *dresses from Femme Luxe.
Femme Luxe has definitely become one of my favorite places to look for new dresses.
They have so many beautiful styles trendy and classic and everything in between!

I'm going to start off with this first burgundy midi dress  here because it's a new style to me.
This is another one that I think would be great for the fall season because of the burgundy color and also the long sleeves.
The fabric is nice and thick and it doesn't seem to wrinkle very much, which is great.
I'm wearing a size 10, and I do wish I would have sized up to UK size 12 because it is rather snug on me. 
The fabric is a stretchy so that you just pull in on of your head or pull it up from the bottom.  There's no zipper or anything like that. I like the more conservative length of this dress. The waist has two ties on the side so you can wear it tied in a bow in the front or back, however you wish.

You may recognize the fabric of this metallic mini dress from the crop top that I wore my last Femme Luxe haul post.
I was super happy to find that they have it in the dress version!  Now I feel even more like a mermaid when wearing this dress! I am wearing a size 10 and the fit is pretty much perfect, though I do need to be a little more conscious of these shoulders slipping off in the dress and than I did with the top.  For some reason, I think because they back is cut lower.
Just like in the case with the crop top version, this dress is made with very stretchy and comfortable fabric and there's also a zipper up the back making this super easy to get on and off.

And here is the orange version of the green metallic mini dress. I particularly love this color and I think it is especially fabulous to wear in the summer time because it reminds me of beautiful tropical fruit and it's such a refreshing beautiful color! The shimmer of this fabric really does add glamour to the whole look.

You may recognize this style of ruched midi dress, as well, since I have reviewed it in several other colors.
This time I decided to opt for a size 10, and I can tell you the fit is actually better than the 12 in the bust area and it still fits me in the hips, so I think this is a dress that you could have a little room in the sizing with because it is so super stretchy and comfortable.

This style of dress is definitely one of my favorites, as I've said before. It's just so easy to wear and to dress up or down the style in so many ways.

I love this beautiful deep green color because I think it's going to be especially pretty during the upcoming fall season.  I can't wait to wear it and style it with beautiful cardigans, jackets and shawls. 
As I've said in the past,  I just love the ruched style and I do think it is very flattering, especially as a dress.  This dress does have a lining underneath, and it's very silky and comfortable .

And last, but not least, we have this little black ribbed mini dress with long sleeves.

I decided to go for this in a size 10 as well, and I must say it is very snug, but it does fit.
The fabric is stretchy but it does have a decent amount of structure and it holds you in, and I look thinner in this than I've looked in anything in a long time.
I like that the entire front has the ruched effect with the drawstring so you can make it longer or shorter if you choose.
This could be a great wardrobe staple.
I like the wide V neckline; it's very flattering and reminiscent of graduation photos, and I mean that in a good way.
The neckline is so wide and bold, it's great for showcasing your chest and collar bones and also to wear with different jewelry and statement necklaces, and you can keep it simple as well, and let the dress speak for itself.

This dress is made from stretchy fabric, but it's not super stretchy, so do pay close attention to the measurements, as usual.
There is no zipper or anything like that, so you just pull this on over your head or up from the bottom.
And, in case you're wondering, here are my new measurements:  34B in the bust, 27 1/2 in the waist and 38 1/2 in the hips.  I currently weigh 118 pounds and I'm 5' 2" tall.

*all items were gifted.

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