Thursday, July 30, 2020

SHEIN Bikinis

Today's post is a SHEIN bikini Haul.

This first patriotic bikini fits wonderfully.
I'm wearing a size medium and at first I was worried that it would be too small in the cup because it looked very small first off, but it works for me. I am 34B and the bust.
I'm 38 and a 1/2 in the hips, and luckily the bikini bottoms are string bottom, so they're easily adjustable.
The back is very skimpy, so keep in mind it's more like a thong.
The prices of these bikinis are incredible, and I think it's fabulous deal as it's especially well made. SHEIN has a bunch of other patriotic swimsuits in different styles, as well, so if this is not your particular cup of tea there's bound to be something else to suit you.  This one is only $8!
Search ID 1236122

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SHEIN Bikinis

This pink sparkle bikini set is a unique style because it's high waisted, but also higher on the leg then any other swim suit that I have in my swim wardrobe already.

I'm wearing a size medium in this as well, and the fit is pretty much perfect, except that the top is a little loose so I'm going to need to take it up to so little bit, or otherwise I think it would fall down if I were to actually go swimming in this.  The cups are lightly padded, as are all of the suits in this post.
This is another suit that feels very well made and that a great price at $13.
Search ID 1171885

This cow print bikini set is probably the most comfortable one, it's also in a size medium and the top and bottom are lined.
The top does not have any hooks or closures, so you just pull it on over your head.
I find it to be just a little bit loose on me in the top, but I think it's going to be okay.

The cow print is really adorable. I went with this style of swimsuit but SHEIN also has a bunch of other cow print swimsuits but in different cuts and shapes.
Search ID 1251451

*All items were gifted

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