Saturday, January 11, 2020

Noracora Purple Hat

The first thing I noticed about this purple hat from Noracora is the unique shape,  it reminds me of something from the 1920's or 1930's,perhaps.  I believe the hat comes in one size only, and I do have a larger head but this happens to fit me fine.

This hat seems to be made out of some type of felt fabric and it is unhemmed.  The flower on the hat is painted orange in the middle and has what appears to be a small pompom in the center of it.
The hat is unlined and is very thin and feels like it's made from fabric, as I said before. There does seem to be differences in the appearance of this hat and they one that I looked at originally on the Noracora website.

Where today's outfit I decided to keep it very simple with a classic black jacket and one of my cashmere sweaters that I thrifted.

Noracora Purple Hat

*post includes gifted item

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