Saturday, January 11, 2020

Noracora Grey Beret

For today's post,  I'm wearing this gray for a from Noracora. This is one of the better made berets that I have received from an online retailer.
The beret feels very sturdy, and high quality. The have several other colors of berets, but I went with this darker gray because was one I did not already have.
This beret has a band inside of it, and a string so it can be adjusted.
If I would change anything it would be to make this just a little bit larger, because I do have a larger head size.

If you have been following me and my fashion blog for any length of time you know I wear berets all throughout the fall and winter season, at least, I have been doing that for the past few years.  I just find them to be so versatile and useful and I like the look of them better than beanies or other more casual winter hats. The great thing about them as well is they take up such little space, so you can have a huge stack of them in a small hatbox. I'm looking forward to collecting even more in different colors.

Noracora Grey Beret

*post includes gifted item

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