Tuesday, December 31, 2019

SHEIN Burgundy Sequin Dress

Today I'm wearing at another beautiful dress from SHEIN that is perfect for Valentine's Day.

I love how figure hugging and flattering this burgundy sequin dress is. Dresses like this are so great to have in your wardrobe because they are simple and classic. This dress has a zipper up the back and the straps criss-cross on the back. There is a stretch to this dress so it's easy to get a good fit. I'm wearing a size small and this dress fits me like a glove. 

I think this shade of burgundy works great for the fall and winter season, though it could be worn all year around. You can change up the look with a belt, capes, jackets and jewelry. The sequins in this dress not excessively scratchy, that's always a nice plus. Keep in mind that the straps on this particular dress are not adjustable, but in my case the fit is great, anyway. 
Search ID 864654

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SHEIN Burgundy Sequin Dress

SHEIN Burgundy Sequin Dress

SHEIN Burgundy Sequin Dress

SHEIN Burgundy Sequin Dress
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Monday, December 30, 2019

Noracora Blue Denim Overalls

If you want to be very casual, but cute I think these blue denim overalls are a good clothing option!

I thought these were floral patches on the the denim overalls, but the flowers seem to be painted on.
I have not washed this item yet so do not know how well that's going to hold up in the wash but I'm thinking that even if it fades or wears off, it might give nice aged look to these overalls. I can see from the images online that these overalls are a little different in several ways.

I'm wearing a size medium and the fit is perfect for me.  The legs were little too long, but I just easily roll them up, so I will probably not end up hemming these permanently. The straps are adjustable and there are 3 buttons on each side of the hips so you can get in-and-out of the pants portion, and there are pockets on the front and back and also one larger pocket on the front chest panel. The denim is a thinner, lighter weight fabric and personally, I like this because I find it to be more comfortable.

I found that the overalls had a strong chlorine scent when I received them, which will hopefully go away in the wash.
Product ID:  ON7KF043

Noracora Blue Denim Overalls

Noracora Blue Denim Overalls
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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Modlily Grey Floral Blouse

This grey floral blouse from Modlily is an interesting print.  It is floral, but because of the colors in it, I think it can be worn pretty much all year around.  I wore it just today when it was around 60゚here in Virginia and was very comfortable.

I love the asymmetrical sleeves and I also love the tunic length of this blouse, it's almost long enough to be a dress. I am wearing a size medium and fit is still on the loose side and very comfortable, but it fits me great in the shoulders and you can tell that it's meant to be this more relaxed comfortable fit.

The buttons down the front of the neckline actually work and the fabric is a very stretchy synthetic. This is just such a great blouse to wear for every day, and I think it could be dressed up with a beautiful skirt, as well. Because of the length, this is especially great to wear with leggings. Modlily has lots of other cool blouses and clothing options, so be sure to check them out!

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

SHEIN Leopard Jumpsuit and Corduroy Jacket

It was such a gorgeous day today here in Virginia!  It was 70 degrees for the high, and felt like spring!

I love the vibrant shade of red in this SHEIN corduroy jacket. I'm wearing a size small and the fit is perfect for the over-sized look when the cuffs are buttoned they're too tight to get on and off so you have to unbutton them each time or you can always just fold the cuffs back, too. The fabric in this jacket is very soft and its on the thinner side of corduroy making this a good choice from milder days in the cooler seasons. The pockets on the front are just decorative flaps, so there are no working pockets on this jacket.
Search ID 784533

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SHEIN Leopard Jumpsuit and Corduroy Jacket

This leopard print jumpsuit is one of the softest things I have ever felt.  I'm wearing a size small and the fit is perfect for me it's not to let long in the legs which I am so happy about though if you're a lot taller than 5' 2 you may find this to become an awkward length on you. Though personally, I think the crop look can be stylish as well. This jumpsuit zips up the back and the has an attached belt that consist of two pieces coming out on either side at the waist.

I really can't get over just how soft the fabric is,  it's definitely one of the most comfortable jumpsuits have ever worn in my life because of the softness and stretch of the fabric. I can especially see this being a fall staple in your wardrobe. In a way,  perhaps it would have been better if the belt were not attached so would be easier to add your own to change up the look. If you wanted to, you could easily clip the belt off the sides and wear this with different belts. 
Search ID 860106

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Friday, December 27, 2019

SHEIN Red and Black Plaid Jacket

The quality of this black and red plaid jacket from SHEIN is very good, it looks more like a quality piece and because of its thickness and construction I think it's something you could enjoy for years to come. It's a style that I don't see going anywhere any time soon as well.

Just make sure to order the right size and you should be good to go. It is thick enough to keep you warm on colder winter days.  I am wearing a size extra small, and I wish I had gone for a size small because this one fits great everyone, but it is snug in the sleeves.  I do not have particularly large arms, so just keep that in mind when ordering.

The jacket has pockets, and it fully lined.  It is double-breasted, and a looser fit in the rest of the jacket.  I think this is a great choice for dressing up or down, to wear to work, on on the weekends with leggings.

For my look here, I decided to go with basic leggings, and a turtleneck that matched in color to the red in the jacket.
Search ID 864179

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Valid until: December 31st

SHEIN Red and Black Plaid Jacket

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

SHEIN Houndstooth Jacket and Polka Dot Blouse

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I am looking forward to the new year, how about you?

This black-and-white houndstooth jacket from SHEIN reminds me of something from a designer brand, it's just such a classic.   I'm wearing a size extra small and it is a little snug in the sleeves, so I wish I had sized up to a small instead.  That being said,  I can still wear it.

The fabric is comfortable to wear and the jacket is unlined, making it especially good to wear with things that are sleeveless, in my opinion. This fabric has no stretch so keep that in mind as well. The jacket has decorative buttons and decorative pockets but does not have any closure in the front so you just wear it open.
Search ID 855899

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Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase
Valid until: December 31st

SHEIN Houndstooth Jacket and Polka Dot Blouse

I'm so glad to know that the fabric of this polka dot blouse is not scratchy, I found it to be very comfortable. I'm wearing a size small and the fit is great.

I can see wearing this blouse in so many different ways. You can wear it over a bra, you can wear it over different colors, you can wear it over a dress, and you can pretty much wear it all year around, making it very versatile.

This blouse buttons down the front and has elastic at the bottom of the sleeves. I thought it went very well with the houndstooth jacket. Another great thing about this blouse is that it can be dressed up or down. 
Search ID 869433

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Lovelywholesale Playing Card Dress

Hello, everyone, and Merry Christmas Eve!

I love the unique card print of this dress. Because of the hearts on it I think this would also be very cute to wear as a date dress for Valentine's Day, or perhaps to Las Vegas or a casino.

The fabric is thin and very stretchy, but not really see through.  I found it to be very comfortable to wear. I'm wearing a size extra large and the fit is pretty good.  The sleeves are a little bit long and it's a little loose in the waist to area, but I find that to be very comfortable and that's the most important thing.  I probably could have sized down at least one size. The fabric seems to resist wrinkles pretty well. The playing card print of this dress is what really makes it interesting, but I do love the basic classic cut and style of the dress since it's something that can be worn pretty much all year around.

Use my Extra 10% Off coupon: Green10  to pick your style in https://www.lovelywholesale.com/

Lovelywholesale Playing Card Dress

Lovelywholesale Playing Card Dress

Lovelywholesale Playing Card Dress

Lovelywholesale Playing Card Dress

Lovelywholesale Playing Card Dress
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Friday, December 20, 2019

Lovelywholesale Fringe Multicolor Two-piece Pants Set

This colorful two- piece set from Lovelywholesale is very similar to the pants that I received from them several months ago.  I really love the print; it's so much fun and definitely wild and a bit over the top, so I guess this is not for everyone, but I like it the fringe makes it even more over the top.

There's black fringe running down the sides at the legs and also at the forearm. I am wearing a size small and the fit is perfect for me,  I'm so happy for that and I love that the pants are not too long. I'm 5' 2 so keep that in mind, of course.  The little jacket zips up, and you can wear is as a blouse over another shirt like I did, because it was so cold. It has a little string tied the front but it's not an actual working drawstring, it's this just there for decorative purposes.

The waistband is elastic and it had this fitted cuffs at the ankles and sleeves. If I worked out, which I don't really, this would definitely be the perfect workout gear for me.  I received two different compliments on this outfit and in the same store while I was shopping, so some people can definitely appreciate how fun and colorful it is. I think this is definitely a great deal since you're getting many ways you can wear this; you can dress it up or down, wear it to work out, wear it for loungewear, wear it shopping and probably even where to the club.  I could see adding a beautiful bustier underneath and perhaps wearing the jacket over it, and the pants on their own.  There are just so many things you can do with this outfit!

Use my Extra 10% Off coupon: Green10  to pick your style in https://www.lovelywholesale.com/

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Twelve of William Mortensen Vaughan's All Time Favorite Christmas Movies!

The following is a list of twelve of my all time favorite Christmas movies!

It's hard enough to limit my list to twelve; I'm not placing them in order of preference, but in chronological order, starting with the year of my birth, 1962 and ending with the year 2010. (No, the Alastair Sim adaptation of Scrooge (1951) does not make my list - not even close!) All of  these films have stood the test of time for at least nine years, and I find myself watching them every year, year after year.

1. Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (1962)(TV-G):

Featuring the voice of Jim Backus as Mr. Magoo, as Ebenezer Scrooge, this adaptation of A Christmas Carol, released approximately two months after I was born, is perhaps the only adaptation of A Christmas Carol that I've watched every year I've lived. Besides the fact that it's the oldest film on this list, and has, therefore, stood the test of time the longest, it deserves to be on this list because the artwork is attractive, and it's both funny and heart-warming.

It also has very catchy songs, written by Jule Styne or Bob Merrill, including "Good to Be Back on Broadway," "Ringle, Ringle," "Lord's Bright Blessing," "Alone in the World," "Winter Was Warm," and "We're Despicable."

This adaptation of A Christmas Carol is framed as a Broadway performance, starring Mr. Magoo.

Perhaps the most drastic departure from the original novel, in this adaptation, is that the Ghost of Christmas Present appears before the Ghost of Christmas Past.

2. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (1965)(TV-g):

Featuring the voice of Peter Robbins as Charlie Brown, and released when I was celebrating my third Christmas, this animated film is both funny and heart-warming, and it also has very catchy songs, composed by Vince Guaraldi, including "O Tannenbaum," "What Child Is This," "My Little Drum," "Linus and Lucy," "Christmas Time Is Here," "Skating," "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing," "Christmas Is Coming," "The Christmas Song," and "Greensleeves."

In this film, the Peanuts gang, created by Charles M. Schulz, puts on a Christmas play, about the birth of Jesus, which is what Christmas is all about. Linus quotes Luke, Chapter 2.

The gang also has a Christmas party, and Charlie Brown is tasked with providing a Christmas Tree, so he, of course, finds one of the ugliest Christmas Trees imaginable. But, with a little tender, loving care, his friends turn it into the best Christmas Tree ever.

3. Scrooge (1970)(G):

Starring Albert Finney in the title role, this is a big budget, live-action, musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol, set in England in 1860, instead of when the book was published, in 1843, which is when conventional adaptations are set. This adaptation is both hilarious and heart-warming.

It also has very catchy songs, written by Leslie Bricusse, including "I Hate People," "Father Christmas," "Happiness," "You...You," "December the 25th," and "Thank You Very Much!"

The song and dance routines are huge, including background extras, some of whom ring bells, and others who sing and dance. Mr. Fezziwig's Christmas Ball, attended by twenty couples in the original novel, actually seems like a ball, unlike the small gatherings and toasts in low budget adaptations.

One drastic departure from the original novel, in this adaptation, is that Scrooge goes to Hell. In Hell he is forced to work for the Devil as a clerk, in the only cold place in Hell. Another departure is that the day after Christmas is not shown, and Scrooge goes directly to Scrooge's house, on Christmas Day, disguised as Father Christmas.

4. Rich Little's Christmas Carol (1978)(viewer discretion advised):

Starring Rich Little, this is a particularly amazing adaptation of A Christmas Carol, because he impersonates seventeen celebrities, playing the roles of the characters in the original novel; he plays four of the seventeen as celebrities playing other characters, playing the roles in the novel, as follows:

W.C. Fields as Scrooge
Paul Lynde as Bob Cratchit
Humphrey Bogart as Fred C. Dobbs, as the Ghost of Christmas Past
Peter Falk as Columbo, as the Ghost of Christmas Present
Peter Sellers as Inspector Jacques Clouseau, as the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come
Richard Nixon as himself, in lieu of Jacob Marley
Truman Capote as Tiny Tim
Groucho Marx as Fezziwig
Jean Stapleton as Edith Bunker, as Mrs. Cratchit
Johnny Carson as Nephew Fred
Jimmy Stewart as Dick Wilkins
John Wayne as a Businessman
George Burns as a Businessman
Jack Benny as the Boy Outside the Window
James Mason as a Businessman
Stan Laurel as a Charity Solicitor
Oliver Hardy as a Charity Solicitor

This film is also one of the funniest, musical adaptations of A Christmas Carol. It includes several musical numbers, including "This Will Be the Merriest Christmas Yet," "It's a Typical Office Party," and a duet with Scrooge and Dick Wilkins arguing about whether it is better to give or receive, titled "No One's Ever Gonna Get a Cent From Me."

5. "Mickey's Christmas Carol" (1983)(G):

Featuring the voice of Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck, this short film is funny, artistic, and well animated, with Mickey Mouse and other popular Disney characters, such as Jiminy Cricket, in the roles of Bob Cratchit and the various Ghosts of Christmas.

It also features an original song, titled "Oh, What a Merry Christmas Day."

6. Blackadder's Christmas Carol (1988)(viewer discretion advised):

Starring Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder, this is a twisted, irreverent adaptation of A Christmas Carol, in which "the Scrooge" goes from being generous to a fault, to becoming evil. He gets his comeuppance, though.

7. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)(G):

Starring Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge, this is a funny, yet reverent, musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol, featuring Muppets in most of the roles. Gonzo plays Charles Dickens. Rizzo the Rat plays himself. Kermit the Frog plays Bob Cratchit. Fozzie Bear plays Mr. Fozziwig, instead of Mr. Fezziwig. Miss Piggy plays Mrs. Cratchit.

Paul Williams wrote several excellent, original songs for this film, including "Scrooge," "One More Sleep Till Christmas," "Bless Us All," "Marley and Marley," "It Feels Like Christmas," and "When Love Is Gone."

Although Brian Henson claims, on his audio commentary track on the DVD and BluRay editions of this film, that it is one of the adaptations of A Christmas Carol most faithful to the original novel, there are numerous, drastic departures from the original. Besides the appearance of Charles Dickens and Rizzo the Rat, and Muppet pigs, frogs, et cetera in the rolls of the characters, another departure is the addition of Robert Marley; hence, the song "Marley and Marley," which Jacob and Robert Marley sing to Scrooge. Furthermore, Scrooge employs about a half dozen rats, in addition to Bob Cratchit, in this adaptation. Another departure is the absence of Fan. Young Scrooge is seen in the schoolhouse, during about a half dozen Christmases, played by about a half dozen actors in order to show him aging, but, instead of being rescued by his sister, Fan, he simply graduates!

8. Maxine's Christmas Carol (2000)(viewer discretion advised):

Starring the queen of sarcastic greeting cards, Maxine, this is a modern, animated adaptation of A Christmas Carol, in which Maxine's heart is softened enough to attend a neighbor boy's Christmas party. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is replaced by extra-terrestrials; the Ghost of Christmas Present, by a guru; and the Ghost of Christmas Past, by a Valley Girl.

A live, theatrical adaptation of this adaptation was performed in Branson, Missouri, in 2017.

9. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)(PG):

Starring Jim Carrey, this film is based on the Dr. Seuss classic, children's book, which my father used to recite by heart when I was no older than three; it's an upgrade from the one released when I was four years old, in 1966. I particularly like the stylized wardrobe, architecture, and prosthetic makeup in the Jim Carrey adaptation.  I am also a fan of the 3D, animated adaptation released in 2018.

The Jim Carrey adaptation is musical as well as humorous, and includes the song "Where Are You Christmas?"

10. "Dr. Who": "A Christmas Carol" (2010)(TV-PG):

Starring Matt Smith as the Doctor, this science fictional adaptation of A Christmas Carol makes several drastic departures from the original novel. To start with, it takes place on another planet, controlled by a Scrooge-like man named Kazran Sardick (Michael Gambon), who doesn't care that a spaceship full of 4,003 people is about to crash on his planet, where fish fly, and he has absolute control over the weather, thanks to an isomorphic machine only he can control.

In an effort to save his friends on board the crashing spaceship, the Doctor travels back and forth in time, becoming Kazran's ghosts of Christmas until he persuades him to help save the spaceship and the personnel on board.

A young Kazran falls in love with a singer named Abigail (Katherine Jenkins), but he ages, and she, due to cryonics, does not, and, due to a disease which limits the number of times she can survive being unfrozen, he dares not unfreeze her for what will almost certainly be the final, short-lived time.

The Doctor mentors Kazran as a child until he becomes a different man, but by then, he can no longer control the weather because the machine that he uses to control the weather no longer recognizes him.

This is an intense, and humorous, but lengthy adaptation; I recommend it only for hard core fans of adaptations of A Christmas Carol and/or science fiction.

11. "Winnie the Pooh": "A Very Merry Pooh Year" (2002)(G):

Featuring the voice of Jim Cummings as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, this adaptation allows viewers to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve with Pooh and his friends, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo, Gopher, Tigger, and Christopher Robin.

It's essentially two films in one. First, Pooh's friends visit him on Christmas Eve, and then there are several fiascos as they try to send letters to "Sandy Claws," and Pooh pretends to BE "Sandy Claws." Fortunately, Christopher Robin saves Christmas. Then the scene opens on Pooh and his friends preparing to celebrate New Year's Eve. More fiascos ensue as Rabbit becomes so flabbergasted that he decides to move away, so Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger stop behaving like themselves, but start behaving like each other. Finally, Rabbit decides to stay and they all end up singing their version of "Auld Lang Syne" together, originally written by Robert Burns, with additional lyrics by Carly Simon.

I have this on DVD, which includes music videos cropped out of the film. Original songs included are "Winnie the Pooh," written by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman, and performed by Carly Simon and Jim Cummings; a Tigger-ific adaptation of "Jingle Bells," written by James Pierpont, and arranged by Mark Waters; and three songs written by Michael and Patty Silversher: "Snow Snows," "Happy Pooh Year," and "Hunny, No Not for Me."

Also included is a virtual, animated fireplace, with forest sounds from the Hundred Acre Wood, and optional, instrumental, Christmas music.

12. "Prep and Landing" (2009)(TV-G):

Featuring the voice of Dave Foley as Wayne, this 3D animated, short film is one of the most high speed, fast-action Christmas movies I've ever seen! It features Santa and his elves and reindeer like I've never seen them anywhere else - as government employees and members of militaristic special operations, such as the preparation and landing of Santa's sleigh. The excellent humor, like the action, is non-stop.

A similar, animated film, featuring the voices of Hugh Laurie and Eva Longoria, in which Santa's elves also serve as government employees and special, paramilitary forces, is Arthur Christmas (2011), which I also highly recommend.


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Dresslily Holiday Dress Ideas

For today's post, I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorite items from Dresslily.
Any one of these would be a beautiful option if you're looking for a great Christmas dress. This is my Winter holiday wish list of sorts. I had a hard time narrowing things down to just these top five items.

Use code:DLBF20 with 20% OFF: 
Over 10usd, save 2usd; Over 20usd, save 4usd; Over 30usd, save 6usd; Over 40usd ,save 8usd; Over 50usd, save 10usd; Over 60usd, save 12usd; Over 70usd, save 14usd; Over 80usd, save 16usd; Over 90usd, save 18usd; Over 100usd, save 20usd;Over 110usd, save 22usd; Over 120usd, save 24usd; Over 130usd, save 26usd; Over 140usd, save 28usd

How stunning would this dress be for Christmas and Christmas family photos? It's absolutely beautiful, but not too over the top, in my opinion. It's made from velvet, which I adore for the cold weather. Velvet is definitely one of my favorite fabrics, and it's also a good option when shopping online. I've noticed that, with velvet, more so than with some other fabrics, you can usually tell in advance what you are actually going to get when you receive the item.

 If red is a little too "Mrs. Claus" for you, this also comes in four other color options that are all equally as beautiful .

This beautiful red dress is also a stunner, but with a little more simplicity than the previous one. I can see wearing this pretty much all year round. The design is in a retro style, but it's also something that I consider to be timeless and very flattering to wear for all the wonderful parties during the holiday season. There's just something so feminine and beautiful about the cut!

If you want to keep it even more simple and timeless, this is absolutely another fabulous option that could be worn for Christmas and New Year's Eve, and beyond; you just can't go wrong with a little black dress, but it has the extra detail of the metallic print and the lace, making this stunning. You could also wear something like a turtleneck underneath to stay extra warm and cozy. Wearing long sleeves underneath short sleeve dresses is not something that I have done often, but it's something of an interesting trend lately. I think it could be a really great option for staying warm in the cold.

This next dress is another one that I think could make such an adorable family photo for Christmas! The red velvet is just such a beautiful shade, that I would totally feel like Mrs. Claus while wearing this. It's also in velvet, which, as I said earlier, is such a great fabric. I don't know about you, but I like to dress like a female Santa at least once during the Season. And this would be the perfect option for doing that.

And for the dog lover out there, this dog dress is just too cute for the Christmas season! What really sold me on it is the beagle on the front of it. Beagles are one of my favorite breeds of dogs. They're just so beautiful and cute! Having this dress would be so much fun to wear, that I could totally picture rocking this Christmas morning, or any time during the month of December. Would you wear something like this, or do you prefer something simpler or more casual? Let me know in the comments below. And be sure to check out Dresslily, because they have so many other options besides these.  They have lots of casual and also classic items, in addition to what I have shared today. They're definitely worth checking out!

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Friday, December 6, 2019

A Christmas Carol (2019), Starring Kate Katzman

To help Libertad Green celebrate Blogcember 2019, I, William Mortensen Vaughan, the Webmaster of A U.S. Christmas Carol, and an avid collector of adaptations of Charles Dickens' novel, A Christmas Carol - I am going to be sharing reviews of various adaptations of Charles Dickens' classic, Christmas novel, A Christmas Carol.
A Christmas Carol (2019)

Although there were, as of 2016, at least four hundred audiovisual adaptations of A Christmas Carol, people continue to produce new adaptations of that novel every year.  Netflix intends to release an adaptation titled Humbug!, starring Ice Cube. Apple intends to release an adaptation, starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. Disney intends to produce yet another musical adaptation, to be directed by Bill Condon, with music by Stephen Schwartz, for its new Disney+ service. The BBC is releasing a mini-series, starring Guy Pearce as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Additionally, I was delighted to discover this new adaptation, which I had not heard about, while perusing my Amazon Prime app, more than a week ago.

I immediately watched it from beginning to end.

It was scheduled for release on Cyber Monday, December 2, 2019, but was available at least a week before that, on Amazon Prime. It was produced by Armando Gutierrez, and directed by Steven Salgado. Kate Katzman stars as Ellen Scrooge.

Overall, I liked it, but it doesn't strike me as one I'm going to watch again and again, Christmas season after Christmas season, like Mr. Magoo's (1962), the Muppets' (1992), Rich Little's (1978), Blackadder's (1988), or Maxine's (2000).

It's not that old Ebenezer has already been replaced by modern Scrooges, such as Bill Murray in Scrooged (1988), or even attractive, young women, such as Susan Lucci in Ebbie (1995), Tori Spelling in A Carol Christmas (2003), Emmanuelle Vaugier in It's Christmas, Carol! (2012), Cicely Tyson in Ms. Scrooge (1997), and Vanessa Williams in A Diva's Christmas Carol (2000)...

Maybe it's the odd mix of Spanglish, although I read, write, speak, and love Spanish and music which is puro tejano todo mezclado! Seriously, the Marley in this adaptation is a handsome, young man (Rafael Gerardo Rey) whose first name is Marley, and the company is named Scrooge and Hernandez. Then there's the elderly Bob Cratchit, a grandfather named Roberto (Reinaldo Gonzales) who seems to live alone with his grandson, a football-loving version of Tiny Tim named Tim (Josh Riesenberg). This grandfather goes around mumbling in Spanish throughout the movie. Suggestion: Subtitles in Spanish, with English translations!

But it's not all Spanish. Fred is replaced by a younger sister named Jennifer (Eliana Ghen). Who's married to a man named Carlos (Chris Watson)... And Belle is replaced by a handsome, young man named Jack (Jordan Morello).

The thing I dislike the most about this adaptation are the physical assaults on Ellen Scrooge. Marley's ghost grabs her by the throat, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come looks like a cat burglar terrorist in black tights and goggles who also grabs her by the throat. Perhaps these scenes are why Amazon recommends it to people who are at least thirteen years old.

The thing I like the most about this adaptation is the introduction of the smart phone into the Victorian tale, which Ellen DOES set down, but always seems to keep close by, as does her brother-in-law, who uses it to take pictures of her reunion with his wife.

I imagine a lot of Christmas Carol collectors like me will keep this adaptation, like their smart phones, close by.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

SHEIN Party Dresses

On tonight's post I have three more beautiful party dresses for the holiday season. SHEIN really is a great place to look for Christmas and New Year's Eve outfits.

Coupon code : BF191493
Discount: Extra 15% off any purchase at SHEIN
Valid until: December 31st!

This pink ruched dress is so cute with the over-sized sleeves. This sleeves have elastic and them and the dress has a very long zipper that goes almost to the bottom in the back. The sheer fabric overlay is not stretchy but the lining is. I'm wearing a size extra large in this, so you definitely have to make sure you size up. It's a little bit large in the bust but overall the fit is pretty good. I think the shade of pink is just so pretty and you'll feel like a Barbie doll when wearing this!
Search ID 851642

This red fringe dress is one of my favorite things that I have received in a long time. I cannot wait to wear this to dance!  Every movement just as so exaggerated with all the beautiful fringe! This really is a fabulous dress if you want to get attention and turn heads. I believe it comes in several other colors, but I went with red because that is also such a striking and beautiful color.

This dress has adjustable straps and also zips up the back. As with a lot of things like this have to be careful not to catch the fringe in the zipper in the back, so having someone assist you is helpful. The fabric doesn't really stretch but it has a slight give to it. I'm wearing a size medium and the fit is perfect on me. This dress would look beautiful for New Year's Eve and you'd be sure to stand out in a sea of black and silver.
Search ID 659093

This yellow bandage dress is super fitted and really does do wonders for your figure. The fabric is a stretchy, bandage type.  The dress has a zipper up the back and the straps are adjustable as well. I love the shade of yellow for change, though I think this one also comes in several different colors. All of the gold detail in the dress makes this one unlike anything else I already had in my wardrobe. I think this style is also super flattering. And this would be another great option for New Years and an unexpected color, at that.

I am wearing a size medium in this dress.  The fit is very snug, but because of the thick fabric, it does not look unflattering.

The bust is padded, so keep that in mind if that is something you like or do not like. Personally, I'm glad that it has padding, it's comfortable and gave me an extra push up, but it is not removable.
Search ID 783256

*post includes gifted items