Sunday, January 23, 2022

Femme Luxe Spring Dress Haul

For today's post I have another Femme Luxe* fashion haul.  This time it's all beautiful dresses dresses just in time for Spring, which is hopefully right around the corner.  
I have been doing lots of knit wear hauls from Femme Luxe and other companies, so it was nice to have a little less to wear for a change and look forward to warmer weather.  
It seems like we've had snow on the ground for over a week now is a week now, so planning beautiful spring and summer outfits has been a fun thing to do. 
Everything in today's post is a solid color. I am a huge fan of prints, but sometimes it's nice to have something that is just a solid color because they really do make a great blank canvas for adding different jewelry and accessories too.  
It really does seem like the sky is the limit with those types of items and they are also very flattering, as well, because you don't have to worry about the right stripes or the size of floral patterns, et cetera.

This first dress is going to be lovely for spring and summer. It is a very snug fitting white ruched strapless dress and is it in a size UK 6.  The fit is great, and this is definitely form fitting and super sexy.  
The ruched knit dresses from Femme Luxe are definitely a big favorite of mine since they are just such versatile and comfortable pieces. 
They look fabulous on their own but also work as a blank canvas to add all kinds of different jewelry and accessories.  I like that this dress stays in place because it's so fitted and it has a little bit of extra elastic at the top to keep things nice and secure, as well. 
I also like that the ruching is even all the way around. I always think that rushing is very flattering.  
For spring and summer I think the little white dress is a great warm weather take on the little black dress.

Another one that is very pretty for spring and summer is this pastel pink spaghetti strapped dress which also has ruching and is also in a size UK 6.  
This dress is shorter than the white midi dress in today's haul.  If you're looking to show off your legs this is definitely a great option. I'm only 5' 2 so if you're taller this will be showing even more leg, of course. 
The fabric of this dress was just so soft, stretchy and comfortable.  
For this dress I wore it with a nude bra, so I would suggest a nude underwear for this and the white one, of course. 

I am a fan of this darker color.  I think that this green ruched dress would be great for all year along.
This one is also in a size UK 6.  The fit is super comfortable the fabric is so slinky and stretchy. 
This dress ties behind the neck, so you can somewhat adjust how deep you want to be neck to be, which I find really cool.  
I think this would be a very lovely dress to wear out for dinner and and hopefully I'll have some occasions to wear this out in about very soon.  
This dress is on the longer side.  I think this is what I've described as a middle length or perhaps a little bit longer on me because I am only 5' 2" tall, after all.  
I think especially gold accessories would look very fabulous with this emerald green dress perhaps something like a gold statement necklace would really make the color stand out.

And lastly, we have this white dress that hooks up the front and has long sleeves.  This is also in a size UK 6.
I found this to be a little bit larger in the hip area on me, but I suppose I could run a stitch down the side if I wanted to take it in a bit.  
The fabric does not really have any stretch and the way you get this dress on and off is to hook and unhook all of them down the front of the dress.  The shoulders have shoulder pads.  The sleeves were a little bit long on me but that is okay because I just scrunched them up and you can also fold them under.

*gifted items

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