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Be More Stylish: Ways to Become a Better Fashionista

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You want to be more stylish, but you're not sure how. This blog post will talk about six ways for you to become a better fashionista. It can be challenging, especially when there is so much style information out there these days. 

Buy Clothes That Fit

When you buy clothes, it's never a good idea to guess what size you are. That can be expensive and time-consuming if your guesses turn out wrong! 

Try on the clothes at home in front of a mirror. First, stand up straight without holding anything in your hands. Then, be sure to bend over from side to side and reach for something lower than eye level. Finally, and most importantly, don't forget to breathe when trying on jeans or pants as it will make them easier to zip!

The goal is not necessarily weight loss but instead to find things that fit comfortably around your body type, so they hang correctly and make any necessary alterations before purchase. It feels great knowing that everything fits right off the rack!

If you are petite, buy tops and dresses in small sizes. If you have a larger chest, try on button-down shirts or blouses in person to find the best fit around your bust line. 

So, what should you do with clothes that don't work out? Could you get rid of them? This one might sound harsh, but there's nothing worse than keeping something that doesn't look good, and you will never wear them again anyway. So let go of those items already!

Fashion is all about proportion. So if you are going to buy clothes, whether it is a pair of trousers, pants, or a Milly dress, make sure they fit your shape and size well so that you can look stylish in them!  Buy something flattering for your body rather than something just because it's on sale or the most affordable option available unless you're trying to build a whole new wardrobe from scratch. 

Buy Clothes To Wear More Than Once

Clothes are expensive, but they don't have to be. It is possible to dress well for less: shop at thrift stores and consignment shops where you can find clothes once worn by celebrities or fancy designers from department store sales racks. 

You can also borrow clothes from friends rather than buying new ones. However, if you plan to wear an item more than once, go ahead and purchase it because eventually, those items will pay off.

Buy Clothes for Your Body Type

If you're over a size 14, the odds are high that your body type is pear-shaped. That means you have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Pear shapes will look best in clothes designed for this body shape, such as empire waist dresses or clothing with ruching at the side seams to accentuate curves where they exist. 

To create an hourglass figure, wear form fitting tops along with skirts or trousers that cling to your middle section while draping loosely over your lower half. Add structure by wearing structured jackets of coats that complement any outfit choices made above them in color and pattern. 

Avoid Buying Things on Sale

There are a lot of things that you can buy at discounted prices. But, usually, those items fall out of style and end up in the back corner of your closet. That's why it's important to buy clothes on sale that won't go out of style because you'll want to wear them more than once! 

Cloth-Swap With More Stylish Friends

One of the best ways to be a better fashionista is to start swapping clothes with your friends. It's easy, free, and guarantees you'll get something new every time! Just set up regular swaps or schedule them before significant events like weddings or holidays. Friendships are all about sharing, so why not share some clothes? Plus, everyone gets more stylish by wearing someone else's wardrobe!  

When You Buy Something New Get Rid of the Old

When you buy something new, please remove one thing from your wardrobe that doesn't serve its purpose anymore and make room for something newer instead! You'll find this will not only give you extra storage space but also makes way for some great style combinations with your latest purchase! 


In conclusion, to be a better fashionista, it is important to buy clothes that fit your body type. In addition, it will help you spend money more wisely because you won't have to buy things on sale when they are out of style or the wrong size. It's also wise not to get rid of old clothing until you know what your new wardrobe needs to stay stylish without spending an arm and a leg.

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