Thursday, January 7, 2021

SHEIN Checkered Print Dress and Black Tights

This black-and-white checkered print dress* from SHEIN is very stretchy and comfortable. I would suggest sizing up because I'm wearing a size large in this dress and I would normally wear a size small. 
In this case, I could have perhaps gone with a medium but I think that the large was the best to fit and more comfortable. 
The dress also comes in the brown and white version, but I decided to go with the classic black-and-white. I also decided to wear a turtleneck underneath because it is very cold lately, but that shows that this could be worn all year around. 
I like the way the dress is cut at the bust line. 
Search ID 1130325

I also decided to pair this dress with a pair of black tights* that are also from SHEIN. They fit me very well and feel sturdy and comfortable,  so I am hoping they going to hold up for a while. 
You just cannot go wrong with a basic pair of black tights for the winter season. 
I thought that would be a good look to complete this outfit with the dress. 
These tights have a little bit of a control top feel to them, if that is what you're interested in, and they are high waisted. SHEIN has all kinds of adorable tights at great prices!
Search ID 625584 

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*items were gifted

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