Saturday, September 5, 2020

Noracora White Blouse

This white floral printed neckline blouse from Noracora is very comfortable. 

I'm wearing it in a size small and the fit is perfect for me. 
This blouse is made more like a tunic, so it's almost long enough on me to be worn even as a dress. 

For this particular look, I decided to wear it with a pair of red denim shorts underneath. 

The beautiful floral design around the neckline adds a lovely, elegant touch to what could be a casual blouse.
The sleeves have a lace bell at the elbow.  The fabric is silky and very comfortable. I'm looking forward to wearing this into the fall, as well.  Because of all the colors in the beautiful floral design, this could be worn with a lot of different things.
Product ID:  9194814

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