Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Shein Striped Double Button Blazer With Pants

Today, I am wearing this striped pantsuit from Shein.  I am wearing a size medium, and the fit is pretty much perfect.  I was a little getting pants that had no stretch in the fabric, but I just close attention to the measurements, and hoped for the best.  

I like the blue and white stripes for a summertime, nautical look, but this set also comes in a gray plaid.  I know to some, blue and white stripes are considered a neutral, and I think I agree.  These pieces can be worn with so many other colors and in so many other ways!

The jacket is unlined, and light weight, making it perfect for summer weather, but it is also a stiffer, more structured fabric.  The fabric is polyester, but feel almost like linen!  

I am 5'2", and the pants are even a little cropped on me.  I like that for the warmer weather, too.   

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*post includes gifted items

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