Monday, November 20, 2017

Orogold Cosmetics Beauty Products Review

This Orogold Cosmetic gift set for women comes in a white box with golden trim - ideal for gift giving this holiday season.  Everything about the set, including the box just feels like luxury.  The scent of the items is especially nice.

This kit contains three items:  "Foaming Cleanser," "24K Deep Day Moisturizer," and a "Salt Souffle."  I'm not sure what twenty-four karat gold or soufles have to do with these products; they don't actually contain gold or eggs.  Also, the name "Orogold" is redundant; "oro" is Spanish for "gold."

However, these products do look luxurious on my vanity - pearly white, trimmed with gold.

The Foaming Cleanser unfortunately is my least favorite item, as it did not really seem to foam for me. I use moisturizer religiously, especially in the winter when my skin becomes particularly dry.  I've tried innumerable moisturizers.  This moisturizer is among the best.
The salt souffle is an exfoliant completes this set.

Next up, we have the Orogold "White Gold 24K Hand and Body Cream" comes in a tube instead of a jar, but doesn't seem to be significantly different than any of Orogold's other creams.  I love using this on my hands, especially.  The tube is small enough to take in my bag for daily use.

Finally we have the Orogold White Gold Deep Face Moisurizer is not the same as Orogold's "24K Deep Day Moisturizer," as this is for the face.  The scent is fantastic!
This moisturizer comes in a spherical jar the approximate size of a tennis ball.  It looks like a gigantic, gold-trimmed pearl on my vanity.
I use it regularly.  It would also make a great gift.

Orogold Cosmetics Beauty Products Review

Orogold Cosmetics Beauty Products Review
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