Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kooding Oversized Fall Orange Sweater

 Today, I am sharing this Daily Loose Cardigan from Kooding.com.  Is this not the perfect fall sweater?!  The color is so pretty, and looks just like autumn leaves.  The best thing about this sweater is how warm and comfortable it is.  I am really loving these oversized cardigans this fall.  I think they are more comfortable to wear than a thicker coat, because they allow for freer movement.  Warmth without less restriction it just what I want!  It is so perfect for layering, too!

Just like yesterday's trench, this sweater is available in one size, so check out my measurements to see how you think it would fit on you.

Sweater Kooding

Kooding Oversized Fall Orange Sweater

Kooding Oversized Fall Orange Sweater

Kooding Oversized Fall Orange Sweater

Green Harlequin Sweater

 Happy Halloween!

I found this vintage men's sweater at Goodwill.  It was new with the tags still on it.   I have linked to a few green sweaters below, but I could not find any with this cool, harlequin weave.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Kooding Trench Coat

A basic trench coat is the one thing I have been lacking in my wardrobe.  This Cooper trench coat from Kooding  is perfect for me.  It comes in just one size, which I was a little worried about, but it is actually a perfect fit.  There's room for me to comfortably wear a few layer beneath for for extra warmth, without feeling restricted.   For my sizes, check my About Me page!

The belt is very long, so I prefer to wear mine tied.  The coat is lined, and it also have spacious pockets.   The sleeves have adjustable cuff bands you can get the perfect fit.

Kooding has a lot of other cool fashion choices, so be sure to check them out, and stay tuned for another look from Kooding that I'll be sharing here tomorrow!

Coat Kooding

 Kooding Trench Coat

Kooding Trench Coat

Kooding Trench Coat

Kooding Trench Coat

Soft Striped Sweater

I found this sweater, new, with tags at Goodwill.   I have linked to a few similar below.  This sweater is fuzzy, and has beautiful colors in the stripes.

Soft Striped Sweater
Soft Striped Sweater

Sunday, October 29, 2017

High-Low Tutu Skirt

I really love fringe, so I am very happy with this jacket because the fringe is so long. I bought my jacket in size large and the fit is perfect. I usually wear a size small.The jacket is so cute and comfortable, it is perfect for spring and fall because it's lightweight, but still provides nice warmth. I am only 5'2", so the shorter sleeves are actually perfect for me. Usually, all of my jackets have sleeves that are too long so it's great to find one like this that does not need to be hemmed. I will be wearing this one a lot!

Jacket Haoduoyi

I have been wanting a skirt like this for years, and this one is a great choice for me.  I ordered my skirt in a size large, and the fit is great. The waist is a perfect fit. If your waist is much larger than 26 inches, though, I suggest sizing up. I love the fact that this skirt can be trimmed if it's too long for you. I wore it like it was the first time, but I intend to trim the length a little before wearing it out again. The skirt made me feel like a rocker when I wore it, it's so edgy and cool!

Skirt Haoduoyi

 High-Low Tutu Skirt

High-Low Tutu Skirt

High-Low Tutu Skirt

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Minos Moka Pot 6-Cup Espresso Maker Review

This coffee maker by Minos is very solid and well made, like all of the Minos products I've ever seen.

The most significant difference between this one and any other I've seen is that it makes six cups at a time.

It comes with a spare O ring, sealed in a clear, plastic envelope.

Its handle is steel, so I recommend using an oven mitt to handle it when it has been heated on a stove top or campfire.

It comes with an instruction booklet with repeated warnings about how dangerous it can be if its release valve gets clogged, or if it is mishandled.  It is, essentially, a pressure cooker.

You place water in the lower receptacle, up to the fill line.  DO NOT over fill!  Then you place a sieve in it, and fill the sieve with coffee grounds.  Then you screw on the upper receptacle, and place the pot on a stove and heat it up until the water boils.  You leave the lid up for safety, and also so you can see with the hot coffee bubbles up into the upper chamber.

Minos Moka Pot 6-Cup Espresso Maker Review

Minos Moka Pot 6-Cup Espresso Maker Review

Flowing Floral Top

I really like how this outfit turned out.  It feels very romantic.  What do you think?

Flowing Floral Top

Flowing Floral Top
Flowing Floral Top

Friday, October 27, 2017

Craftamo Art Products Review

For today's post, I am reviewing these three Craftamo art products.

This set of fine detail brushes comes in a nice box that I am keeping to store them in. The brushes themselves work very well, and apply the paint very smoothly. I found them very easy to work with; the long handles are great. I love the color, as well. The shade of blue is beautiful. The set seems like good quality, unlike some of the discount brushes I have bought and used in the past.


The pigment in this paint set seems vibrant and the paint itself goes on smoothly. The set came with it's own tiny palette. This is a great set for people like me that are just getting back into art and painting again. The paint tubes did not stay standing up straight in the box it came in so I just removed the plastic tray that was in the bottom, and threw them back in loose.

These brushes came in a nice, black box for storing. The brushes worked great for my painting with acrylic, and did not loose any bristles when I washed them. This is a really great, all around set to own because it includes so many different sizes. You are sure to have the right brush for most anything you wish to paint.

Hair Extensions

Now-a-days, many young women tend to be inclined to improve their hair styles by using hair extensions. If you wish to ensure that you possess certain brands and kinds of hair extensions, evaluate them carefully before you decide which ones to purchase.  Once you've purchased your extensions, make sure to install them correctly to look great.  How well your hair extensions are applied, truly changes your mentality.

These attachments have become more popular in recent years.  They have become especially popular since they're removable.

Although you can get fixed or permanent extensions, chances are you'll spend too much on them. Furthermore, installing permanent extensions takes too long.

Most of the ladies who use hair extensions now-a-days use clip-in hairpieces, because these tend to be more convenient and simple to put together. By using these products, they also avoid high pressure sales pitches for other products and services at beauty parlors.  If you stay at home and use these clip-ins, you'll be able to complete the job immediately.  Like wigs, they don't require any particular apparatus when installing them.
Ladies of all ages enjoy the advantages of clip in extensions. Clip-in wigs are individually fastened around the clips towards the remaining hair. Ladies who choose to have fixed heat-fusion extensions have to wait longer because of utilizing different steps along the way. Selecting these pricey alternatives will invariably end up costing you more money than you originally intend to spend on them. It takes several hours to complete the setup, as they have to install your hair fibers one at a time. Another concern is that a regular beautician might not have the skill to install them correctly. Yet another drawback to fixed hairpieces is they aren't removable. Installing them takes too long, and removing  them takes even longer! This is a big headache!

Whenever you invest your hard earned money in clip-in hair extensions, you're making a wise decision for several reasons. If you want to change the colors, it's easy to change them to reflect your current mood. You're the only one who can determine if you're comfortable with these wigs.

Another important advantage with clip-in extensions is that they are available from a variety of sources, so, the competetive nature of the market ensures that you can get high quality extensions for lower prices. If you're in the market for hair extensions, you should start browsing the Internet and visiting brick and mortar retailers before deciding which extensions are right for you.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pink Polka Dot Sweater

Pink polka dotted sweater!  Who else loves polka dots and pink?

Pink Polka Dot Sweater

Pink Polka Dot Sweater

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tips for Purchasing Diamond Engagement Rings

If you're looking for a diamond engagement ring you're most likely worried the price is going to be the greatest hurdle. You're not alone. Jewelers say you need to spend several weeks' salary on a diamond engagement ring; however, they neglect to let you know that this is merely a recommendation from the world's largest gemstone producer. They might not have your interest in mind!

It is not always a simple decision, choosing how much cash you need to invest in cheap morganite engagement rings,  as this ring symbolizes something which should be priceless. You've probably heard all of your life that the size and excellence of the gemstone represents your commitment (the larger the better). You shouldn't be distraught.
You may have learned that the diamond ring is a great investment, which is merely an imaginative marketing ploy jewelers use to persuade you to spend more on jewelry than you can afford. Not every diamond rises in value, and investments shouldn't be created using something that is as emotional as a diamond ring.

Just How Much Should You Invest In Moissanite Halo Engagement Rings?

Before you begin searching, be ready to face pressure from sales agents to take out a loan to buy a diamond ring according to your individual finances.  Don't let manipulative sales agents get you to spend more money than you can afford.

In The Event You Surprise Her Or Purchase a Ring Together

Most men surprise their fiancee with a diamond engagement ring; however, when you select a ring together, you are able to allow her to choose this essential purchase. This makes sense because, in the end, she would be the one wearing it every single day.

What Else Can You Count On Paying For When Purchasing Any Gemstone or Diamond Engagement Ring?

The cost won't mean much, unless, of course, you realize the standards that comprise the caliber of a gemstone, referred to as four C's:  color, clarity, cut, and carat size. You need to become knowledgeable about these four elements before you begin searching for any ring. You can easily Google "Four C's" to learn more.

Rings can vary in cost from $125 to $500 for a gem that weighs one quarter carat or less, set in 10 to 14 karat gold, to $3,500 to $5,000 for any quality of gemstone weighing 1 carat (200 milligrams), set  in 18 karat gold or platinum settings.

NOTES:  Gems are categorized by their weight in carats; one carat equals 200 milligrams. 

Gold is categorized by the amount of gold in the metal, measured in parts per twenty-four; one part per twenty-four is known as a"karat," which is pronounced the same as "carat." Twenty-four karat gold is 24 parts gold per 24, or 100% gold; 22 karat gold is 22/24 parts gold, or 91 2/3% gold; 20 karat gold is 20/24 parts gold, or 83 1/3% gold, and so on.

Obviously, square engagement rings with diamond bands can cost substantially more.

Best Choice Products Chaise Lounge Chair Set Review

These reclining, outdoor chairs by Best Choice Products are ideal for poolside lounging/sunbathing.
They are even comfortable enough to sleep on, I found.
They come as a pair in one huge, cubical box with a flat wrench and an Allen wrench and all
the bolts and washers needed to assemble the two chairs.  Also included is an 8 1/2 by 11 inch page of instructions, printed on one side of the sheet of paper, in black and white, with
diagrams to show how to assemble the parts, and a list of the parts.
There are two sizes of nuts, but the washers are all the same size.  Each chair consists of three sections, A, B, and C, and eight rectangular legs.  The three sections are held together by long bolts, and the legs fastened with short bolts.  The four legs in the middle help hold the sections together as well.
The back of the chair can be adjusted to about a half dozen different angles, by placing the support bar in a different pair of brackets underneath it.
It took me thirty minutes to assemble one of the chairs - an hour total, to assemble both chairs.
These chairs are heavier than my other plastic wicker items from Best Choice Products.  I recommend having two people at each end of the chairs to carry them.
Each chair has a set of white, cushion covers zipped up on rectangular pillows to make for easy laundering.
These cushion covers have white straps sewn onto them to tie the cushions to the wicker chairs.
Each set of pillows is pre-assembled, and comes individually, hygienically sealed in a plastic bag.
I use them to lounge by a pond on my grandmother's farm, and they make me feel as if I'm at a resort!

This pearl and sterling silver necklace is beautiful, and dainty.  It's perfect for my outfits that call for something more conservative than my usual statement necklace.   I don't own a lot of pearls, but I do love the way they look.  This one is just $19.99!  It comes packaged in a pretty brown box, too.

Necklace Mints

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Vintage Sweater

I love finding these cool, vintage sweaters.  I picked up this one from Goodwill.  They are warm, and a lot of fun to wear.  I especially love them with leggings.

Vintage Sweater

Vintage Sweater

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Silver Blouse

I am sharing a few silver blouse options at the end of this post.  I love silver, how about you?

Silver Blouse

Silver Blouse

Silver Blouse