Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Best Choice Products Chaise Lounge Chair Set Review

These reclining, outdoor chairs by Best Choice Products are ideal for poolside lounging/sunbathing.
They are even comfortable enough to sleep on, I found.
They come as a pair in one huge, cubical box with a flat wrench and an Allen wrench and all
the bolts and washers needed to assemble the two chairs.  Also included is an 8 1/2 by 11 inch page of instructions, printed on one side of the sheet of paper, in black and white, with
diagrams to show how to assemble the parts, and a list of the parts.
There are two sizes of nuts, but the washers are all the same size.  Each chair consists of three sections, A, B, and C, and eight rectangular legs.  The three sections are held together by long bolts, and the legs fastened with short bolts.  The four legs in the middle help hold the sections together as well.
The back of the chair can be adjusted to about a half dozen different angles, by placing the support bar in a different pair of brackets underneath it.
It took me thirty minutes to assemble one of the chairs - an hour total, to assemble both chairs.
These chairs are heavier than my other plastic wicker items from Best Choice Products.  I recommend having two people at each end of the chairs to carry them.
Each chair has a set of white, cushion covers zipped up on rectangular pillows to make for easy laundering.
These cushion covers have white straps sewn onto them to tie the cushions to the wicker chairs.
Each set of pillows is pre-assembled, and comes individually, hygienically sealed in a plastic bag.
I use them to lounge by a pond on my grandmother's farm, and they make me feel as if I'm at a resort!

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