Sunday, August 7, 2016

intelliARMOR USB Charger Review


This USB port/charger by intelliARMOR has four USB ports to charge four devices of any compatible type.  The plug folds in.  It works with iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies, HTCs, LGs, Motorolas, smartphones, tablets, Fitbits, cameras, or anything that uses a USB port.  With four charging ports, you'll have enough room for most all of your devices!

This is the sceond intelliARMOR product I have had the opportunity to review, the last one was the intelliGLASS screen protector, which is another great product.

The intelliSMART charging technology determines the needs of whatever you plug into it, and adjusts power in order to charge your device quickly and efficiently.

This device is about three inches long, and is very lightweight, making it the perfect charger to carry in your purse for travel.  I love the fold-in plug; it makes this charger that much sleeker for packing and storage. No extra cords to get tangled!

Now-a-days, I have so many mice, speakers, cameras, etc., that I can't seem to have enough of these chargers in my home.

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intelliARMOR USB Charger

intelliARMOR USB Charger

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