Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tantino Shades and Timori Scarf


I love how thick and sturdy the frames of my new Tantino shades are!  The dark lenses are really great for blocking the harsh sun, and they fit very nicely. The temples are nice and tight, so the glasses don't slip, which is great!

I'm also loving my new Timori scarf.  It's so large, I used it as a shawl for this OOTD!  The fabric has a metallic sheen to it, which I think is very pretty.  It adds a little glamour to whatever outfit you're wearing it with.  I think this scarf is going to look great with a lot of different colors.  

 Sunglasses Tantino
Scarf Timori
 Belt Motif 56
Shoes Unlisted

Tantino Shades and Timori Scarf

Tantino Shades and Timori Scarf

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