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Fall 2023 Accessories for Your New Wardrobe

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Fall 2023 Accessories for Your New Wardrobe

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Fall 2023 accessories will help round out that new wardrobe you are working so hard on this season. Fashion changes all the time yet appears to remain the same, so it’s not too hard to stay on top of things. From shawls and wraps to handle handbags there are some exciting trends this year. If you aren’t sure about what to try, here are some of the popular ideas.

Statement Pieces, Of Course

Nothing allows you to state your style more than the statement pieces you adorn yourself with. Earrings, bracelets, and even hairbands can help you complete your look from specialist designers like David Yurman. Further than this, though, accessorizing helps you highlight your best features, add some personality to an ensemble, and add more detail to a look. Some trending statement pieces for 2023 include bows, metal heels, and latte nail manicures.

Warming Shawls and Wraps

Off-the-shoulder and shoulder-enhancing statements are making waves this fall over at Saint Laurent. This has led the way in the autumn statements followed by other fashion houses as they adorn their models with scarves and pashminas. Maybe it is an old Hollywood throwback, or perhaps it is never going out of style. Depending on how you look at it, fall is the most sensible season for fashionable shawls. Icons like Stevie Nicks rock the shawl at any time.

Fashionable High Heels

Heels have long been associated with femininity and have either faded away or become fashionable again, depending on the movements and attitudes of the time. Today, heels and sharp-pointed toes are making something of a comeback as a symbol of female power and confidence. Expect to see a lot of these around the office, parties, and even a shopping trip with friends this fall. Just remember to take something more sensible for when the weather says no.

Handy Hanging Handbags

Handbags are a statement that ensures practicality, too. Fashionable and glamorous, the handbag industry is worth a staggering $50 billion globally and grows around 6% per year. The reasons are clear. Nothing ties an ensemble together like a well-paired handbag, and the various styles are almost never-ending. This fall’s trending style rests squarely on handled handbags, with the point being they complement your outfit almost like a practical bracelet.

Boots Not Made for Walking

Who doesn’t love a great pair of boots? They look great, feel glamorous, and can make you look unbelievably sexy, which isn’t a bad thing. This season’s boot trends include over-the-knee boots, which are a great pairing with shorter skirts in early fall. They also look great with fall dresses and open jackets, supporting the overall thinner look on top. Taking it a little further, a slouched top can add a little more flair to your boots, which accentuates your walk as well.


Statement pieces like custom jewelry are must-have fall 2023 accessories. Yet walk-wear is dominating the trends this year. Fashionable high heels coming back as women look to assert their female power. And knee-high boots have the ability to really tie together a fall ensemble.

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