Wednesday, June 22, 2022

JustFashionNow Summer Dresses

 I have worked with JustFashionNow* several times in the past, and I have always enjoyed their products.

So, for today's post, I decided to pick out three, pretty, summer dresses to showcase that are perfect for everyday wear, or your summer vacation.  I have been having a great time shopping and planning for all the travel I intend to do this year!

First of all, we have this really bright, pretty, floral print dress with the white backdrop and beautiful purple and pink flowers.  This one comes in sizes Small to Double Extra Large, and it costs less than $30. 

This one is so lovely for spring and summer, and it looks as if it would be super comfortable, as well.  I like the little detail of the crochet on the sleeves of this dress, and that it has a nice, deep, V neck to showcase your necklaces.

                                               JFN Notched Neck Floral Casual Midi Dress

Next up, we have another floral midi dress; this one comes in sizes Small to Quintuple Extra Large.  There is just something about the print that I really love.  The color combinations are beautiful, and I think this dress is something that can transition straight into fall.  This one also comes with pockets, and it does come in two other other print combinations, including deep blue and white.

                                                   JFN Round Neck Floral Casual Midi Dresses

I have always loved nautical themed prints, and this dress is a perfect example, with the huge anchor it has on the front of it.  This one comes in sizes Small to Double Extra Large.  

This is another one that looks loose and flowing for hot summer days. And it is another one with the classic blue and white color combination!


                        Wonderful ocean stripe anchor Ruffle a hem short Dress Plus Size

Last, but not least, we have this beautiful, white and blue maxi dress that comes in sizes Small to Double Extra Large.  This is just such a summer classic because of the blue and white color combination!  This looks like something that would be very comfortable on a hot summer day because it is so flowing and breezy!


 Casual V Neck Floral Dresses

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