Thursday, January 27, 2022

Sculptshe Shapewear

For today's post, I am going to take another look at some waist trainers and shape wear from the company SculptShe. Waist trainers are something I have been thinking about using lately, so I was definitely interested in checking out all of the options below, which are available on their website. They have all kinds of items, including plus sized waist trainer, body suits, shapewear and more.  Now is a great time to pick out nice shapewear, since Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Sculptshe Full Body Shaper Butt Lifter

For this first one here, this full body butt lifter comes in Extra Small to Quintuple Extra Large, and it only costs $59.80. It also comes in a nice range of color options, including black, beige, and a beautiful coffee color. I picked this one because it just looks so smooth, seamless and comfortable - comfortable especially as far as shapewear is concerned. 

Sculptshe Tummy Wrap Waist Trainer

As I mentioned, I am definitely interested in waist trainers, so I have so decided to look at this waist trainer wrap here, in particular, that costs only $52.80. It comes in the colors black and brown, and it only comes in "one size fits all," because, as you can probably see, there is plenty of fabric to wrap around you as many times as you like, and just the way you need to wrap it around you. I do not recall seeing a waist shaper like this before, but I think that it is definitely clever, and perhaps one of the more comfortable waist trainers, because you have full control over how tight or loose you want to wrap and fasten it, so I think this is definitely a great one for someone that has not used a waist trainer before, and is worried about getting the right fit, et cetera. 

Sculptshe Adjustable Straps Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit

Last, but not least, they do have a thong shapewear bodysuit, in case you are worried about panty lines. This one comes in sizes a Small to Triple Extra Large. This also comes in the colors beige and black, and has criss cross straps across the back. It hooks at the crotch, making it super convenient when you need to use the restroom. Of course, most important of all, it is made of a super sculpting fabric for tummy control.

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