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The Easiest Way To Make Your Heels Comfortable

 Heels are hard on your feet, but they're popular for a reason. Do you love wearing heels but hate the pain? You are not alone. Most women struggle with finding comfortable shoes, especially for formal events. The good news is that there are many things you can do to make your high heel experience better,

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Get Proactive and Seek Physical Therapy for Your Back and Feet

This is especially important if your back or foot problems cause your discomfort. Being proactive is the best way to make your heels comfortable. Seek out physical therapy, particularly Chiropractic Care, for both your back and feet if you have trouble standing or walking in heels.

Doing this saves you from dealing with major problems that can arise from not getting the help you need. 

You will also be able to wear your heels more comfortably if you see a physical therapist and get corrective exercises.

Starting early and doing this before it becomes an issue makes it easier to avoid long-term damage, which could make wearing heels even harder in the future. 

Use Silicone Inserters

They refer to these as heel cushions, but they are silicone inserters. Silicone inserts have been around for a long time, and women who wear high heels use them to prevent pain.

Find some at the drug store or on Amazon and buy them in bulk online if possible because this will save money over buying every few months. Put them into your shoes before wearing them, then go about your day usually.

Silicon inserters are inserts that make your shoes feel like you're wearing flip-flops. The main advantage of getting silicone inserters is that they are cheap.

The second advantage is that you can wear these with all kinds of shoes. It's also easy to find silicone inserters on Amazon or at the drugstore. 

These babies will save your feet from unnecessary pain, blisters, corns, and calluses, as well as other foot ailments.

Silicon inserts are fantastic for making heels more comfortable.

Gradually Increase Your Heel Length

If you haven't worn heels before or have just started wearing them, it can be challenging to break in high-heeled shoes. Your foot is not used to the new position and often needs time getting adjusted to this change in height. This means that gradually increasing your use will help make your feet more comfortable over time. 

It also reduces the risk of injury associated with sudden changes. The end goal should be slowly adding an extra inch every month until you reach your desired height.

Besides, gradually increasing your heel length is a great way to unlock your best look because heels elevate all styles.

Use Heel Grips

The trick to making your heels comfortable- use heel grips. While not the most attractive accessory on a shoe, grips serve an essential purpose in making heels more wearable. Heel grips are typically rubber or silicone tabs that fit over the back of the stiletto and help keep it from slipping off. You can find them at any drugstore for about $15-20 bucks.


In conclusion, there are a variety of ways to make your heels more comfortable. The easiest way is by getting proactive and seeking physical therapy for your back and feet. Still, if that's not an option, you can try using silicone inserters or gradually increasing the heel length until it feels better on your foot. If none of these options work, use heel grips to keep yourself from slipping out while wearing heels.

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