Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Femme Luxe Haul

For this post, I have a bit of a mix of clothing items*, all from Femme Luxe.  I've been doing a lot of lounge wear hauls from Femme Luxe lately, but this time we have a skirt set and even a pair of dressier faux leather leggings.

I've been doing a lot of closet purging, but with that also comes adding new items that you know you're going to use and love for years to come. Femme Luxe is a great place to start your shopping trip because they have so many things that are great for everything from every day wear, to club wear, or a bodycon midi dress.

This first red velvet lounge wear set is so pretty and luxurious. 
I'm wearing it in a size 8 UK, and the fit is really good.  The top is cropped and the jogger bottoms have a very wide cuff at the bottom.  The pants have pockets and and elastic waistband. 

I love the shade of red of this beautiful set, I think it would especially be beautiful force fall and winter season.  
The top has a wide, almost boat neck style neckline. I love sets like this because they really are a more glamorous take on lounge wear.  It makes it really easy to somewhat dress up this set jus by adding some nice jewelry, and maybe even a pair of heels, but it looks just as good, and of course is so much more practical with a nice pair of sneakers.

And here we have something very different which is this neon green top and skirt set, also in a size UK 8. 
This is a very cool one for co ord sets!
This is very a snug fitting, so perhaps I could have gone up to a size 10, but I do think it's supposed to fit that way so it works out okay.  
This neon green really is such a fun color. Since its long sleeved, I think this could be good for spring and maybe some of the coolest days of summer.  
I can also see having fun wearing these pieces separately with different things that I have in my wardrobe already.   
For this look I decided to keep my accessories fairly simple and just let the amazing bold color and interesting cut outs speak for themselves.

Next up, we have this basic grey loungewear set that I am also wearing in a size UK 8. The fit is very oversized and relaxed, making this set super comfortable. 

I have several other of these really comfortable jogger sets, all from Femme Luxe,  and they come in so many different colors.  The quality feels great, and these are warm and really great basics to have in your wardrobe.  
This set has the one large pocket across the front of the hoodie.
The pants have a nice elastic and drawstring waist band. 
Even though it is now May, I'm still wearing things like this around our house because we're still having plenty of chilly evenings and days.  
I've been wearing these set on or off for days, now.  
A set like this is so easy to just grab and throw on.  It really does not get much more comfortable than these lounge wear jogger sets!

Last, but not least we have these black faux leather leggings. 
These are also in a size UK 8. These are a little bit long on me, but that's to be expected since I am only 5' 2. 
The pants fit me a little bit loose in the waist, in the back they set away, but that's not really a problem for me and I intend on wearing these with full length blouses and not crop tops, anyway.  
My waist is about 26" for reference and my hips are about 35" around.  
These are definitely some of these stiffer faux leather leggings that I have had in recent years, but they still have some stretch.  
I know these are going to be a good pair of basics because of the fact that they will go with so many things.  
I'm very pleased with how super high waisted these are, in particular.  I have a few other pairs of leather-look leggings, but nothing quite like this, and not the same kind of quality.  
I'm hoping these are going to hold up for a long time and a lot of use.
These would also look cute styled with a milkmaid top.

*items are gifted

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