Saturday, April 3, 2021

JustFashionNow Floral Sweatshirt

The colors in this floral print sweatshirt* from JustFashionNow are so pretty! 
I'm wearing it in a size small and the fit is loose and relaxed, and the fabric does not have a lot of stretch.

I really love all of the bright beautiful colors because it's so much more exciting and fun than just a basic, plain sweatshirt. 
The inside of the fabric is very nice fuzzy, warm and soft.  The outside has a cheaper feel to it. 
The colors are not as vibrant as I was expecting, but still very pretty. For this look, I decided to give it to keep it plain on the bottom with a pair of basic, denim-look leggings. 
The other 40 pattern colors I think is is especially going to be cute for spring!
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