Monday, February 15, 2021

Noracora Tops

For tonight's post, I have three different tops*, all from Noracora and all in the same theme of woods and landscape scenes.

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I love all of the landscape scenery in this first print pullover top. I'm wearing it in a size small and the fit is very relaxed and comfortable. The scene really makes me think of my travels and somewhere remote and peaceful.
Product ID: 9918351

Next up we have another landscape print top with these beautiful trees and the beautiful shade of green.  This top is very soft, stretchy and comfortable and I am wearing it in a size small, as well. The  scene reminds me of forests in the Pacific North West.
Product ID: 10046419

Last, but not least, we have this mountain print hoodie. It is very soft lined and super snuggly and comfortable, though it doesn't have a ton of stretch.  It was oversized enough on me that it fit okay.  I'm wearing this one in a size small, as well. The hood actually seems to be a little short itself, so I prefer it was longer, but I usually don't actually wear the hoods up my my hoodies, anyway.
Product ID: 10008233

*post includes gifted items

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