Tuesday, January 12, 2021

SHEIN California Tee Shirt and Plaid Mini Skirt

This white California tee shirt from SHEIN is so soft and comfortable.  I am wearing a size small and the fit is great. 
I decided to stick with my actual size because I wanted a more fitted look for this item.  
I wanted this shirt because I lived in California for several years, and I think it will be a cute, casual piece in my wardrobe.  I have such a cute collection of graphic tees of from and SHEIN and this is a really cute new addition.
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I thought the California tee shirt would go very well with this little, blue plaid miniskirt
The skirt does not have any stretch to the fabric, but it does have a zipper of the back. 
This is especially going to be a cute skirt wear and the spring and summer.  This is definitely unlike any other plaid skirt I had already because I don't usually go for blue.  
This is very similar to the pink one I wore in a recent post, but not exactly the same.
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I completed the look with a pair of sheer beige tights that are also from SHEIN. I like these tights because they are very silky, which means if I wear a sweater type of fabric it will not cling to it.  
I love wearing tights in the fall and winter for a different look to my basic leggings.  Sometimes it's nice to wear a skirt, even in the dead of Winter.
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*post includes gifted items

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