Sunday, July 12, 2020

Noracora Pink T-Shirt

My favorite thing about this T-shirt from Noracora is the interesting print on the front. This T-shirt comes in a bunch of different colors, but I went for a pink, since it's one of my favorite colors, especially for casual looks. I'm wearing the T-shirt in a size Small, and it is a relaxed, over-sized fit. Even the V neckline is very wide and open compared to a lot of other shirts. This T-shirt is made out of synthetic material, so it's not going to be as moisture wicking and breathable as a regular, cotton T-shirt would be on humid days, in the summer.

This T-shirt is not a cropped T-shirt, but it's not excessively long, so it was easy to tuck it in to a skirt I decided to wear with it. Since the print has a lot of different colors, I think this would go with a lot of different bottoms, as well.

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Noracora Pink T-Shirt

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