Friday, June 26, 2020

SHEIN Tank Top and Jeans

I really like the mauve, nude-ish color of this tank top from SHEIN.
Somehow, I ended up really misjudging the sizes though, and ordered a size large, which is way too large on me.
Other than that I think that the quality of this tank top is great, and it could be very versatile piece the rest of the year. The straps are not adjustable and the little V in the front has boning in it.
This fabric is comfortable and it feels thicker and more substantial than a lot of casual, everyday tank tops.
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This light shade of denim jeans is something I do not often have in my wardrobe,  so I was interested to see how I would like them. I think the color can be very versatile, and the quality seems very good over all.
I ordered the SHEIN jeans in size large and they fit me a little snug. For some reason I was thinking these were going to have stretch to them, but they do not, keep that in mind when ordering, and as always pay close attention to measurements.
The jeans were too long on me which I tend to expect, so I just rolled them up.  It would also be easy to hem them or to just cut them and leave them frayed if you prefer that look.
One thing I noticed on this particular pair of jeans is that they seemed to be fit a little more snug in the right thigh than the rest of the jeans, and have never noticed this with any other before so I don't think it's that my right thigh is actually any larger than the left.
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SHEIN Tank Top and Jeans

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