Saturday, May 2, 2020

Stylewe White Blouse

This white button down blouse from Stylwe is so gorgeous! It looks like something from the early 1900's or the 1800's.
I thought this would be very beautiful, especially for the spring season and would go great with lots of beautiful spring skirts such as the one I'm wearing.

Because it's a basic white you can wear it with so many different things.

I'm wearing a size small and the fit is very good. The thing about this blouse is it's fairly easy to undo the buttons, but putting them up takes a long time, so if you don't have patience, keep that in mind.  It's kind of tedious to do up all of the tiny buttons that go down the front.  I also found the fabric to be scratchy, so I wore a top underneath to protect my skin.  If you are not sensitive to that kind of thing it will be okay,  but I definitely would need to wear something under this.

The whole design of this blouse looks like something from a more expensive brand, in my opinion.
If you really want a statement blouse, I think this is a great option.
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Stylewe White Blouse

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