Monday, February 10, 2020

SHEIN Evening Bags

For today's post I'm going to be sharing three different, gorgeous evening bags from SHEIN.
SHEIN not only has some of the most gorgeous and trendy clothing, they also have things like evening bags that are worthy for a wedding day. Today's post is going to be Valentine's Day outfit inspiration, though.

This first large stone clasp bag is my favorite, I think it is absolutely stunning!  It has stones and also what appears to be actual seashells all over the front. My favorite part is the huge stone at the clasp . It looks like a giant diamond and it makes me so happy! This bag comes with a light-weight, removable gold chain. The back of the bag is a metallic fabric.
Search ID 557360

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This next silver rhinestone bag is more like an old fashioned pouch purse. It appears to be covered with lots of tiny rhinestones and the shimmer is magnificent! This bag also has a thin, gold metal,  removable chain. This bag will definitely hold a lot. If you like to carry lots of things than this one is definitely a great option.
Search ID 918791

Last and not least is this chain mail type of bag in gold. I have seen handbag designs like this but this one has diamond- type rhinestones on the front, which is unique.
All of these bags are big enough to hold my Samsung Galaxy S8, and perhaps a phone even larger. This one also has the removable gold chain, and all of these bags can also be used as a clutch.
I intend on keeping all of these bags in my collection, as they are some of the prettiest evening bags I now own.
If you have a wedding or perhaps prom coming up, or any other event you need an evening bag for, I would suggest checking out SHEIN because I am very impressed with these bags. They all seem to be very well made and I imagine for as infrequently as you'd use an evening bag, these will probably last for years.
Search ID 930270

*post includes gifted items

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