Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Dresslily Seashell Handbag

This gorgeous seashell bag comes in several their colors, but I went with the pink.
The bag seems to be fairly well constructed, so hopefully it's going to hold up for a while. 
The zipper has a little pearl on it with rhinestones around it,  as well as a gold chain that the bag came with, it is very light weight.  The cool thing about this bag is you can change out these straps if you'd like.

The interior of the bag is all black. The zipper runs around almost the entire purse, so it opens very wide to put your things in.  This bag holds my Samsung Galaxy S8, so it's a decent size for an evening type of bag as well, which is probably what I would use this for, though I do think it could also be very cute in the summer time since it is a seashell!

Dresslily Seashell Handbag

*post includes gifted item

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