Monday, September 2, 2019

Shein Neon Green Track Suit

I think this is my first track suit I have ever owned, other than velour ones.  This one from Shein is such an amazing, neon green!  I think this is perfect for walking and hiking because I imagine the color is going to be great for safety!

I am wearing a size small, the fit is very good everywhere except it is a little tighter than I would prefer in my waist.  My waist is now 27 inches, by the way.  The waist has elastic, as well as a drawstring.  The top have a half zip, and a drawstring waist.  The hood is plenty large for me, which I love.  I hate it when the hood is too short and doesn't even fit my head!

The pants have pockets, but the top does not.  The zipper you see across the front of the top is just for looks.  This does not really matter to me, since I like using a waist-pack when I walk, anyway.

I think having fun workout-wear like this suit is going to encourage me to exercise more!  That is something I want to start doing more, soon!  I say soon, because I am still very busy with home renovations, but I want to go hiking when I get the chance.

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Shein Neon Green Track Suit

Shein Neon Green Track Suit

Shein Neon Green Track Suit
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