Thursday, September 5, 2019

Cosmolle Shapewear

For today's post, I'm taking a look at the best shapewear for women, by the shape wear brand Cosmolle.
I'm always discussing my latest fashion find on this blog, but for to day we're going underneath for a change. After all, a fabulous outfit starts with a great foundation.

With superstar celebrities like Kim Kardashian wearing and promoting workout waist trainers they are very popular right now.

Cosmolle Clasica 2 Belts 2021 Fajas

Cosmolle Clasica 2 Belts 2021 Fajas

Cosmolle Ise 1902 Postpartum Girdle Fajas

Cosmolle Ise 1902 Postpartum Girdle Fajas

Cosmolle Sheer Mesh-Trim Biker Shorts

Csomolle Sheer Mesh-Trim Biker Shorts

 The classic hourglass shape seems to be back and as popular as ever.  But unlike the stiff and uncomfortable versions of the 1800s today's corsets and waist trainers are a lot more comfortable.

How about you how do you? What do you think about waist trainers and shapewear?  Have you ever worn a waist trainer?

Cosmolle  Really does seem like the one-stop-shop for waist trainers.  Shapewear is something that I have been were interested and lately and I'm definitely in the market for some items. 

I'm also interested in the basic cotton high rise leggings I don't know about you but I find it hard to find high rise leggings and parents so I'm  Glad when I find a how waste option like these from Cosmolle.

They're all different kinds of options but I think my favorite would have to be the seamless shape where.   A good seamless shapewear can do wonders under lots of different types of clothing. 

I'd also like to mention Cosmolle's seamless shapewear lower belly. These come in various shapes, colors and styles. Some look like Catalina swimsuits. Others look like Catalina swimsuits combined with biker shorts.

I'm going to be sharing a few different interesting options in today's post but be sure to check out the Cosmolle website to see everything else they offer. Cosmolle offers free standard shipping on orders over $80. Right now they also have several other special deals like 20% off collection using code cool20 which includes sale items.   You can also receive $10 off your entire order with the minimum purchase of two items using code cos10.  

Now's a good time to be shopping for the perfect shape wear to be wearing under all of those beautiful dresses and evening attire that will be wearing for the upcoming holidays. 

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