Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tropical Print Pants

I found these pants several weeks ago at good will and I decided to pair them with this top that I bought this year.  I thought they matched the kind of pink purple color of the top very well.  The funny thing is I was wearing these pants when I went back to goodwill a few weeks later and I saw the belt hanging up for sale.  When I went to the counter to purchase the belt the cashier it to me for free.

 Fun things like that are why I love going to thrift stores.  Like, what are the chances I would've been wearing the pants the same day that I discovered the missing belt?

 Vaughan pointed out that I could wear the belt as a scarf or a top and I tried it as a top and it works fabulously.   That alone makes this such a versatile to piece to take on a vacation.


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