Monday, August 5, 2019

Popjulia Red Handbag

This red bag (Product ID: 416102) from PopJulia is very different than any other bags I have in my collection already.  The bag comes with a shoulder strap that is removable and that also has the tassel on the handle and a zipper pocket inside the bag.  

When the bag arrived it was kind of crushed and wrinkled at the corner but luckily I was able to look up how to remove wrinkles out of a full leather. I just use a hair dryer on hot and was able to remove the wrinkles very well, I don't even think you can see them in these photos. Keep that in mind if you ever have anything that needs the wrinkles removed that is a fake leather such as this purse. 

For being a synthetic leather I must say this person looks a very much like the real thing. I believe this is my 6th bag from pop Julia and I I'm very happy with all of them. 

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*post includes gifted item

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