Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mint Green Dress

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Last night Vaughan and I went to see fireworks in the Meherrin, Virginia with our family. It really was such a spectacular show. 

Before we went out we did a lot of work organizing our pantry, tiki bar and kitchen area yesterday.  We are still not done with the organizing project. Hoprfully it will all be done by the end of next week.

The mint green button-down dress I'm wearing is one that I found for about 49 cents from Ross. There was no damage to the dress or anything like that. I can't believe they actually sell clothing for that little.

 I decided to wear the floral hat that my mother gave me and the platform heels that I purchased from good willThe tie scarf thing that I'm wearing around my neck was $1 on sale from Walmart last year. I thought this outfit was the perfect Spring look.

 Mint Green Dress

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