Friday, March 1, 2019

Black and White Plaid Jacket

Would you believe I bought this jacket and bag at different times?  I found them both at Goodwill, but on different shopping trips.  

I love the plaid size, and colors.  I have already worn this jacket several times, but today was the first time out with the handbag.  The bag was new, with tags!

My pants are also from Goodwill, but they are a Walmart brand.  I love the pretty paisley pattern on the leggings!  I know they are something I will be wearing a lot!

It's not easy to see, but I am wearing a black and white plaid scarf, we well.  I looked at the tag and saw it was made in West Germany!  I can't believe it is such a vintage item, because it looks brand new!

Black and White Plaid Jacket

Black and White Plaid Jacket

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