Sunday, December 16, 2018

Shein Crushed Velvet Hoodie

I am so into crushed velvet this fall season, so when I saw this ice blue, cropped hoodie on Shein, I wanted it!  It also comes in three other colors, but I thought the blue was beautiful, and a color I didn't already own in velvet.  I love how the fabric looks just a little more glam than your average hoodie, track suit set, etc.  I love to wear things that are cute during the fall and winter season, even though I want to be warm, most importantly, so this kind of clothing item is a great option!

The thing about the whole crushed velvet look is that is usually goes great together in different colors, like how the hoodie goes very well with these leggings I already owned. 
At just $12.00, it is a good deal, also!  And I also have a unique coupon code: 4libertadgreen20 (Extra 20% OFF with USD dollars, and valid until January 1, 2019).

Hoodie Shein

Shein Crushed Velvet Hoodie

Shein Crushed Velvet Hoodie

*Thank you to Shein for sending me this item to review!

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