Monday, December 3, 2018

Book Review: Sparks in Love by Susan Sparks

Sparks in Love : A Survivor's Story is one woman's account of living with domestic abuse.  The book itself is pretty short (under 200 pages), making this a very easy read, as far as time, if not the potential triggers for those that have also lived through, or are still living in an abusive relationship.   I think books like these are great for people, especially young women that may just be starting to date.  There are potential warning signs that we can learn to look out for.  It's not going to guarantee we will not find ourselves in an unhealthy relationship, but education on the matter certainly can't hurt.

If just one person can be saved from going through what the author went through, I'm sure she would be very happy.  Spreading awareness is such an inportant thing for many causes, especially domestic violence!

There are some interesting and disturbing statistics in this book that everyone should be knowlegable of.

The author also runs the web site   There are lots of interesting posts there, along with resources for those in an abusive relationship.

Sparks in Love: A Survivor's Story is available on Amazon in paperback, and for Kindle.

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